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Help with Pain?
t_montreal Views: 1,022
Published: 9 years ago

Help with Pain?

Hi All,

Okay, I'm posting! It's hard for me to post, I usually wait until I can focus, which is not often, lol. Here goes:

I've been having major pain. I mentioned it in a couple of my posts the last few weeks- as there has been major emotional stress in my life too. The pain that I have is chronic (fibromyalgia) but aggravated by an ankle injury that still hurts (probably ligaments/scar tissue) and the fact that I have been walking on it for the last two years- and probably my whole body is out of whack.

For months now, I only wake up, most mornings, after 3,4 or 5 hours of trying. In that time, all I have is pain, inflammation in my lower back, my neck, arms and hands and spine. It's like throbbing, like everything in my spine is caught up and reverberating onwards. I've been doing hot/cold every day for as long as I can remember, in the shower, and in bed with ice pack and heating pads but it's only a temporary relief.

I was doing castor oil packs on my ankles for a while a few months ago, like every night, and I did notice some improvement. Then I stopped. I started up again in the last week, every night. Also massaging them with BFC ointment and the castor oil and wrapping them, then doing heat.

The last month I did 4 oz each white willow tincture, BFC, Herbal Calcium, NerveSedative as needed (mostly at night, but lately anytime) and have a third left of solomon's seal.

My diet is raw vegan, with the exception of a couple of meals last week, where they were vegan but cooked (that did not sit well) I also had some salmon (which was too heavy)
Again been doing weekly Liver Flushes except for last week and am planning one tomorrow. I am still trying to balance the colon formulas- I am up to three doses of IF2 per day, about 3/4 to 1 tsp of cayenne and 1 IF1 per day. I don't always go on my own. I also do daily coffee enemas. This is a very tricky situation, my bowel. I am working on it.

I should be making an order with Uny this week for more supplies. Been doing 4 tbsp a day superfood and 3 slippery elm. Also been mixing some licorice root in with the SE.

I now feel I may need a chiropractor, I feel like I have been walking wonky and maybe thats making things worse. I also notice that the more troubled my gut is, the more pain I have too, in general. The pain is making it impossible for me to focus, and I make spelling mistakes all the time when writing. I also cannot make life decisions when I am like this, as I'm just trying to self treat mostly and get out of pain.

(edit- I should also mention that my bones have been cracking more than I can ever remember- they always did, but it seems to be all the time now- and I can 'pull' a muscle from any movement- like just by turning my head too quickly, or when lying on my stomach and turning to the side to apply an ice or hot pack. I do this almost daily- this 'pulling a muscle' thing. It's very painful. I often wonder what the heck is THAT wrong inside of me that my structure is this weak:()

Thanks so much for any and all help:)


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