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Re: Need help becoming more is very poor

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Lugol’s Iodine Free S&H
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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: Need help becoming more is very poor

 >- Do you realize how many different methods the body has to deal with over acidity as well as over alkalinity?

Yes, those methods also include the dissolving of bones and teeth. And you think that this is a good thing?

That is really a last resort method the body uses. The odds of getting that acidic that the body cannot deal with it through other mechanisms is pretty slim.

>- And do you realize how many acids are not only essential for our health but also for our existence?

Yes, I know the Citric acid cycle along with many others, including the nicotinic acid conversion process. Amazing that effect that 3 grams or even 100 mg of nicotinic acid will have over the short term or long term.

Those are only a few of many. And done't forget our tissues are made up of amino acids and fatty acids and held together with hyaluronic acid, and many of these nutrients needed require hydrochloric acid for absorption. Then we need citric acid, malic acid and pyruvic acid for energy production. The breakdown of the amino acids generates uric acid, which is a primary antioxidant for the body. And glucoronic acid to detoxify the body. Of course we need lactic acid, acetic acid and fatty acids generated by the flora to control Candida and pathogens. And still this is only a partial list.

>- One of the ingredients for the drink was calcium oxide/hydroxide (lime), which happens to be very caustic. In fact all hydroxides (OH)

Lime is very alkaline, but only in concentrated form.

Lime is pure calcium hydroxide so it is concentrated. That is why there are warning labels to not let it contact tissues. Added to water it forms calcium hydroxide, which is what actually causes the burning. By the way hydroxides are still some of the strongest free radicals known.

You ignore the fact the body also uses hydroxides. Calcium hydroxyapetite is what bone is made of. 

The presence of a hydroxyl group does not a hydroxide make. For example water contains a hydroxyl group (HOH), but this does not make it a hydroxide. Acetic acid (CH3COOH) as we can see also contains a hydroxl group. But again it is not a hydroxide. Alcohols also contain hydroxyl groups, but they are not hydroxides. Hydroxyapatite also contains a hydroxyl group, but it is not a hydroxide either. This is what really makes me nervous about CZ. Too many people trying to act like chemists that have no idea about chemistry nor the dangers of the chemicals they recommend such as calcium hydroxide.

>- Then there is the problem of elevated serum calcium, which can cause high blood pressure, muscle cramping/spasms, constipation, etc.

That is why it is important to have "optimum levels of vitamin D3". Calcium builds up in the blood, not because of excess calcium, but insufficient vitamin D to transport it to the cells and bones where it can be used.

Wrong again. The most common cause of elevated serum calcium is hyperparathyroidism. Excess phosphate, cancers, electrical shock, etc, can also elevate serum calcium levels. Vitamin D3 can aggravate the problem by increasing intestinal absorption of calcium in these cases.

By the way there are about 2 forms of vitamin D and two forms of D3, inactive and active. Active D3 is not sold on the market, only inactive D3. The kidneys must be functioning properly to make the conversion of the inactive form to the active form.

>- Another of the ingredients was black strap molasses, which is high in iron. Again iron feeds numerous pathogens and cancer cells. It also acts as a pro-oxidant in excess leading to even more free radical damage. This is why excess iron in the body is so dangerous. And unless you are a menstruating woman or are bleeding internally you have no efficient way of excreting excess iron.

Actually, the ancient practice of blood-letting has been revived for this purpose. The Red Cross will gladly help.

Donating blood for transfusions is prohibited with a number of diseases. Hemochromotosis is one of those since some forms of the disease are believed to be viral in origin. But to build up the iron stores just to blood let to remove it makes no sense. That is like saying eat your food then stick your fingers down your throat to purge it if you are diabetic so you don't raise your blood sugar. 

And how much oxidative damage will that excess iron do before it is removed? How many dangerous pathogens will have been fed? Or cancer cells? Again, too much iron is dangerous!!!

>- So you know what is really free, and much safer since it will not cause the problems above? Deep breathing. This blows off carbon dioxide reducing carbonic acid levels.

Yes, I agree, but it does not insure sufficient minerals.
I strongly recommend vigerous exercise to promote deep breathing.

