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[FAQ] Healing Cleanse - Parasites: Working File Thread
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Published: 11 years ago

[FAQ] Healing Cleanse - Parasites: Working File Thread

This is an FAQ working file thread.  Please do not ask questions in this thread.  Feel free to add valid information/research and or testimonies.


Products Used: Unyworm Parasite Liquid Blend or Unyworm Dry Parasite Herbs, Unybomb, and foods. Eyebright formula tincture.






Liquid: Organic & Wildcrafted Green Black Walnut Hull, Twigs, Green Male Buds; Wormwood, Male Fern root, Cloves, Pumpkin seed, Fennel seed, Ginger root, Gentian root, Thyme, Tansy & Hyssop in 100 proof alcohol, water, apple cider vinegar & vegetable glycerine.


Dry: Black  Walnut hull, Wormwood, Cloves, Pumpkin seed, Fennel seed, Ginger root, Gentian root, Thyme, Tansy & Hyssop


Unybomb:  Raw/Organic: Apple Cider Vinegar, Blackstrap Molasses, Garlic, Cayenne Powder, and Unyworm.


Raw garlic, Cayenne, Pumpkin seeds (cabbage, blackberries, sauerkraut, pomegranate/juice, Pineapple, Papaya, figs)



Eyebright formula tincture (parasites in eyes): Bayberry, Goldenseal, Red Raspberry & Cayenne in 100 proof alcohol.



Therapeutic action: Numb, Weaken, Kill, Expel


What do some parasites look like?


Why parasite cleanse? Certainly NO one likes to see worms coming out of them - but the fact that it's virtually assured (especially being from the Orient, with all the symptoms and past history you have)...that your digestive tract, liver and maybe other organs are full of worms & flukes.  Yes, likely hundreds/thousands of living, squiggly worms are living inside you...feeding off the nutrition that should be yours (and in the case of liver flukes) sucking blood out of your liver and causing there to be holes in your biliary ducts, giving off toxic chemcials and very slowly, destroying your health and body.  And having them come OUT is scarier than letting them live inside you, suck your blood, eat your food and gradually destroy your health???


Signs I may have parasites? I was anemic (iron and B12) and high IgE as well, which is classic for parasitic infection. and I feel them move. very creepy, but that's the truth of it. once someone feels this, there's no doubt about what you're feeling.... it's distinct directed movement of something in the intestines, you absolutely know this is something moving on it's own. it's not peristalsis.


foul breath, coated tongue, menstrual irregularities, skin problems, sleep problems or weird dreams(I have had those!), itching of the skin and the anus.


The most common cause of anal itching is pinworms...


The Eyebright Formula is fantastic, and it will certainly restore 'dry eyes'...but since you say below that you're still dealing with the itchy eyes, it's likely the problem might be something mold, fungus, mites, some other little critter or parasite.


feeling slight movement in their eyes, which makes them itcy? the movement feeling is unmistakeable. When I look in the eyecup, there are always these same things in there. Tiny, insect looking and when I'm doing the eyewash, I feel stinging, not just burning. Keep in mind that I feel movement only prior to the eyewash but while doing the eyewash, I feel the stinging.


Parasites in the eyes are far more common than you'd suspect.  Here is a Google link/search on "eye parasites":  The Eyebright formula should be very effective if you use it consistently over time.  The cayenne bayberry & the goldenseal in the formula are all anti-parasite herbs.  But remember, killing parasites isn't getting to kill the reason anyone has infestations...and that's (basically) because there's too much toxic build-up (decaying organic matter of all various kinds) for them to eat.  Parasites of all types are a sign of stagnation, decay and lack of circulation throughout the body.


Bottom line (no pun intended) - gas & bloating are caused by undigested, putrefying food & rotting fecal matter that is sitting around in 30 feet of convoluted tubing and not be eliminated 3-5x daily. It is also caused by mucoid plaque, especially if it is being disturbed (and/or burrowed into via parasites)...




Enemas for parasites? Enemas are your friend when doing parasite cleansing...especially coffee enemas for the liver. I saw my first liver flukes after eating some raw garlic and doing a coffee enema later that night. I'd never been so glad to know how to do them! The idea of killing off parasites and leaving their carcasses in my liver to rot was more than I could bear - there was no WAY I was going to just wait a couple of weeks to liver flush again. Yelch. Get them critters OUT after you kill 'em folks!


Why not encapsulate parasite killing herbs? Firstly, encapsulating an herb is the least effective way to ingest it...depending upon one's digestive process and transit time, the capsules might not even completely 'melt' before being expelled (this happened to me 'early on' in my natural healing days). Even if they are completely dissolved before being expelled, that doesn't mean they're dissolved in the upper digestive tract. You want the herbs to be in contact with the intestines from as 'high up' in the intestinal tract as possible (both so they can be completely assimilated into the bloodstream, and so they can be in contact with the intestinal parasites as completely as possible). This is another reason I suggest using the ground/dry blend of parasite 'mixed into' the as the mucilage 'sticks to' the intestinal walls it will be driven into the plaque where the parasites eat, live, breed and hide.


Why use many parasite killing herbs, not just one? Just using a few herbs is not NEARLY as effective as using a complete array. Some herbs "numb", some "weaken", other help to "expel", and some are "killers"...a combination of 'all of the above' is MUCH more effective than just a few. This is why Humaworm, MH (I assume) and myself have all developed 'multi herb' formulas.


