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Re: A couple of sources
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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: A couple of sources

Hi Dearra95,

I am like Spud in the fact that Iodine supplementing got rid of my fibroid as well. I found my fibroid on my left ovary last May. Researching the internet for fibroid help I read that Iodine can get rid of fibroids. I bought Iodoral to start. I loved Iodoral, it made me feel better immediately, and I have few side effects. I did get the headache between the eyes and a bit of kidney pain, both went away with in 20 minutes of doing salt pushes. I stuck with it for a couple of months, but it was expensive to take so many of the pills to get the mg. I wanted to take. Switched to Trapper's SSKI & magnascent. I have no proof, but I feel that I did better taking his combo than I even did with the Iodoral. I took 7 drops of SSKI & 7 drops of magnascent together in water first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. I have read since that you are supposed to take them separately, but I that's how I took mine. I also did a strict diet, no processed foods at all, no preservatives or artificial ingredients. I prepared all my foods and ate nothing that came prepared already from the store. I ate clean meats and eggs without hormones, lots & lots of veggies (many of them raw), some fruits and did a bit of juicing. I ate lots of olive oil and ACV on my salads. The constant pain in my ovary was the first to go. It hurt nonstop, constantly waking me up in the middle of the night because it was so bad, then when I had my periods it was awful and hard to do normal day to day things because it was so bad. All this went away within weeks of starting the Iodoral. The pain from my periods got much, much better. Backache went away completely, no more sore breasts before my periods. Cramping and clotting got better (completely better after adding cod liver oil). My fibroid was gone by this February. My fibroid was a good sized one that could be felt just by placing my hand on my hip. Not quite sticking out of the skin but just under the skin, could be felt very easily. I have absolutely no doubt what so ever that Iodine is what got rid of my fibroid. IMO taking the high dosage seemed to really kick the fibroid's butt! High dosage isn't for everyone, but it worked well for me. I think the diet is an absolute must as well. You have to clean up your diet in order for your body to be able to detox and get healthy again. My recommendation is for you to read,read, read everything you can about iodine on this website. Do searches for fibroids and cysts on the iodine page, and read the iodine book by Dr. Brownstein, Iodine, Why you Need it, Why You Can't Live Without It

The book is great and give you a good guideline on dosages and how to take iodine. I liked the Iodoral pills to start and this one of the types of Iodine supplementing Dr. Brownstein recommends. And do some Google searches on iodine for fibroids and cysts. Then give it a try. I'm a complete believer in iodine for removal of fibroids. Good Luck!

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