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[FAQ] Non-Supplementation: Working File Thread
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Published: 11 years ago

[FAQ] Non-Supplementation: Working File Thread

This is an FAQ working file thread. Please do not ask questions in this thread. Feel free to add valid information/research and or testimonies.

Non-Supplements are just that. They are not 'supplements'. They are the use of the whole plant and/or food.. as found in natural. These plants can be herbs, or foods that can be eaten whole/raw, juiced, sprouted, cultured/fermented, formulated into things like super foods, or made into tinctures, oils, teas, etc. for use in cleansing, nourishing, repairing and restoring the body to a healthy condition.




Hippocrates said it best: "Let food by thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food"



Our bodies are natural, they are "of this earth" and our bodies already HAVE the schematics they need to repair & restore themselves. What we need to do is turn to Nature/God/Earth to find exactly what our natural bodies need to repair themselves.

The fastest, safest, most successful way to restore our bodies is to STOP 'putting in' things that alter/destroy the natural balance & chemistry of the body, and START doing everything to restore the natural balance so the body can do what it is programmed and designed to do...HEAL & LIVE! [Unyquity]



Products used:

A BASIC LIST INCLUDES: Whole organic LIVE foods/plants as found in nature, sprouted nuts, seeds and grains, fermented/cultured foods, juices, super foods, pure water, herbs and herbal formulas and teas, tinctures, natural cleansing formulas, unsulphured blackstrap molasses, raw unfiltered organic honey, raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar, slippery elm, nutritional yeast.


Whole organic live foods/plants as found in nature.
NO supplements that consist of isolated substances.
NO ROCK-BASED minerals / substances.



All natural food is a 'trinity', made up of enzymes, vitamins & minerals. Whenever we ingest something that has one or two of those aspects of the trinity missing, it stresses the body in some way or another. [Unyquity]



Therapeutic action:

Cleansing all systems of the body, restoring the natural balance within the body and providing it with the needed nutrition to heal using 'nature's pharmacy'.

Why should I cleanse my body?



"No living organism, no matter how large or small, can sustain life unless it can assimilate the nutrients it needs and expel toxins/waste effectively".

Every organ, system and cell in our body IS dependent upon this process - NOT one system/cell works correctly if it does not have the fuel & oxygen it needs and/or it is clogged or laden with sludge & toxins (toxin: a politically correct term for poison). [Unyquity]



What is the cleanse cycle for this protocol?

Every day for the rest of your life!
We are living in a world that is toxic. It is a daily process to cleanse and give our body what it needs to maintain health and function as it was created to do.

Considerations/What can I expect:

Considerations: Get your nutrition from whole, life foods. Get your minerals from plant sources, drink distilled or RO water. Do not use/take supplements containing isolated substances. The body can not assimilate and use them efficiently. Our bodies can not function/heal/repair/cleanse without ALL the nutrients, enzymes, etc. that nature's substances/plants offer.



EVERY organ and system of the body IS symbiotically dependent upon the other. It is easier on the body (and far more successful, far faster) to ensure that every system is decongested, restored (and at least somewhat 'up n' running') at the same time so all the systems are working together to eliminate the cause of all the symptoms (building that solid foundation!). Hence, many times doing cleanses and protocols 'one organ at a time' can be stressful to the body; likely to delay healing (stressful to US), and may actually work against us! [Unyquity]



What can I expect? This question is best answered with one word: HEALTH!


Research, find and use trusted sources for all 'non-supplements' you use/take. If you are cleansing or attempting to heal a particular health issue using tinctures or other products/formulas, such as for cleansing, do your research. Listen to your doctor within and then use what nature has given us to address your personal needs and health.


Herbal Apothecary Storefront

Pacific Botanicals

Mountain Rose Herbs

Suggested Reading before you ask questions

Rock-based Calcium (and other rock-based minerals [posted by Unyquity]

Minerals from plants are suited to the human body & animals; minerals from rocks are suited to the soil. In a nutshell, plants take the minerals from the earth and rocks, utilize them & convert them into minerals that easily assimilated by the body. Perhaps this is why there's a biblical admonition to eat the ‘fruits of the tree’ & ‘herbs of the field’; and Jesus also instructed to eat fruits, plants, grains in the Essene Gospels...but no where but in 'modern science' do we find an admonition to 'eat rocks'...or shells, or coral reefs, or hunks of metal.

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