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a little help from Thieves?
fungihomeworld Views: 14,640
Published: 9 years ago

a little help from Thieves?

a few drops of the essential oil mixture "Thieves"
in about 8 oz of water
to assist in breaking down plastics?

oy...give it a try. gotta do something.
40-70-90 mm fibers in the urine gotta stop..or
severe tire damage to the kidneys can be expected. days now, is it?..that I'm seeing a few
heavily damaged fibers..some look like..ectoplasm really..
streamers of.."almost fiber". looks like the fiber is being
taken apart..molecule by molecule.
attempt to fish out the "ghost fiber"..end up with a wad
of "plastic goo" on the dental tool...transparent..plastic
goo that looks and has the texture of..umm...
model cement..that clear polystyrene cement used to weld
plastic models together. detecting some rather strong
"chemical" odors in the urine at times.almost..familiar..[toluene perhaps?]
..nearly always
a faint "oil slick". [oil slick from the essential oils..
or the "plastics in the urine" being dismantled??]
dunno. many more questions..
not many tools.

continuing with the Opaline dry oxy. really wish i had
more info on exactly what it is doing. info blurbs i've
found on the web..including the distributor site..not
very informative. [detox, kills bacteria..yadda yadda..ok..
fine..but WHAT is it..and HOW does it work? stop being
so damn cryptic!

Thieves blend seems to be a "top shelf" product..but
fiendishly expensive to my battered purse..[appx 40 dollars
for 1/2 oz plus the inevitable shipping charges.

working on "rolling my own" using recipe found on Dr Kolb's
site. should work out to be about 16 times cheaper per oz.
Cheaper is good..especially for folks out of work for
nearly a year.
A "close enough" approximation should suffice.
At the moment, only have a four oz bottle
of lemon oil..and a 4 oz bottle of Clove essential oils.
[need 3 more oils for the "complete brew".
[this essential oil stuff commands respect..careless handling at your
peril!'T touch your face if there is any
possibility of oil on your
fingers. [lesson 23]

..big cat thinks I'm quite mad...look of horror on his
face when he sees me open the stinky bottle and put it
[..hooman, drink like THAT..that man is gonna' DIE!]

You may have a point..furball.


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