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Regenerating Bones, Muscles, and Nerves Re: [FAQ] Healing Cleanse: Bodywork... working file thread

Hulda Clark Parasites Cleanse
Hulda Clark Parasites Cleanse

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Hulda Clark Parasites Cleanse
Hulda Clark Parasites Cleanse

Natural Cancer Remedies
Cancer-proof your body with little known immune boosters!

Free Natural Teeth Restoration!
The Powder that heals, protects, remineralizes

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Published: 11 years ago
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Regenerating Bones, Muscles, and Nerves Re: [FAQ] Healing Cleanse: Bodywork... working file thread


Regenerating Bones, Muscles, and Nerves

Natural healing can regenerate tissues that are damaged or missing.
Medicine cannot do this.

Natural healing supplies the body with its needs, and these organs and tissues regrow. Medicine creates artificial body parts.

The body contains all the instructions for growing tissues, you just have to use the proper natural healing procedures to activate them.

In this chapter, I introduce two formulas for regenerating tissues.

One of them is Dr. Schulze's deep tissue repair oil, with modifications.

The other is the old B, F and C formula of Dr. John Christopher. Both of these formulas can re-create body tissue where there is none.

We begin by talking to Dr. Schulze about how he regrew tissue on his severely burnt hand. This was introduced on video Volume Eight.

In Dr. Schulze's discussion, you will learn many important principles for regenerating tissue. It is not just a matter of a certain herbal formula.

"When your body is in trouble, you STOP eating food, "You juice fast immediately."

SCHULZE: When your body is really hurting, whether it's a degenerative disease or whether you've had a massive trauma, you need all the energy that your body has, to heal.

So, you're not going to be eating big meals. The first thing I did after I burned my hand was I juice fasted for the first two weeks. Now, people say that you need a lot of nutrition to heal.

Yes, but you don't need it from potatoes; you don't need it from heavy grain dishes that take you six hours to digest. All that blood and energy is going to your digestive tract. That's why you use the Incurables Program with any trauma.

INTERVIEWER: Even trauma? That's not a disease.

SCHULZE: Even trauma; just stop eating food.  If you get appendicitis, stop eating food; you burn yourself badly, stop eating food; you break your leg, stop eating food.

When in doubt, stop eating. When you're not well, stop eating.You just stop the food coming in and you go to juices. So the first two weeks, I juice fasted. That's the greatest way to get nutrients in because you're flooding yourself. I use carrot juices, fruit juices, vegetable juices, wheat grass juice, etc.

INTERVIEWER: What about the pain?

SCHULZE: The first thing you've got to know about burns is that for the first couple of days you don't feel anything. You think, "Oh, I can deal with this." But then, in about two to four days, a pain will come on that you can't get away from.

Now the problem with using narcotics is that they will constipate you. Codeine is one of the ones that are prescribed and it will constipate you. It slows all the functions of your body down. So it slows down your healing.

A real helper is ice. We used a ton of ice. In fact, I used to go to bed with an ice pack, but on and off, on and off. Ice works wonderfully on burns.

INTERVIEWER: You couldn't use lobelia for the pain?

SCHULZE: No, not for this type of pain. Just use ice and ice packs to freeze the area, to cool it, to calm it down, so you're not in pain and it works fine. I had fourth degree burns and ice worked fine. I didn't have to use any pain relief.

INTERVIEWER: If you did nothing, what would your hand have been?

SCHULZE: I shudder to even think about it.

INTERVIEWER: Would you have been able to use the hand?

SCHULZE: Oh, I don't think so. I think I would have had to have skin grafts if I did nothing. That's what they said. When this spot finally came off, I could see the bone. They said I would have limited usage; that this finger wouldn't work properly. I healed it all.

Now, as I said, fasting was important, but so was keeping those bowels cleaned out. I didn't have a bowel movement on my own for about 7 days, because when you are traumatized, your bowel shuts down.

"You must cleanse the channels of elimination to regrow lost tissue."

INTERVIEWER: You had to do an enema?

SCHULZE: Absolutely. My bowel wouldn't work. I was so terrified, my bowel wouldn't work on its own. So you have to make sure that the elimination channels are working.

Then, what did I put on my burn? Okay, Dr. Christopher's burn paste is good. There's no doubt about it.

INTERVIEWER: Is that what you used?

