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Miss Helfinger Views: 2,231
Published: 9 years ago
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Stronger Immunity....

My immunity is miraculously stronger than it used to be!

2 years ago on New Year's Eve I was at a party. Unusual enough to have the energy to go to a friend's house for a gathering, a friend with a cold sore kissed me on the side of the mouth. Not even right with her cold sore, but at midnite, she gave me a nice 'love you, so good to see you out of the house' friend peck. The next morning I woke up with a cold sore. I tell this story because it was a common occurrence. I'd get a cold from just being near someone that sneezed a few times.

Many of you know, I've been living in a house with roommates for the last few years. Friends helping out with rent while I haven't worked in forever and helping with house chores and such. Well, 3 people in this house got a bronchial infection last week and 1 person got the full-blown flu from it. It ran into the stomach bug, high ever, couldn't breathe - I mean he was in a bad spot. I've never seen him this ill before - EVER. I made him Schulze's herbal blitz for 2 days (in my best interest with a long trip and flight coming up!!) and it hardly put a dent in where he was.

Me? I did an herbal blitz, stayed on a tbsp of Unyquity's Echinacea and a tsp of local bee pollen a few times a day and...not one sneeze. Not - nothing. NOTHING. Lemme say it again...not one stinking sneeze, not one chill, no nothing. :)

Not only that, I breezed through without an inference of Bubble Girl, through allergy season and didn't think twice about the dwindling contents of the last inhaler I have to my name in the whole world in my bedside table. Nope. Ain't touched it. No sneezing - no nothing. I watched with awe as the blossoms opened up and the dandelions began to fly through the air...almost with a bittersweet sadness for all the days in my childhood and adult life that I didn't enjoy Spring - and for all the folks everywhere on allergy meds and steroidal nasal sprays. Flush...yo...livah. Repeatedly. Do it. No mess - you deserve it - and the blooms and blossoms dance their glorious Pina Bausch-quality ballet for you, just once a year. Don't miss it. :)

The man and our roomie just read this post and reminded me that this house bug ran inner-species. The rather robust, 3 year old doggie in the house - got sick from it. He laid around pitiful, whining and had a puddle approximately 6" in diameter in front of his nose, for several days, wherever he laid down. I don't mean to celebrate that a dog suffered and not me - but yo dude - that's one serious bug!!! Nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah!!!! Ha!!!!!


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