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Delusional parasitosis - does it even exist????
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Published: 8 years ago

Delusional parasitosis - does it even exist????

There seems to be a whole whack of information available on the 'net regarding delusional parasitosis. In this Wikipedia "article", of particular interest is this:

"Some are able to induce the condition in others through suggestion, in which case the term folie à deux may be applicable."

I think that what I'm reading is that no matter what you tell a doctor, they've already learned this about you in a 30 minute one-off lecture. You're delusional because there's an explanation for everything we might say.

If you bring evidence of your infection? The doctor won't even look at it because it's a symptom of your delusions:

"This presenting of "evidence" is known as "the matchbox sign" because the "evidence" is frequently presented in a small container, such as a matchbox."

If you're a woman over 40? HA! All you need is some anti psychotic drugs and you'll be fine:

"Delusional parasitosis is seen more commonly in women, and the frequency is much higher past the age of 40."

Deaths related to delusional parasitosis? I'd be willing to bet there are a whole lot MORE of these related to the incorrect diagnosis of delusional parasitosis!

The literature includes one report of suicide in a 40-year-old man with delusions of parasitosis."

How about race? Here's that insideous racism again. Why might caucasian people have a higher incidence of delusional parasitosis than people of colour? Eurocentric attitudes, that's why. Your lilly white doctor believing that only poor people of colour with shoddy bathroom habits have parasites. Guess what, Doogie Howser? WHITE PEOPLE GET EM TOO. YOU PROBABLY HAVE SOME. IS THAT WHAT YOU'RE AFRAID OF???

Delusions of parasitosis appear to be more common in whites than in people of other races."

If you resist treatment it's because you're crazy. It isn't because you're RIGHT. Resistance is due to your mental disease, not a creepy crawly bug. ;) Resistance is futile! haha.

"Patients with delusions of parasitosis can resist suggestions that their condition is psychiatric rather than physical and refuse referrals for psychiatric care. In fact, in 35% of patients, the belief of infestation is unshakable"

If you seem to be otherwise "normal", well, that's part of having delusional parasitosis, too! Hey, we've got an explanation for everything!

"The condition of delusions of parasitosis is a monosymptomatic psychosis, a type of psychopathology relatively distinct from the remainder of the personality."

But don't worry, they'll look into your matchbox. I love how the word "proof" is within quotation marks. Fantastic.

"It is useful to examine the "proof" that the patient brings in so that one may truthfully say that the material was examined and no parasites were found. One authority anecdotally relates how he found ants in the debris and, after explaining that these arthropods did not live on or in humans, was able to give practical advice to reduce the problem."

If you have some "proof" on your skin, we got that covered too!

"Delusions of parasitosis have no specific histologic findings. All skin changes are secondary to rubbing, scratching, picking, or other treatment attempts."

I don't believe for a second that "delusional parasitosis" even exists. This is just part of that "differential diagnosis", right? You say you have parasites, the doctors have "delusional parasitosis" at the top of the list in the differential diagnosis. They put a checkmark beside it, pat you on the head and send you on your merry way. With a bottle of antipsychotics.


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