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Re: Re BB: Working at place where someone left toothpaste near my workspace

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nanasluv Views: 1,656
Published: 13 years ago
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Re: Re BB: Working at place where someone left toothpaste near my workspace

To 65058 yes it was ridiculus that it took the government a whole year to deny me Disability Benefits based on this bo issue. They made me do a whole bunch of paperwork; They also got copies of my medical records from former doctors I had seen about this bo issue. Both doctors I had seen on my own told me I had bad anxiety and should consider seeing a psychologist since there was nothing medically wrong with me, that's another reason I was surprised at the government's decison I would have thought the doctors would have informed them of this bad anxiety they noticed when they seen me and I'm sure they probably did but the government decided just to go with their own psychologist's opinion of me and probably didn't take any of my doctors' opinions into consideration and that really bothers me.. I think one of the doctors even said I don't smell anything like it was all in my head but I know that is far from the truth because I deal with peoples' negative reactions everyday and just think the doctor was personally trying to make me feel better about myself. Then about a month before their decisin was made they sent me to a Psychologist who I ended up only seeing for about 10 minutes or so and I even think he thought I smelled bad because of the way he was acting as if he was uncomfortable around me and usually people are because it is hard for them to tolerate my bo. Some people are nice and don't say anything rude about my bo like the psychologist, but most of the time people are very rude to me and it is horrible. I just feel like my life will never be the same again. So after I seen the Psychologist then came the government's decision like a month later. I was very mad when I seen the decision because I have seen people get help who seem perfectly fine mentally and physically and yet they denied me benefits and I'm suffering emotinally everyday and can't even function normal anymore like go to the store without anxiety setting in due to my bo. I barely ever leave the house because of this bo issue and it is constantly on my mind, my boyfriend runs alot of the errands around here so I don't have to leave the house because he knows how uncomfortable it is for me due to this bo issue. So I hope they give you help because you deserve it after all the emotional suffering you have to endure everyday due to this bo issue. I am planning on trying to get help again but this time I am going to go to my own psychologist and see if they can help me inform the government that this bo issue has ruined my life in a sense and that I'm suffering mentally due to it. I mean don't get me wrong I am thankful for all the good things in my life but this bo issue affects my well being everyday. No matter how hard I try to take my mind of this I am reminded by some ignorant peoples' negative reactions of my bo so it is like how can I move on and be sincerely happy when people have something rude to say almost everyday, how do I go forward that's where I need psychological help in order to be able to move on and become stronger emotionally and I really can't work because it is very hard for me to even leave the house, so how can I go to interviews or to a job without fear of society rejecting me and being treated like dirt because of something I can't help at this time. Also I fear employers thinking the worst of me once they smell my bo, I'm thinking they will probably think I'm a dirty person with bad hygiene and probably won't even consider hiring me based simply on my bo. It is like how do I explain to a employer oh I'm sorry I stink bad and I promise I am a clean person it is just a issue I can't help at this time and hoping to find a solution for it one day, they would probably think I'm crazy if I said something like that, yet at the same time I don't want them thinking I'm stinking on purpose. IT just seems like a no win situation sometimes yet I can't give up because I feel in my heart a solution will come for me one day. I'm very sorry that you had to leave your temp job, I pray and hope you are able to get another job soon and that people don't give you a hard time and that you find a solution soon. I live in Portland Oregon. What state do you live in if you don't mind me asking? I sure hope you are granted help from the government and find a solution soon. I will pray for you and stay strong. God Bless you and take care:)

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