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FAQ Healing Cleanse:Liver/Gallbladder: Working File Thread

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Published: 11 years ago

FAQ Healing Cleanse:Liver/Gallbladder: Working File Thread

This is an FAQ working file thread. Please do not ask questions in this thread. Feel free to add valid information/research and or testimonies.


Dictionary Definitions:


The liver: large vital organ: a glandular vascular organ in vertebrates that secretes bile, stores and filters blood, and takes part in many metabolic functions such as the conversion of sugars into glycogen.

The liver is reddish brown, multilobed, and in humans is located in the upper right part of the abdominal cavity.

Liver fluke: parasitic worm: a parasitic worm that infests the liver of mammals, including humans.

Parasite: organism living on another: a plant or animal that lives on or in another, usually larger, host organism in a way that harms or is of no advantage to the host

Bile: physiology digestive fluid: a yellowish green fluid produced in the liver, stored in the gallbladder, and passed through ducts to the small intestine, where it plays an essential role in emulsifying fats

Bile duct: tube carrying bile to intestine: a tube that carries bile from the liver or gallbladder to the small intestine. The hepatic and cystic ducts merge to form the common bile duct.

Biliary: 1. relating to bile: relating to bile or the transporting of bile 2. affecting bile duct: affecting a bile duct or the system of ducts in the liver biliary cirrhosis

The gallbladder: place where bile is stored: a small muscular sac on the right underside of the liver, in which bile secreted by the liver is stored and concentrated until needed for the digestive process.

Gallstones: solid mass in gallbladder: a small hard mass that forms in the gallbladder, sometimes as a result of infection or blockage. Gallstones consist mainly of cholesterol, bile pigments, and calcium salts.


Products Used: Liver/Gallbladder Tincture, Liver/Detox/Digestion Tea, Unyworm Parasite Liquid Blend, Unyworm Dry Parasite Herb Blend (or any quality parasite product)



Additional herbal support for the liver: Organic Milk Thistle seed powder; Gold Coin Grass

Colon Cleansing Products; Intestinal Healer/cleanser #1 (Cathartic Formula) & Intestinal Healer/Cleanser #2 (Drawing & Detoxifying Formula) or in short form IF# 1 & IF# 2.



 Liver/GB Tincture: 

Organic Milk Thistle seed; Dandelion leaf; Dandelion root; Oregon Grape root; Gentian root; Wormwood leaf/flower; Black Walnut hull; Ginger root; Garlic root; Fennel seed.

Liver/Detox/Digestion Tea:

Organic Roasted Dandelion Root, Burdock Root, Pau D'Arco Inner Bark, Cinnamon Bark, Cardamon Seed, Licorice Root, Carob Pods, Sassafras Root Bark, Fennel Seed, Juniper Berries, Ginger Root, Clove Buds, Black Peppercorns, Uva Ursi Leaves, Horsetail Herb, Orange Peel, and Parsley Root.

Unyworm Parasite Liquid Blend

(organic or wild crafted): Black Walnut Green Leaf, Green Twigs, Green Male Buds, Hulls; Wormwood, Cloves, Pumpkin seed, Fennel seeds, Ginger root, Thyme, Tansy & Hyssop in apple cider vinegar, water, alcohol & vegetable glycerin.

Unyworm Dry Parasite Herb Blend:

(organic or wild crafted): Wormwood, Cloves, Pumpkin seed, Fennel seeds, Ginger root, Thyme, Tansy & Hyssop.

IF #1 - Organic Aloe Leaf/Gel, Turkey Rhubarb, Cascara Sagrada, Senna lead/pod, Barberry, Garlic, Ginger, Cayenne.

IF #2 - Organic Psyllium Seed & Husk, Flax Seed, Apple/Fruit Pectin, Slippery Elm Bark, Marshmallow Root, Peppermint Leaf, Bentonite Clay & Activated Charcoal.


Formulas to make your own tea and tincture/tonic:


One of Dr. Schulze's published formulas for Detoxification Tea:

2 parts roasted Dandelion root

1 part Cinnamon bark

1 part Cardamom seed

1 part Licorice root

1 part Juniper berries

1 part Ginger root

1 part Clove buds

1 part black peppercorns

1 part Uva Ursi leaves.

[If you are missing ingredients, do the best you can. It will still be better than not using the tea.]

