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Re: Our Tears turned to Dances
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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: Our Tears turned to Dances

I sometimes call the God of this world, 'The Librarian' and alternately on a bad day 'the devil'. The days when I see this world as a world of shadows and tears I hurt for myself and others. I say devil but really the being I met after I met 'The Light' is just God turning his face away from us or we from him. I have often said the God of this world plays us as chess pieces for his amusement but 'God's Plan' seems a rather cruel aspect of God I am not fond of when it means we and those we love have to grow ill or become violently injured to get out of the game he plays with our lives... but this lesser aspect of God and we are all just lesser aspects of God... is super smart... He controls all of us but his personality is so very different from that of 'The Light' I met in my NDE.... Where 'The Light' is full of compassion and mercy, this lesser aspect of God shows no mercy... you get what you deserve... It is hard for me to talk about tears but talk about them I feel compelled to do.

I find the lesser aspect of God I met in the dimension of time is the hardest part of my NDE to express in words as those with mystical experiences rarely encounter it... but, for some reason, I did... Only, just like a good movie... we don't want to be told how the movie goes nor how it ends... My NDE foretells the ending for the earth in a fiery ball of flames that ends all activities on the earth... This is by far the least popular aspect of my NDE to those who I have told what I know from my NDE yet very much part of the story I believe I was set aside to tell the world... It seems so final to those who build their castles on earth when they could be building them elsewhere... in their souls...

The Librarian of my NDE is not evil but rather just doing his job... and part of that job is recording our lives for timelessness. He records everything in 3D good or ill. All that is not joy, kindness, compassion, mercy, tenderness or awe of the natural beauty in this world is just not going to make it all the way past the tunnel to the end of time... Our less than love is just not light yet 'All' light will one day return to 'The Light.'

Everyone wants a story of redemption for themselves but we often want to reserve a final justice for others who have done wrong.

From my NDE perspective, the redemption of all souls and spirits is not the 3D video of our whole life but only those parts of all of our souls and spirits that shined... This is the mystery that religions often fail to understand... They want an all of life makes it into heaven or nothing so they can get rid of the Hitlers and the Dick Cheneys in our lives or the people that do not believe as we believe in the world but that is just not true to my NDE. If ever there was a single moment when a Hitler was kind to a puppy or a child then that moment is captured and added to who 'The Light' is... No matter how small a piece that act of tenderness is... Love never dies,,, If 'The Light' could love the tinniest love in the failed suicide bomber I was planning to be at 14 years of age and if 'The Light' could love the tiny little light that Hitler may have had for a puppy or a little child then just how much more could 'The Light' love one who spends their days in this dimension of time adding love, joy, tenderness and kindnesses to this beautiful world? And again it is not all of us that makes it into the light but instead those gems when we shined that move on to 'The Light' If you take anything at all from my NDE, take with you that you should be adding gems to your life that will be added to who and what 'The Light' is at the end of time.

In my NDE, In the tunnel, my less than love is scrubbed away but beyond the this lower light world there is a place where our every gentle kindness is stored and on a clear day, when I smile, I will not condemn the God who created this less than joyful world... On good days my tears will turn from tears of sadness to tears of delight. This is something that could never occur in the light... as there are no tears there... Only in this dimension of time, where we see so much pain is there an opportunity to have tears of joy... It is what makes this world special. In the face of cruelty we see something that fills us with joy... turns our sadness into dances... our tears into a type of dance that will one day heal the world...


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