SCHULZE: Part of the time. It contains comfrey, wheat germ oil and honey. The problem is that the wheat germ oil nowadays is a little bit rancid. It's hard to get good quality wheat germ oil. And honey probably isn't as good as it used to be, but it's a good formula. It works really well.

I used that, along with about 20 other things, and that's what I'll cover right here.

One of the first things I did is, whenever I made carrot juice, if I made carrot juice, I took the carrot pulp of a little carrot juice, and I put it on the hand. So I not only drank it, but I put it on the hand. Why?  Carrots are high in vitamin A. Vitamin A is a great healing vitamin and it's anti-infective, and carrot juice is loaded with calcium.

When I made wheat grass juice and drank it, I put the wheat grass pulp on my hand. In fact, almost every juice I made, I soaked my hand in that same juice.

I think one of the greatest things beyond the burn paste is aloe vera. I think it's even better. The reason we like comfrey is because comfrey has allantoin in it, but aloe vera has more.

Okay that's the bottom line. Plus, aloe vera is a gel, and it's proven to be more effective for burns. You can't use the stuff that's in the stores. The stuff that's in the stores is like Dippity-doo hair setting jel. i mean, it's junk. You have to use the fresh cactus. I had holes in my finger and I took that gel and just laid it over, and wrapped gauze around it, and it's like, 'Ahh."

I would wake up in the morning, and there wouldn't be anything there. It was all absorbed right into my body. This gel goes right into your body. Your body soaks it in. Aloe vera has got to be one of the greatest things I know of for burns.

"There will be no infection if you use only the right natural foods as you heal."

INTERVIEWER: Didn 't all these things you put on cause infection? You 're putting on foods.

SCHULZE: The doctors said that the burn was bad, but the infection I was going to get was going to be even worse.

They said that you have to get some sulfa creams on there, your skin has been compromised. Your immune system is going to be attacked directly. They also suggested I take constant antibiotics for weeks.

I never had any infection, not one pin drop of pus. I am so convinced infection comes from the inside. Plus, when you have things on there like honey, honey is a great anti-bacterial. It's hard to get an infection with aloe vera. I was consuming probably six cloves of garlic a day, keeping my garlic up. Also, I was not eating foods that were laden with bacteria like animal products.

I never had a drop of infection. And of course, apples and grapes have pectin, and pectin is incredibly healing to the skin. Then I used various oils. Sometimes I just soaked my hand in olive oil — just pure olive oil.

Exercise was very important. I went out every day and did my exercise. Sometimes, when I was running, my hand would be bleeding through the sling, and I just had to put more gauze on it. I just kept up my exercise, because you need that circulation. Within a week, I was doing hot and cold on it. Right from the shower — hot water, cold water.

INTERVIEWER:  Hot water directly?  But it wasn't washing into the bone?

SCHULZE: One thing I learned is, don't worry about the stuff coming off.  The meat. If you have a severe burn, everything that's burned is going to come off eventually. I saw parts of my hand come off and it scared me to death. Like I said, my thumb casing eventually came off.

My hand swelled up. It looked like a catcher's mitt; and then one day the skin split, and liquids came out. Eventually it gets to where so much material comes off, it doesn't look like you are going to have a hand left. But then it starts healing.

Then a point came where I started getting this gelatin stuff filling in. It looked almost like a jelly substance filling in, and then it almost looked a little cottage-cheesy It was lower layers of skin that just all grew right back.

INTERVIEWER: Sounds like a miracle.

SCHULZE:  It was. All my nails came off, you know I lost my nails. But they grew back, too.

"Scar tissue is the body's way of reinforcing the weakness in a damaged area."

INTERVIEWERThe hand healed perfectly. You did everything right. Why is it still damaged?

SCHULZE: A lot of people would say, "If you had used aloe vera, there wouldn't be any scarring."

First of all, if you break a bone, you can't break it again in that same place.  The body not only repairs it, but it lays down an extra 25% bone tissue. The body doesn't skimp when it comes to healing. I think that part of scarred tissue is that you have tougher skin in that area.

I think that scar tissue is necessary. It's the way the body heals.

I used so much fresh aloe vera cactus,  I was swimming in it.  I drank a pint of it some days and put it on my hand. It's not true that aloe will stop all scars. The body naturally creates scars. If we're talking about a cut, okay I agree. I've had people who had severe lacerations and we healed them naturally. They don't have a scar.