This is the one Uny uses (from another of Dr. Schulzes published formulas):

Liver/GB Tincture (Schulze)

8 Milk Thistle Seed

1 Dandelion root

1 Dandelion leaf

1 Oregon Grape Root

1 Gentian Root

1 Wormwood leaf/flower

1 Black Walnut hull

1 Ginger Root

1 Garlic Bulb

1 Fennel seed

Why do we do the liver / gallbladder flush? To cleanse and restore healthy function to the liver and gallbladder. Release and flush biliary sludge, chaff, flukes and stones out of these organs and out of the body..



The liver is the largest and one of the most important internal organs. It is similar to a chemical-processing factory and has many functions. It creates the digestive liquid called bile. Bile helps the body to break down fats and oils. It stores the excess blood sugar in the form of glycogen, which can be used for energy by the body when needed. The most essential, least known function of the liver is that it is responsible for supplying all of the body's amino acids. Amino acids are essential for the body to repair itself. They are also used for building lean muscle mass.

A second function of the liver is to help with detoxing. This function is only necessary if the colon and kidneys are overloaded. However, once the liver is being used for detox, it slows down the important amino acid supply. When this happens, we see that the body has greater difficulty in healing itself.

 "Science" still has not identified all the various responsibilities of the liver!  One of THE most important reasons we need to flush & cleanse the liver is because the bile the liver expels for aid in digestion is NOT fully eliminated in the bowel is REUSED!  PLease be sure to read about it here: ... ... From this post : ... ... Hi Unyquity,  Greetings Ladybug19!  (and I’m so very sorry for the long delay ) ... ... I just finished the liver cleanse and flush a couple of days ago. Unfortunately, my skin looks worse now than it did before the cleanse (especially my face and neck).     Frustratingly, it is very common for various conditions to ’worsen before they get better’ when it comes to the body being able to neutralize & expel toxins.  ..." href="../../forums/fm.asp?i=1901274#i">for everyone! Liver Flushing & Enterohepatic Recirculation of Bile 


What is the Cleanse Cycle for This Protocol?


Liver/Gallbladder flushing should always be done as PART of a program--not as an ISOLATED technique.



 Do good prep work & support the cleanse: colon cleansing for two weeks MINIMUM--you should be having 2-3+ bowel movements daily, coffee enemas, Dr. Schulze’s 5 day flush drink and tincture/herbal tonic, detoxification tea, foot reflexology, castor oil packs.


Unyquity's Suggested Flush - At the very MINIMUM do a week’s work of preparing your liver to be flushed. Read all the various options and reasons here


Dr. Schulze’s 5 Day Liver Cleanse is an EXCELLENT way to prepare your liver for a big flush!  Do the 5 Day Liver cleanse, followed by a Liver Flush on the 6th day.  After you've ensured the stones & debris are exiting without issue, then you do not "need" to do a 5 Day cleanse before each flush.  Flush every two weeks until the amount of stones & debris seen coming out is consistently less than the flushes before.  Many times it takes several flushes to decongest the liver & gallbladder enough for debris to be seen; it generally takes "MANY months worth of flushes" to completely decongest the liver.  Progress is a process - and that process will be smoother and most effective if you are consistent.

Coffee Enemas daily are extremely beneficial and should be done every day.  It is essential (especially when not using Epsom Salts) to do 2 coffee enemas the day after a liver flush.

Cleansing your colon simultaneously or before is essential (think of it...95% of every drop of water you ingests has to seep through decades worth of toxins built up in your colon, then that water is assimilated through the portal vein and goes directly to the liver. How can you expect your liver to clean itself when you're throwing toxins at it 24 hours a day? And if you're not having a normal/natural 3+ bms daily, the liver will be knowing that anything it releases will be stuck in the digestive tract for long enough for it to assimilate into the bloodstream...which stresses the liver INCREDIBLY. If you were a liver, would you dump 10 years of toxins into the digestive tract, so you could then deal with detoxing the blood from 10 years of toxins in ONE DAY?! I think not (you'd be a very stupid liver if you did that, eh?).

Bottom line - only allopathic and alternative practitioners look at the body as though it can be cleansed/healed "one separate organ at a time" - they've already proven (by practicing on US) that doesn't work. Why would we try to do it the same way they've proven doesn't work!?

On the day of the flush, eat light/no fat (and nothing that triggers the liver to release bile) - I prefer juices only after about 2pm.

Before going to bed, brew one or two coffee enemas to be used the next day, and put your colander by the toilet (and your stethoscope by your bed).

