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Blood Cleansing -- Blood Detox Tincture Re: [FAQ] Healing Cleanse: Liver / Gallbladder... working file thread
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Published: 11 years ago
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Blood Cleansing -- Blood Detox Tincture Re: [FAQ] Healing Cleanse: Liver / Gallbladder... working file thread

Cleansing the Bloodstream -- Blood Detox Tincture

Cleansing the bloodstream

This is the main blood-cleansing formula for the incurables program. You can make this formula yourself, even if you don't have all of the herbs.

Here are the ingredients:

2 parts Red clover blossoms

1 part Lobelia herb

1 part Cayenne pepper

2 parts Chaparral herb

1 part Garlic juice [make this in a juicer or blender]

To the above, add one part of any of the following you can get your hands on:

Burdock seed and root

Poke root

Yellow dock

Goldenseal root

Oregon grape root

Bloodroot root sap

European mistletoe

Periwinkle flowers

Make a tincture of these herbs and take 4 to 12 full dropperfuls (35 drops each) of this tincture daily added to some juice or water.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please make sure your red clover blossoms are deep violet purple. This is the color the blossoms have when they are at their peak. If the person you bought them from waited until after the blossoms started turning brown, this means the blood-cleansing chemicals have already begun to leave the blossoms and go back to the root, or have dissipated into the air. Someone's life can depend on the freshness of the herbs you get, and when they were harvested.

You can also obtain this tincture instead of making it. Some of these herbs, such as mistletoe, poke root, periwinkle, lobelia, bloodroot and chaparral are not approved by the FDA for internal use. You can decide to use the FDA as your herbal advisor, or to listen to a person who actually cured the sick and dying. It's your choice.

Making your own blood-cleansing tonic.

SCHULZE: This is very similar to the Dr. Christopher's popular red clover combination — but with added herbs from the Hoxsey and European formulas.INTERVIEWER: What if they want to make a tea, Richard?

SCHULZE: They could make a tea just of these particular ingredients. On this formula, if they are going to make it as tea, about 25% of the tea should be red clover and chaparral. About half and half between them. The other 75% of the tea would be equal parts of all these other herbs.

Now the reason I've gone to liquid is because that's what used to be used; like back in the Lloyd brother's days, they used all liquid extracts. Their shelf life is 50 years; they are in your blood stream in 2 minutes. They are more concentrated because you are using alcohol and water as an extraction. Plus, you can use things like garlic juice or blood root sap in there, and again the Hoxsey tonic was liquid.

Then, everybody started going to capsules to where this is almost considered normal. But it isn't normal, and it doesn't work. But readers who want to could mix these herbs up in alcohol, and they could make a tincture of it. All they would have to do is mix these herbs up in that proportion that I gave earlier.

INTERVIEWER: What did you say chaparral does?

SCHULZE: I said it makes tumors leap out of the body. It's incredible. Tumors leap out of the body. Indians used it for that. They knew. And they didn't have their positive-thinking tapes; they knew that when you took chaparral it made tumors go away.

When you get prickly ash for this formula, make sure it's prickly ash. Prickly ash should make your mouth go numb and prickly — or it isn't prickly ash.

Negative information on the cancer-killing herb red clover— from people who never used red clover.

INTERVIEWER: In a book on herbs published by Rodale Press, they say that red clover doesn't get much respect among many herbal experts. Here is what they say, "The Food and Drug Administration says there isn't sufficient reason to suspect that there is any medicinal value to red clover. In the New Honest Herbal, Dr. Varro Tyler, Ph.D. dismisses claims that red clover helps treat cancer as, quote, 'Simply not factual." But the Rodale book goes on and says that the National Cancer Institute found several anti-tumor properties in the herb. What is your comment?

SCHULZE: These are such dumb comments. Again, if these people had seen red clover cure cancer in a clinic with live, real people, as I have many times, they would not make these stupid statements.

These are people who have never, ever treated patients like I did, yet they make statements they think herbalists should live by.

Even though a chemical analysis of red clover may or may not show anti-tumor compounds, that doesn't mean they aren't there. You can never discount the 400-year-old empirical history of how people used an herb.

Just because our current lab tools don't see something, doesn't mean it isn't there. For example, twenty years ago, scientists said that the polio vaccine was sterile, but now we know it wasn't.

When the polio vaccine was finished in the 50's, they cleaned it. It was made from pig pus; they cleaned it to where it was deemed sterile, except for the antibody to the polio virus. In the 70's, when they looked back at it they found 149 live viruses that the equipment of the 50's couldn't detect.

Science is limited by, and totally bound by, the quality and the accuracy of the tools they have at the moment. That is why, as people develop greater research equipment, the rules of medicine go out the window. The scientific tests say that there isn't anything in red clover.

So what? Well, that is what they said 30 years ago with the polio vaccine and it was found to be wrong. Any scientist who takes their evaluation seriously is really ignorant. The information that you learn today; well, six months from now, there will be a new book written.

While the herbal armchair experts debate red clover, your readers can cure themselves of cancer by using it. Then, 20 years later, scientists will figure out why it happened. Red clover thins blood and improves circulation; that's enough to cure cancer right there.

Blood DeTox tincture can/should be taken with the 5 day liver cleanse/prep. It is not "required" for successful flushing, but it supports the liver and helps cleanse the blood very effectively. Here's what Dr. Schulze says about it on his site:

“This is a very powerful blood- and lymph-cleansing formula that scrubs the accumulated toxins and poisons out of the body.” — Dr. Schulze

The following is common knowledge from highly respected and accepted medical text. According to pharmacology manuals, Chaparral contains Nordihydroguaiaretic acid. According to the Merck Index, one of the most respected medical chemical books in the world, this acid from Chaparral is listed as an antioxidant with a Therapeutic Category as an antineoplastic. According to Taber’s Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary, an antineoplastic is, “an agent that prevents the development, growth and proliferation of malignant cells (tumors)".

This formula is based on the famous Hoxey Formula, Dr. Christopher’s Red Clover Combination (both herbalists were arrested on numerous occasions for these formulations) and many similar powerful alternative (blood-cleansing) formulae from around the world. These herbs are used in herbal medical clinics worldwide for scrubbing the accumulated toxins and poisons out of the body’s blood, fat and cells, and also heralded for their efficacy.


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