But there wasn't anything here for the body to work with.

The body had to put something back there. In different parts of my hand, it looks different.  And in some areas, it looks just like my original skin. This hole, that's my bone. It went right down to the bone. And the bone was white. It had charred spots on it. There was a hole there and that hole filled in. That's now the most perfect skin.

Now I'm a burn specialist. I'm an absolute burn specialist. But people won't do this, they are too frightened. They are too fearful. They are not believers. That's what Dr. Christopher was. He knew he was a believer. He was a believer in God, a believer in nature...

INTERVIEWER:  People do believe in the medical way, even though it's barbaric.

SCHULZE:  I would have had a skin graft.

INTERVIEWER:  A skin graft couldn 'tput muscle tissue together.

SCHULZE: Absolutely not. They said that I would have problems for the rest of my life working this hand.

 INTERVIEWER:  How could you avoid problems with no muscles?

SCHULZE: You couldn't. Doctors suggested taking some ligament material out of cadavers and putting them in my finger. That's when I thought, "This is sounding more like Frankenstein every second. I'm getting out of here."

How Dr. Schulze's blown-apart kneecap was restored with natural healing procedures.

INTERVIEWER:  Dead ligaments from cadavers and put it in your hand?

SCHULZE:  Yes, they said my ligaments were gone.

I not only healed my hand, but I put my knee back together. I got into skiing, I did the races. I was going downhill as fast as a human could go, and I turned the corner, and it was sheer ice. It was the end of the day, and the bottom of the mountain froze. I was doing my last bamboo pole, and my knee was like this when I heard a pop.

INTERVIEWER:  What was that?

SCHULZE: I tumbled into a snowball.

INTERVIEWER:  So your knee was toast?

SCHULZE:  Yes, they said that all my medial lateral ligaments on the inside of my knee were ripped in half. There was about a five-inch space between the broken part and the rest of the knee. I also tore my anterior cruciate ligaments. My cartilage was torn and my meniscus was separated.

They said that I needed surgery, so I went to see a friend of mine who's an orthopedic doctor. He looked at me and he said, "I want to heal this naturally, but there are some things that you cannot do." He said, "These ligaments are five inches from where they need to be.They need to be reattached."

He said, "If you even walk on this leg, you'll tear up your cartilage." He said, "You need arthroscopic surgery. It's not a big deal. We just give you a light sedative, and I go in there with the needle. Then I can see in your knee, and I do everything right in there. This is not a big deal."

And I said, "I am going to heal myself naturally." So I went to my bodyworker friends. I even talked to physical therapists, conservative physical therapists, and they said, "Those ligaments will reattach to each other. They know how to find each other". We did a lot of deep tissue repair oil, bodywork every day, massage, hot pack, cold packs, the works.  A lot of herbs.

I went from juice fasting to stretching. It got to where I could start moving my knee, then I put some weights on it. It was some of my own physical therapy. The long and short of this story is, I went back to my physical therapist in about 40 days, walking with a slight limp. I walked in and he said, "This is unbelievable. This is amazing."

There was a man lying in the bed in the hospital, in the physical therapy room right there, and as I'm waiting for my physical therapist, he said to me, "Whoa, what happened to you?" We got to talking and he said, "I did the arthroscopic surgery." He goes, "I got a staph infection from it, and I went into intensive care for 17 days with an infection in my knee that went through my whole body."

I rest my case on that one. That's what they wanted me to do.

I don't have any limp at all.They said I would always have a limp.

They said the cartilage would be destroyed in my knee because it was going to grind on itself, since I don't have any anterior ligaments. Well, they grew back. That's all I can say.

Dr. Schulze developed his own simplified formula for trauma and tissue healing, based on the work of the ancient native healers.

INTERVIEWER:  What compress did you put on that causes regrowth?

SCHULZE:  As you know, I don't use a lot of B,F&C. It was probably one of the great formulas of Dr. Christopher, and I've heard the testimonies from it, but it seemed a little too complicated for me.

INTERVIEWER:  So you simplified it. What's your simplified regrowth formula?

SCHULZE: I'm a big fan of the trauma herbs. I use the deep tissue repair oil we covered in our arthritis chapter. This contains arnica, St. John's wort, and marigold. Again, when you look into the old herbals, the herb of choice for bruises and bangs was arnica.