Right before you go to bed, ingest 1/2-2/3 cup of olive oil and 1/2-2/3 cup of lemon, lime or grapefruit juice (mixed or separate). Since Ginger is a cholagogue (increases the flow of bile) AND the strongest anti-nausea herb on the planet (other than cannabis), I like to mix 2T of ginger juice with the olive oil. (I prefer to keep the oil & citrus separate...but that's only a personal "taste" preference). You can just throw a big 'thumb sized' piece of ginger root in the blender with the olive oil, but you'll want to strain out the pulp (so be sure to add extra oil for that which will stay in the blender and that ends up in the pulp). I always keep a jar of ginger juice in the freezer, so I can thaw some whenever I need it when I'm doing liver work. If you're worried about nausea, then take 'something ginger' to be with you...a couple of cups of ginger tea, crystallized ginger, a piece of ginger root, whatever.

Drink the oil/ginger/citrus and head to bed immediately...and be sure to enjoy the 'liver symphony' via your stethoscope!

Next morning, use the bathroom 'as usual' (be sure to use the colander if you're going to have any bowel activity), take a few minutes to wake up, have a bite to eat or some juice (if you desire), and then do a coffee enema (expelling into the colander). Sometime in the late afternoon/early evening, do another coffee enema.

Dr. Schulze NEVER suggested doing a "cold" liver flush - he ALWAYS supported each healing and cleansing protocol completely (juices/juice-fasting to give the body more energy & support, natural herbs to help assist/cleanse the liver, ginger to alleviate nausea and increase bile flow, herbal tea to help digestion, foot reflexology & castor oil packs to support & cleanse/heal the liver, and IF#1/IF#2 to absorb toxins and ensure everything released from the liver was eliminated from the digestive tract effectively). By doing this, he flushed 1,000's of livers successfully, and never had anyone get a stone stuck.


Dr. Schulze’s 5-Day Liver Flush & Detoxification Program:


5-Day Liver Flush & Detoxification Program

(one of many of Dr. Schulzes instructions)

IMPORTANT NOTICE: You must complete the 2-week bowel detoxification and rebuilding program using Intestinal Corrective Formulae #1 and #2, and CONTINUE taking #1 & #2, while completing this program. Then you may either do this 5-day Liver Cleanse, or the 5-day Kidney Cleanse. Or you may do both! The liver usually is detoxified before the kidneys, but you may reverse this if desired.

Day 1: Upon arising drink 8 ounces of distilled water

Breakfast: This is a great way to start your day. The water rinses and flushes your digestive tract of any leftover food and digestive juices. Within 1 hour prepare for the following Morning Drink: Morning Drink (Liver & Gallbladder Flush ) (Mix in a Blender) (in Spring and Summer ) 8 ounces of fresh orange juice or a citrus juice combination (1 lemon or 1 lime and enough orange, grapefruit or tangerine to make 8 ounces) or (in Fall and Winter ) 8 ounces of fresh apple and/or grape juice




8 ounces of Distilled Water

1-5 clove(s) of garlic (start with one and increase daily)

1-5 tablespoon(s) of organic virgin cold-pressed olive oil (start with one and increase daily )

1 small piece of fresh Ginger Root (about 1 inch long)




15 minutes after this drink, consume 2 cups of Detoxification Tea.

Consume 2 dropperfuls of Liver/Gallbladder - Anti-Parasite tonic 4 times daily during this cleanse. Take in a few ounces of water. It should be quite bitter.  [Note from Uny - in other instructions Dr. Schulze suggests using a full 2oz bottle of this tincture during the 5 day cleanse.  There are approximately 84 droppersful in a 2 oz bottle, so this would be 16 droppersful daily...or 4 droppersful 4x per day).

Day #1 Breakfast
Live, FRESH fruit or vegetable juice is the best way to get your Vitamins, Minerals and other Essential Nutrients. They are also very important for cleansing and detoxification. If you are hungry before lunch time you may have fruit, diluted fruit juices, and fruit smoothies. Stop all fruit or fruit juices at least 1 hour before lunch. It is best while on this program not to mix fruit and vegetables together.

Day #1 Lunch
For lunch you can have diluted fresh raw vegetable juices, raw vegetables alone or in salads, sprouts, potassium broth, and herb teas. You may make dressings for the salad if you like using Olive oil, Avocado, Raw Apple Cider Vinegar, Lemon Juice, Garlic, Onions and any Herbs and Spices.
Afternoon Snacks: Raw vegetables, raw vegetable salads, diluted vegetable juices, sprouts, potassium broth and herb teas. All vegetable food must be stopped by 6 p.m.