And why do we breathe heavy during vigorous exercise? To help the muscles to generate energy and to remove the acidic lactate that will build up. So trying to deep breath through vigorous exercise as a means to alkalinize is contradictory.

>- Neither urine pH nor salivary pH reflect the pH of the blood.

Actually, they do to a limited extent but only after a reasonable period of time has passed since taking in either water or food. Hence, first urine upon rising, taken midstream, will provide a strong indication.

No they don't. It does not matter how long it has been since you ate or drank anything. Urinary and salivary pH are TOTALLY independent from pH of the blood or anywhere else in the body. Try reading some books on anatomy and physiology and you will see what I mean.

If your blood is getting too acid, the body will try to fix it. It will do this by passing acidity out through the urine and by sacrificing bone.

Respiration is the first means of controlling pH. If the blood starts becoming too acidic the respiration will increase to blow off CO2 thereby reducing carbonic acid. If the blood is too alkaline respiration slows down to build up CO2 and thus raise carbonic acid. This is why when you hyperventilate you blow off so much CO2 that you become over alkaline causing the blood vessels to constrict around the brain forcing the blood out and you pass out. When you do this you will actually stop breathing for a short period of time to allow the build up of carbonic acid again to allow blood flow to return to the brain.

The second primary method of reducing acidity is through the bicarbonate produced by the sodium in the salt we intake and the carbonic acid in our system.

Uric acid is reacted with alkaline ammonia produced by the breakdown of amino acids converting it in to urea where it can be excreted as urine.

Some of the carbonic acid is also used to form our stomach acid that helps to control pathogens, improve nutrient absorption, to allow digestion of proteins, etc.

Using minerals from bone as a means to reduce acidity is a last resort and we RARELY get that acidic to the point where the bones have to be used as a buffer.

On the otherhand, the saliva is supposed to be alkaline all the time because the enzymes are designed to work in an alkaline environment. If it is acid, your digestion will not be complete and it is an obviation that the body is too acid.

Again not true. Most digestive enzymes function in a slightly acidic to neutral environment. Pepsin, which digests our proteins, requires a very acidic pH to function. This is why I keep saying that neutralizing the stomach acid with hydroxides and sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) will interfere with digestion and increase the risk of allergic responses through the absorption of undigested proteins.

Here is a chart showing the pH needed for various enzyme function:

Table II: pH for Optimum Activity
Enzyme pH Optimum
Lipase (pancreas) 8.0
Lipase (stomach) 4.0 - 5.0
Lipase (castor oil) 4.7
Pepsin 1.5 - 1.6
Trypsin 7.8 - 8.7
Urease 7.0
Invertase 4.5
Maltase 6.1 - 6.8
Amylase (pancreas) 6.7 - 7.0
Amylase (malt) 4.6 - 5.2
Catalase 7.0

By the way the reason saliva is alkaline is to neutralize the acids on the teeth produced by bacteria in the mouth.

>- you want to know what the pH of the blood is then you need a blood draw

Blood pH is not a standard laboratory procedure.

LOL!!!! Oh yes it is!!! I have seen a lot of lab tests and pH is definitely part of standard lab panels.

>- what about all the acids of meat? ... amino acids, fatty acids ...

This shows me that you do not understand. Or perhaps You phrased this in a way that just gives me the appearance.

Both Amino acids and fatty acids ARE essential to our very existance. All proteins are made of amino acids and many parts of our cellular content is fatty acids.

That was a response to your comment "The most important thing about restoring proper pH is to eat the right foods, avoid sugars and starches.". The point is that they are beneficial acids. Just like the acids you are trying to neutralize with the calcium hydroxide and sodium bicarbonate such as stomach acid and lactic acid.  So your comment was contradictory and incorrect.

>- This is why I encourage people to learn how the body really works before falling for these types of scams where they can really hurt themselves.

So, do I. 

Yet it is clear from your statements above that you don't have a clue how the body works. You are like a car mechanic trying to tell a surgeon how to perform an operation on a person. A mechanic is not going to have that kind of knowledge to advise the surgeon.


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