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Nuke the gut from orbit; it's the only way to be sure.
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Published: 9 years ago

Nuke the gut from orbit; it's the only way to be sure.

bit of association..
..caution..rambling ahead.


...fibers being assembled from gels.
gels being assembled from particles.

fibers in huge numbers in the gut.
gel/slime/goo in large quantities in the gut.

I can visually confirm fibers in every cc of stool.
They are always there...for at least ten months..
[possibly for many years]
The goo/gel that they form from is always there.

tiny bits of gel that are expelled from the gut from
the gas produced from..[fermentation?] always
sprout fibers. ??gas production a byproduct of the
goo power source? fermentation?..or something else?
a fungus involved? a yeast? Mass herbal
antifungal bombing of supected
yeast overgrowth..resulted in mayhem..many hundreds
of morg fibers and lesions...after a ten day delay..
then..WHAM..overnight..white hairs everywhere..arms
and legs..[wherever there was a hair follicle]

goo that has more COLORED gels..demonstrates
more vigourous fiber/lesion activity.

all morg lesion scabs..have some gel pigments.
the largest morg "structures" have the most pigments.
..the pigments..seem to be providing energy for morg activity.

what are the pigments? [somewhere in this stack of notes
is an overview of ACE [alternative cellular energy pigments]
but not digging for it at the moment. it's free association time!

pigment collections found in urine. they are forming up from smaller particles. structures found in the urine
are forming from particles. always fibers in urine..
from micro to insanely large (90 mm).

the lesion formed of smaller
"assembles" itself..bit by bit...the liquid of the lesion
does not simply "dry" into a sheet. exits from hair follicles on the skin.
skin is damaged..lesion develops...fluid and goo in
lesion. lesion is sheeted over by particles that form
a "cover". colored gels observed in lesion. fibers launch
from lesion. lesion NEVER gets matter how large. {wtf?] ??something is phaging bacteria? fluid toxic to bacteria? bacteria being dismantled, used as
building material?

..particles traveling from gut to follicles..and everywhere
else they wanna go..via blood.
..particles getting into blood via damaged gut wall?..or
particles just schmmoozing THRU the gut wall into capillaries?

...what is generating the particles ?..
small study [7 morgies] proved that the fibers
in those 7 were cellulose. dna cross check
verified that there were agrobacterium sequences
in the fiber dna.
agrobacterium loves to build's what it
agrobacterium used to generate Genetically-Modified seed.
...agrobacterium survive processing..are eaten..
agrobacterium make it to gut..where they spend their
time doing what they are designed to do.."inject their dna
into other bacteria"..
beneficial gut bacteria happily start churning out ..stuff..that they were never intended to.
..gut bacteria endlessly divide as bacteria do..but all the
copies are running the "new code" from the agrobacterium.
...the "once friendly" gut bacteria are now ginning out..cellulose fibers..and who knows what else... fiber..
how to shut down this machinery gone amuck?

kill all the bacteria?..the good..the bad..and the ugly
and "reboot" with uncontaminated bacteria? supposed that the best equivalent to a "nuke"
for the bacteria would be Antibiotics ..
wipe out ALL life in the gut..
and reseed..[shit like a goose for a month or two..
the price of freedom..]
[unless the Antibiotics were created using some
form of Genetically-Modified tech..]

perhaps endless carpet bombing with herbals that are
not discriminating in what they kill...
..that could take a while..
bomb..replant..bomb replant..reduce the number of
"gmo infected" bacteria..slowly..
but then..the "hijacked " bacteria might regrow faster than they get killed off.

who responsible for this insanity?..
names..we need names..
and some old school Justice..

...feed those pointy heads that loosed this plague
with their own creations until THEY become walking
plants. or non walking plants. spend their days in
a colorful clay pot. enjoy the view..asshats!!!



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