Day #1 Dinner
Diluted fruit juices, fruits, fruit smoothies, fruit salads and herb teas.

Day #2, #3 and #4 Now we begin the 3 day fast. Start with your water, morning flush drink and herbal tea. Diluted fruit juices and herb tea until noon, diluted vegetable juices, Potassium Broth and herb tea mid-day and afternoon and diluted fruit juices and herb tea again in the evening. Consume at least 1 gallon (128 ounces) of liquid. That is 8 ounces every hour! If you get hungry, DRINK MORE!!!

Potassium Broth Recipe
This is a great-tasting addition to your cleansing program. It will flush your system of toxins, poisons and unwanted salts and acids while giving you a concentrated amount of vitamins and minerals.
Fill a large pot with 25% potato peelings, 25% carrot peelings and whole chopped beets, 25% chopped on-ions including 50 cloves of garlic , 25% celery and dark greens. Add hot peppers to taste. Add enough distilled water to cover vegetables and simmer on very low temperature for 1-2 hours. Strain, or just dip your mug in, and drink only the broth. Put the vegetables in your compost. Make enough for two days, refrigerating the leftover broth. It is important to use Organic vegetables. We do not want to consume any toxic insecticides, pesticides or inorganic chemical fertilizers while we are on a cleansing and detoxification program.

Day #5:
Today is the day to break your fast. Make this day the same as day #1. Continuation of the fast with your morning drink and then you can have some fresh fruit. Chew it very slowly and mix each mouthful with plenty of saliva. Remember, breaking your fast is a very important part of this program. Chew your food well and eat until satisfied, not full. You can always eat more later if you are still hungry.

After 1:00 PM you may have a small vegetable salad, and fruit again in the evening, chewing everything to a liquid pulp. Remember, this program restricts the types of food you will be eating, not the amount. If you are hungry at any point during this detoxification program, drink and/or eat more. The more you eat and drink, the more you will flush the toxins out of your body. Also remember to have a fun time. Your positive, healing attitude is most important to achieve maximum benefits out of this program; be loving to yourself. Take it easy when returning to a new healthy food program. Choose lighter foods for a few days and be careful not to overeat. Chew your food well. Eating smaller meals more often is better than one or two large meals. Enjoy your new set of values on food choices and amounts. For the best health, become a vegetarian. Repeat this program until you are well but do it at least once every 3 months.

Notes on the 5-day Liver Cleanse instructions:

--In the morning liver-cleanse drink, you'll see that you add 1T of oil and 1 clove of garlic each day.  There are some people (me included) that simply cannot ingest more that 2-3 cloves of garlic at any one time.  It will NOT "ruin the cleanse" if you can only take 1-2 cloves of garlic each 'drink'...and you can add (and I highly recommend adding) extra ginger root.
--I don't know of any reason you couldn't have the 'flush drink' right before going to bed, instead of in the morning.
--Apple juice & cider contain malic acid (which softens stones & debris).   I would use that in my flush drinks, no matter what the season.

--You can make the Liver Tea using the same instructions as the Kidney tea (but you do NOT have to macerate the herbs).

--You do not "have" to do the 3-day juice fast in the middle of the 5 day cleanse, but it's always beneficial to juice-faste when cleansing.
--Dr. Schulze sometimes suggests adding the Liver/GB tincture to the Liver Tea...and this is NOT the most effective way to use the tincture.  Anything 'bitter' triggers the liver to produce/release bile, and the Liver/GB tincture is VERY bitter.  So rather than mixing it with the yummy spice tea (and ruining the taste of the tea, and diluting the bitter tincture), it's far more effective to mix the tincture dose with a 'gulp's worth' of water and have it separately.  Here more info about that tincture:

--Be sure to use a full 2oz bottle of the Liver/GB tincture in 5 days - this is approximately 16 droppersful per day.

--Because of this 'bitter prinicple', getting an extra 2oz bottle of the Liver/GB tincture is highly recommended.  That   way, 5x a day (after taking the IF#2 is a good time), you can put 5 single drops of the liver tincture directly on your tongue to stimulate bile flow.  This is very beneficial to the cleansing process and outcome of the next flush.

