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Re: Ex. @ AHR
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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: Ex. @ AHR

If it is a fungus and or bacteria some guy in a lab coat peering down a microscope will have surely identified which case is it common or is it rare? does it need a specific fungicide?...the nature of bacteria and fungus i would have thought would be hard to contain ie it would be spread about all over.. removal of a portion of the lip effected..that would involve the localised nerves underneath being removed and replacement nerves, tissues and vessels regrowing but new growth and changed somehow... and free of EC. Is it because the stuff underneath the lip surface is altered or removal of the bacteria fungus cells?

I read elsewhere a post under (pixie dust) an article where a mans severed finger tip grew back to form ,tissue, blood, nerves and all..the body has a memory as does skin....(the research is still in its infancy ) All well and good if the lip return to normal and if it is only surface bacteria and fungus stuff...but why i question it is because:

There's a testomony by someone who was cleared of EC for years (not through operation) then it came back...she started "lip biting lip licking again" (which i don't really understand?) in which case...maybe long term trauma by nibbling (and harsh chemicals that maybe percieved by sensitive lips)..would amount to physical damage and aggrevation....The skin would be trying to do its best on the onslought of aggrivation by rapid cell turn over /peeling...even when the initial aggrevation has stopped eg biting ceased/chapstick in the bin...(Where else in the body is rapid cell turn over? The answer is the guts skin lining we don't see...In other words is whats going on on our lips going on inside the gut simultaneously too?..If so dodgy digestive track can lead to further health complications...Are there any other physical symptoms others have but are omitting here on this forum?)...The key to good health is a clean and healthy colon!...addressing this will address your's all one connecting digestive tube..from A***! hole to lips...simple. We smack and lick our lips on sight of a huge chocolate brownie before taking a chunk out of it..People ought to read the BSA at the top of the page ie star award post!!!!! I discovered it a little too late...but was on the right tack, although deviated some along the where were we..oh yeah

Anyway maybe the skins memory is hard wired by then to continue to rapidly peel....somehow there needs to be a change a long reset the skins memory many people have reported getting better when they STOPPED putting stuff on their lips, took a deep breath and jumped a mind hurdle of acceptance and broke free from the crippling chains of self conciousness..then healing began...

Eventually the lips found their natural and more improved rhythm of self sustaining maintenance free of interference....(although probably could do with the support of a healthier body and improved well being too),i understand there will always be exceptions too.

But There's that romantic couple which throws the spanner in the works or could it be the rising of a titanic ship..The boyfriend who passed it to his girfriend?
Which suggests the bacteria/fungus/ or is it indeed a rare virus which is some viruses are..passed onto people but not necessarily expressed on some, like simplex herpes...

It might be an unlucky coincidence that his girfriend was predisposed to carrying it but furthermore expressing it on her lips too? Some other EC's partners have not...Then again was his diagnosis correct of an EC condition? If there are any photos that would turn theories and things around on their head and open new doors for exploring it would be these two!

sorry for the length..just that i'm just sharing some stuff before i go away for a while. whats it called yeah brain storming and food for thought..
Theres one or two other things but for now enough..


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