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Image Embedded Re: which came first, the allergies or the disease? (edited)

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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: which came first, the allergies or the disease? (edited)

 Well, it's official. I just heard from my mother, and she says:

"to date there is NO substance in the world that rebuilds cartlidge. NONE or the inventors would be richer than bill gates."

LOL!!! Reminds me of my sister who thinks I am a quack because I told her about all the cancer cures that are out there already. Her multi-degreed fool of a husband made the same comment . If I had a cancer cure I would would be astronomically rich. Since he has so many degrees she thinks he cannot be wrong. 

What I ask people like this is if I had a pill that would cure any and all diseases and I sold it for $5.00 a pill with only one pill being needed how long do you think they would let me keep it on the market considering how much revenue disease generates? Unfortunately they still rarely get it. But it is like locally they want to now impose a per-mile tax on our driving because they are losing too much revenue with all the more fuel efficient cars and electric cars coming out. They already make sure to time the lights here so you hit one red after another, which greatly increases fuel consumption. This is the same reason we do not see the water powered cars, 200+ MPG engines, plasma engines, etc. that have been invented on the market. The first plasma engine put in to a car back in 1960 for example ran the car for 60,000 miles before they has to recharge the gases in the engine, which costs about $100. These engines burn no fuel and therefore have no emissions. I saw these engines in person once. The company making them had received a lot of threats and actually found their trucks booby trapped.  I also talked to a local man who was also an inventor. He and his friends found a way to turn organic material (grass clippings, leaves, cloth, plastic, etc.) in to crude oil. The oil companies bought them out for $60 million and buried the project. I finally figured out how they did it and it is a pretty simple concept. Another example are the Nucell batteries. The largest battery was 18 inches by 32 inches and produced 100kw of electricity at full power for 50 years. I tried to contact the company within 2 years of obtaining their patent and they were nowhere to be found. This device could completely eliminate the power grid and need for power dams, wind turbines, etc. It could also power ever one of our cars with need to ever buy fuel and eliminating so much pollution. But again this was buried. Recent reports state a corrosion problem, which if you look at the patent you would see is impossible. And I recently found out that the military is using the same technology. These are just a few examples of some of the inventions that would have made people gazillionaires but the government and big business crushed the projects. Speaking of crushed, look up the history of the first electric car. Medicine is no different. They do not want disease cures because it generates way too much revenue. It has even been said that if a cancer cure were to be put on the market that every medical school in the nation would lose so many grants they would go under. Not to mention how many people would be put out of business. Think about what is involved in disease. There are the hospital personnel including those we normally don't correlate such as records keepers, janitors, laundry personnel, security, etc. Then there are the equipment manufacturers and their suppliers, and their suppliers........ Plastics companies, chemical companies, bed manufacturers, transportation companies, the mortician, etc. A cure for disease is not going to make anyone rich because it will seriously hurt the economy if ever allowed. Therefore it will never be allowed. 

With all the billions the American Cancer Society gets every year have they ever come up with a single cancer advancement? Not at all. In fact 95% of the money they collect goes to massive salaries at the top, executive travel, and advertising. Less than 5% is used towards research and helping individuals. And the grants do not go to people coming up with successful advances. And what about muscular dystrophy, which Rife was curing back  in 1940. Yet we still have the annual telethon in which Jerry Lewis is paid handsomely for his appearance out of the donations. If he really cares about the kids then why doesn't he volunteer his time like the phone volunteers. And why do they fail to show the ex-"Jerry's kids" that cast to the side after they outgrew their cuteness? They protest the lack of help and the abandonment at every year at the telethon, but of course they never show this or talk about it.  It is all about the money, not finding a cure.

She adds there is no cartilage and it's very clear on the x-ray. Hip totally impacted. Apparently she was told five years ago she'd need the operation. I guess she tried some glucosamine and chondroitin health food type stuff and it doesn't do much but helps a bit with keping the knee mobile.

I agree about glucosamine. It can help, but it is very slow to work usually taking a minimum of 4 months to even start seeing results. Chondroitin as far as I am concerned is garbage and a total waste of money. Only about 8% is absorbed. All this will be explained in detail in my book.

As far as there not being a cure there she is 100% wrong. Even mainstream medicine has a cure. It is called culturing the cartilage and has been around for a few years. They take a sample of the patients cartilage and culture it in the lab to produce large amount of cartilage cells. These cells are then introduced in to the joint where they can take hold and GROW. Yes, we grow cartilage cells all the time, which is why it can also be reversed with herbs and supplements. And you know what? I don't know one single doctor providing this culturing that is richer than Bill Gates!!! That is because there is more money to be made in hip replacement surgery, especially when they have to repeat it again in 5 to 10 years.

You got me all wound up. OK, where is my GABA?


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