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Re: Suggestions?

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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: Suggestions?

 My hands have been shaky for a few weeks. My whole body feels shaky for several days.... I feel like I'm getting worse. The Juniper Berry seemed to help this for along time and I'm still taking it along with the herbal formulations and doing my morning shakes along with other vitamins and supplements.

I can think of several things that could cause this including medications, low dopamine, hypoglycemic reactions, etc. Is this all the time or during certain times?

I've graduated from going to the chiropractor 3 times a week to two times a week. But now even he is convinced something else is going on with me. My back is responding well to the treatments, but they are not making me well.

Have you tried the magnesium malate to help relax your muscles?

Mercury toxicity keeps coming up on my biofeedback. I'm taking Vit C 500 mg 2x a day. Vit E 400 units, and Kyo-green to detox. Anything else I can do to get the mercury out?

Chlorella, pectins from fruits and vegetables and algins from seaweeds are all great for binding mercury. Amla protects the DNA from heavy metals, especially when pulling metals from the body.

Any suggestions of things to try?

As far as the shaking it will depend on the cause. But a few things that may help are the magnesium malate, tyrosine and sage leaf. You can also try increasing your intake of B vitamin sources to support the nervous system.

I'm having a little stiffness, but still no pain.

Again the magnesium malate helps with relaxing the muscles if taken away from calcium.

Could an amino acid maybe help me?

Possibly again depending on the cause. Tyrosine for example can help with elevating dopamine and supports the thyroid reducing inflammatory homocysteine.

I take a Multiple capsule combination of them sometimes, and sometimes L-Glutamine for my muscles and once in a while GABA to help me sleep. Do you think I'm low in Glutathione?

Not likely. But if you still want to raise your levels I would do it with milk thistle seed and the amino acid cysteine.

Isn't there a test I could take to that would tell if I'm low in something?

It would be pretty hard to test for all possible deficiencies. And if there was a deficiency then you would also have to figure out why. For example if there was a B12 deficiency then is it from a lack of stomach acid or lack of intrinsic factor? All this can be quite time consuming and expensive. Another problem I commonly see with testing is that doctors often look at lab results with tunnel vision. In other words they see something abnormal and stop right there assuming that this must be the cause absolutely.  So I would try a few of the suggestions above first to see if any of them make any significant difference. What to start with again would take more information to narrow down the possibilities. But the magnesium does sound like it would provide some benefits regardless.

For the last 6 weeks or so my ankles and feet are swelling and retainig water. Why do you think? Maybe a lack of excercise....

Again there are many possibilities. Adrenal dysfunction, kidney issues, valve damage, pinched nerve, heart issues, lymphatic issues, etc. If both ankles and that sudden I would say most likely adrenals or if you are sitting in a chair not properly adjusted this can pinch nerves in the back of the legs increasing water retention around the feet. Exercise does help to reduce water retention though by helping move the lymphatic system.


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