INTERVIEWER:  This is more than bruises and bangs, these are fractures of bone and ripped tissue.

SCHULZE: Arnica was considered the greatest external trauma healer, even for broken bones.

Today it has a reputation for a soothing herb, but not a healing herb.

SCHULZE: Arnica, marigold, and St. John's wort, for some reason, have a reputation for being lightweight. But I have seen traditional people in Spain use arnica after they set the bones, wrapping the area in fomentations of arnica.

Throughout history and throughout the world, it's considered very powerful for healing bones and tissue, and soft tissue and cartilage.  But for some reason, it's gone out of vogue. As I said, people think it is lightweight.  This is how a lot of herbs are looked at today. Unfortunately, herbs such as slippery elm, peppermint, and a lot of others are very powerful. These herbs are looked at as lightweights, but they are very powerful.

INTERVIEWER:  They are looked at as stomach soothers.

SCHULZE: Yes, exactly. But again, I have had a patient who recovered from malignant cancer with large doses of peppermint tea. You can't underestimate what these herbs can do.

"Use aloe vera as a substitute for comfrey."

INTERVIEWER:  Could somebody use this tissue repair and either mix it with aloe or put the aloe juice on first and then put this on?

SCHULZE: Absolutely. Use aloe in any way that you want. They could also just add one part comfrey root and leaf in there with the St. John's wort, the marigold and the arnica. My patients mix and match a lot of things. They could mix it with some comfrey ointment, or they could whip it up with aloe in the blender. I prefer aloe.

Both comfrey and aloe contain the same substance, allantoin.  This accelerates cell repair by five or ten times.

I put fresh aloe in the blender and put the deep tissue repair oil in there and whip it all together. My own experiences with many patients is that you don't need anything beyond the tissue repair oil.

INTERVIEWER:   Do you ever have them take aloe and chop it up and eat it?

SCHULZE:  Absolutely. It's great in blender drinks. It's a little bit mucilaginous, but you don't notice it in a smoothie.

I like aloe vera better that the comfrey. I'm not saying comfrey is a bad herb; I've seen hundreds of people healed by it. I just didn't feel a lot of energy with comfrey and yet it was one of Dr. Christopher's first herbs. It seemed prickly to me, and I'd put it on open wounds, and it would irritate them. Comfrey can be very irritating to an open wound.  However, his formula will heal in spite of that.  However, aloe is soothing in an open wound, so aloe just became my favorite instead.

Here is Dr. Christopher's famous B, F and C formula.

Dr. Christopher has oak bark in his B,F and C (bone, flesh and cartilage) regeneration formula as an astringent to tighten up the area.

Now, if you feel like you need something to tighten up the area, like the skin is flapping loose and you've got to, like, stitch it back together, oak bark is brilliant.  It's the greatest.  And I use that.

This is the formula:

6 parts Comfrey root

6 parts Oak bark

3 parts Gravel root

3 parts Mullein

1 part Lobelia

2 parts Wormwood

3 parts Marshmallow root

1 part Skullcap

3 parts Walnut bark

The comfrey in the formula brings bones together. Another name for comfrey is knit-bone. It can re-heal and re-form bones that have been shattered or eaten away by disease.

Here are the instructions for making this formula:

Use a large stainless steel pot. Never use aluminum. Use distilled water. Put 1 gallon of distilled water in the pot. Add 1 cup of loose tea mixture. Mix the tea in the water. Let this mixture sit in the water overnight in the refrigerator. You can even let it sit a few days. The longer you let it sit, within reason, the stronger the tea will be.

Heat the tea, but not to a boil. Let the tea simmer. Pour the strained tea back into the pot. Simmer this solution down to one-fourth its original volume. Use this for herbal compresses over the affected area.

Soak a flannel or wash cloth in the hot tea and apply as a hot compress. Use a thick flannel or washcloth for your compress, or else it will not hold much tea. Cover with plastic to retain fluid and heat — then cover with a towel to retain body heat.

You can also put deep tissue repair oil on the skin first, then add the B,F and C formula as a fomentation on top of it.

(NOTE: It is very important that you keep the treated area wrapped and the rest of your body warm. This ensures that you do not get a chill as the tea cools down. Warmth helps the herbs to penetrate better.)


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