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Hey Mary88, I totally understand all of your frustration, about trying everything!!!
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Published: 12 years ago
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Hey Mary88, I totally understand all of your frustration, about trying everything!!!

Hi Mary88,
Surfer27 here. Hey, I got your posting and wanted to reply back! How are you? Well, I hope that you are hanging in there and don't lose hope!! I understand all about the frustration, disappointment, embarrassment and so on. I know it, just about as well as you. Mary, I don't want to give you a false sense of hope, but I did want to share this with you. I was talking to a Natural doctor today and over the last 4yrs, in just 2 days I was able, to explain to her my whole situation and problem with this fecal Body Odor . You know what was really nice, was that she actually listened to me for once and what's even better, she believed me and wants to help me, regain my life back!!! I couldn't believe it!!! I was just like, so surprised that I have found someone who believes me!! Anyhow, that's not the best part yet. Here's the best part to this story. This natural doctor was telling me a story about a woman, named Marie who, had been raped and molested in her front and back area violently. This doctor explained to me, that this woman had like you and I, had tests after test only for her doctor to tell her she was fine and yet, she explained to her doctors, that she had a odor that was fecal that carried with her throughout the day, that she found it hard to deal with life. Here's the cool part!! This lady Marie, talked to Dr. Peggy Maki and Marie got put on some formula through called Foul Body and Digestion some doctor prescribed formula for bacteria and she said, that after being patient and allowing the formula to heal her body inside internally, that she was able to get back to work and also, rejoin society and enjoy life again!!!! I was like, no way, ya know!! I couldn't believe it!!!!!!! A person like you and me, able to get back into society and enjoy life again. I never thought that was possible, but from hearing about Marie's horrible situation and great victory and outcome, she regained her confidence and dignity back!! Isn't that so cool!!!!!! I was so, so happy to hear about this lady overcoming her problems, like the one's you and I have!! I felt so relieved for this person!! I did. Anyways, I just wanted to give this to you, to tell you there is some hope Mary!!! There is hope!! Hang on, don't give up, I believe we may have stumbled across something very unique here, with this woman's story and how there are fairly exact similar stories to both you and me!! Okay, I wanted to pass this onto you and hopefully, you can inspire people to look to this story for hope and encouragement!! Also, this maybe what we need to look into for recorrecting our fecal Body Odor problems. I just feel that, this story I heard about this woman and her problem with fecal Body Odor , has some meaning into your and mine situation, if not the same thing! Please if you have a chance, look into this story and also call Dr. Peggy Maki at 1 (250)422-3163. Explain to her your situation and also ask her, to talk to you about this lady named Marie, who was violently molested and attacked and who might be quite amazed!! Dr. Peggi Maki, should be able to direct you to the right kind of solution, based on what she thinks you have. Also ask her about the Foul Body Odor formula and what it contains. Okay, I have already written a very long post and don't want to keep you hanging, so I will hopefully hear from you soon. Okay Mary88, take care and God bless you!! Bye for now.

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