--The Liver/Detox/Digestive tea is based on an ancient Indian digestive remedy.  It doesn't have a strong effect on the liver proper, but helps IMMENSELY with the "urpy-burpy-ness" we all experience when cleansing the liver.  It's also a very welcome substitute for coffee :)  You do not have to follow "dosage recommendations" (you may have as much or as little as you prefer)




The full-strength liver/gallbladder flush (The BIG Flush).


You should do this once or twice a week if you are ill. In severe cases, it may have to be done several days in a row. On the other days, do the 5-day liver flush that goes up to four tablespoons of oil.

The formula is:

8 ounces of olive oil

8 ounces of fresh-squeezed orange juice or other citrus juice

Mix in a blender. You consume 4 ounces of this mixture, every hour, for four hours starting at about six o'clock at night until ten, or about an ounce every fifteen minutes.

Uny here:  This (above) is Dr. Schulzes instructions from the Save Your Life Manual.

Note: It has been shown that we do NOT need to ingest a full cup of olive oil and a full cup of citrus (especially if ingesting the mixture all at once) in order for liver to release all the bile it has stored.  1/2 a cup of olive oil and 1/2 cup of citrus juice (grapefruit, lemon or lime is most effective) is enough for an effective flush!


Therapeutic Action:






Normally, the gallstones that you get out are, anywhere from the small where you can hardly see them, like sand, all the way to garbanzo bean size.




Parasite Herb Blend: stimulates, cleanses and protects the liver and gall bladder and rids the body of parasites.




Detoxification Herb Tea: It is a stimulant to the entire digestive process, especially the stomach during the first stages of digestion.





This tea also mildly cleanses the blood, skin, liver, and gall bladder and is the perfect tea to use after the liver flush. It flushes out the bile and fats that the liver flush purged from your liver and gall bladder. It is also a mild diuretic and disinfectant to the kidneys and bladder and will cause you to urinate a little more within an hour after ingestion.




Considerations/What can I Expect:



Liver/Gallbladder flushing should always be done as PART of a program--not as an ISOLATED technique.




Good prep work: Bowel/colon cleansing for two weeks MINIMUM--you should be having 3+ bowel movements daily, coffee enemas, Dr. Schulze’s 5 day flush drink and tincture/herbal tonic, detoxification tea, foot reflexology, castor oil packs.





The BIG Liver Flush -- might give you a little bit of diarrhea, and the worst thing, of course, is you'll throw up. There's really no downside to it. It really is a tremendous feeling for most people once they take the pressure off that gall bladder and get it flushed out.






Excerpts from this post of Unyquity’s



Coffee Enemas - increases flow of bile, assists liver to cleanse blood while retained, increases perisistaltic substantially (hence ensuring that what comes out of the liver gets through the digestive tract quickly. Many people have released biliary sludge, chaff, flukes AND stones from coffee enemas alone. Dr. Kelley reported that they cause the liver to contract slightly.



A reminder about liver flukes - you can't expect to cleanse and restore your liver when it's full of liver flukes; the tails hanging down cause stones and debris to not be able to get through (which of course, creates even MORE clogs & compromise).


You can't expect to feel good if you kill parasites and leave the rotting carcasses in your liver for days/weeks at a time. Raw garlic is VERY effective for killing liver flukes.





Anyone that doesn't do some type of parasite cleanse before flushing their liver is asking for trouble. And if you do a parasite cleanse without doing a daily coffee enema (to get the rotting worms out of your liver), you can expect to experience all manner of liver cramping, aching, pain, digestive disturbance, gas, bloating.




Tips: Always have a ginger in your hand; fresh ginger root that you can chew on when you feel any waves of nausea coming.





Things to consider/some thoughts: Blood cleansing herbs, GARLIC, cayenne, body work such as massage, reflexology--anything ‘hands on’. Circulation is always important. Remove blockage from the body and it will be able to cleanse, heal and restore....








Herbal Apothecary Storefront

Mountain Rose Herbs

Pacific Botanicals

Health Freedom Resources



Suggested Reading before asking a question:



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Dr. Schulze’s 5-Day Liver Cleanse and Detoxification Program

Dr. Schulze’s 5-Day Kidney Cleanse and Detoxification Program

Dr. Schulze’s Bowel Cleanse

Detoxification Tea

Dr. Schulze’s Liver/Gallbladder and Anti-Parasite (Tincture) Tonic Formula




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