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Re: Shamanism
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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: Shamanism

To add to this thread: ( just a bit carried away)

It is certainly true as you surmised that unless we can deal appropriately w money, food, sex ect, our inner journeying will only be a facsimile and our struggle will be of what it is we havent dealt with yet.If we are ready its not evan our action to throw caution to the wind, we are empelled and there is no consideration of any backup plan, because its the inner knowing of the burgeoning of love. Tho completly contrary to most present societies norms, this is the unveiling of why we are here.

Restless spirits are no different in intention than those we live around. For most of us the person in the car next to us on the freeway is really far more dangerous then the angry, evan malevolent emotional realm being we may encounter. It can be totally scarey tho, to the ego, of course. These journeys are destructive of the egoic identity, so to the degree we are holding tight, we suffer or not. We are entrappable or not.

Certainly there are small print caveats to all of this and the reality of possesion ect probably shouldnt be ignored,evan if shamans do. But as in all our experiences, our motivations, in this instance, for leaving the physical realm, play the strongest influence in our experience.

However evil is only sad ignorance, evan in its most fullblown forms. Everyone wants to be attended too, (untill we see clearly) especially the cruelest among us. So as we learn to discipline ourselves and listen and learn we can face those physically embodied or not. Those who want to rob us or those who want to hurt us, w the same care that we learned to treat our own fragile confused ego which acted so stupidly at one time, so as to rather than feed confusion and misunderstanding, we defuse tension and assist real learning.

Eventually we understand that the tragedy of oil spills and such, are part of an era where, tho now in these last number of thousands of years, is surely out of ballance, still this is a continuum where self oriented parasitic living is the norm, and to missunderstand the deeper ballance in that and to embrace any hope of conventional societal happiness, is missplaced and unaware. We can have peace about it and the farther we go on the journey the more perfect and already ballanced w find everything to be. As this is revealed we see how its part of the irony and cosmic joke that makes everything acceptable. Working to try and make it all conventionally perfect, safe and secure for all,tho, is only part of our well meaning but ignorant attempts at seeking security in ways that will be found to be insufficient and ultimately counterproductive.

So in struggling and experiencing this seeming contradictory confusion we are learning about all the potential paths to peace.Eventually following the one that fits us best whether shamanic or otherwise. Eventually discovering the place beyond all space and time, gross or fine, which embraces and sources all things.

When the concern we have for others caught in the terror of such a world, bring us to our knees, and when we feel the pain in our hearts for all life's suffering , no matter the circumstances of responsibility, guilt, ignorance or innocence, we are really ready for the path of the shaman. The path of no BS, no nice words, no words at all, no preperation, just path.

(The commonly considered path of the shaman is the path of the journey beyond the physical, not particularly beyond all space and time, tho that is where it will lead to those who go the distance, where it is found that there is really no path anywhere, only life to be lived and we dont need to go anywhere to find it, we dont need to do any thing to be worthy of gaining the rewards of it, cause its us at the root and thru and thru and has been all the time.)


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