Why should I cleanse my colon WHILE ALSO PARASITE KILLING? What we also know?  It's time to do a full 30 day parasite & colon cleanse!!!  Doing a parasite cleanse without doing a simultaneous DEEP colon cleanse...not like colonics, or oxypowders, or weeny lil', ineffective "5 days a major waste of time & money!  Everybody that hasn't done a thorough, deep colon cleanse (and regular maintenance cleanses) has a thick layer of putrid, rotting/degrading, rubbery build-up (commonly referred to as "mucoid plaque") throughout their colons.  And this is the MAIN feeding, breeding and hiding place of parasites.  If you take parasite herbs without disturbing and cleansing out this layer of junk, the parasites will just burrow into it to get away from the parasite herbs.  Oh yeah, you'll kill some, but you'll likely never get to the root of the problem without doing a deep cleanse at the same time.


The time to parasite cleanse is during colon cleansing & liver flushing....and then anytime there's parasites once the elimination channels are open. The critters feed, breed & hide in the mucoid plaque, crevices & 'diverticulitis bubbles' in the intestines. Anybody that claims you can successfully eradicate critters (by just using herbs) without doing deep & thorough colon cleansing (to eliminate their main source of food, housing, breeding grounds AND their MAIN place to hide from killing herbs)...either makes a LOT of money selling parasite herbs, or is pretty dull.


The rubbery 'mucoid plaque' than lines our intestinal tract (particularly the lower colon) is THE feeding, breeding & hiding grounds of the majority of parasites.  This should ALWAYS be the 'baseline' and first thing to address (along with the vermicide & vermifuge herbs)……. Let's define vermicide & vermifuge.  A vermicide is something that KILLs parasites (think homicide); a vermifuge is something that either expels parasites, or makes it so very uncomfortable for them that they find their own exit.  If you opt to do the IP (which I strongly agree you should), then we will customize it so that your entire body becomes one very strong vermifuge (a place where critters will be BEGGING to exit).


Regarding parasite doesn't take much searching on CZ to realize that 100s/1000s of people spend months/years doing various protocols and still end up not wiping them out.  This is mostly because they don't get the parasite herbs into the main feeding, breeding and hiding places...and that's DEEP within the layers of junk and diverticuli in the lower colon.  And without ensuring several bowel movements daily, any new eggs aren't flushed how (they have plenty of time to embed into the mucoid plaque and start developing.  Then there's the issue with tinctures...yes, they do get into the bloodstream immediately, BUT what about the critters that are buried in the inside of the colon in the mucoid plaque.  The blood that runs through the actual tissue of the colon that has the parasite herbs in it will kill the parasites it comes into contact with...but that doesn't affect the ones it doesn't touch,



What is the cleanse cycle for this protocol? You will be wanting to take (maximum strength) 1 teaspoon of the ground/dry herbs 3x daily.  So in 3 of the 5 doses of IF#2 (the deep colon cleanser), you would add 1 teaspoon of the ground/dry herbs.  That's how you use the dry/ground herbs.


For the Unyworm liquid, in order it to be MOST effective, it needs to have your own Cayenne powder and fresh/raw garlic and raw/organic apple cider vinegar added (ACV = apple cider vinegar).  We call this the "Apple Cider Vinegar Bomb".   You'll be doing this 3x daily.  To make the "ACV Bomb":

1 tablespoon of raw organic ACV; 1 tablespoon of organic blackstrap molasses (or raw local honey); one dose of cayenne top-grade therapeutic cayenne powder (the goal is one teaspoon, but you'll start at 1/8 teaspoon per dose and work up from there); 1-2 cloves of raw garlic (minced), and one teaspoon of Unyworm liquid.  Do this three times daily (on an empty stomach before meals is most effective).  By the way, Dr. Christopher's standard/healthy daily diet includes all of the above without the parasite herbs - so this is something we ALL should be doing daily anyway (ACV, cayenne, garlic, blackstrap/honey.

Yes, there ARE easier "parasite programs", but it's HIGHLY doubtable that any could ever be as effective as this!

Achieving and maintaining FLOW throughout your ENTIRE body is SO very important (hot/cold showers are fantastic...and you can even do 'gentle' hot/cold compresses on your eyes, too).  You can do a million 'separate cleanses' one at a time for years on end, but you need to have ALL systems working adequately at the same time to permanently eradicate system-wide parasite infestations...or you'll be buying parasite herbs and doing various cleanses for a very long time (if not "forever").  Yeah, I know, there's not many herb sellers that'll tell you this - most don't know it, but many would lose a good customer if they spelled it out.

it's best if folks do it for the full 30 days straight, but it could be split into 10/15 cycles.


To everyone reading this: Natural healing is NOT like going to a doctor or ND - each and every protocol, "prescription" or dosage is based ENTIRELY upon the body's state, which changes each and every day (and OUR ability to hear it and perceive the changes). It is often that MANY people "jump in" and haven't yet had a chance to develop the intuition and perception that we haven't used all of our LIVES (since we relied upon others to 'treat us' and tell us what was wrong and what to do). We develop that intuition BY "jumping in", that's the only way to do it. We can't every hurt ourselves when we're using such natural protocols, procedure and foods, but we can frustrate ourselves immensely. That's why we're/I'm here, and one of the biggest reasons I've wanted this forum. By sharing our own 'learning curves' with each other, we can help each other learn & discern what's going on in their body and on their learning curves. These protocols have been used successfully for decades...but sadly, the PTB (powers that be) have taken our teachers from us, and those that would have learned from them and become healers, that we could then go to for REAL "doctoring". Nothing is "scary"; NOTHING is cause for alarm or panic - again, these protocols have been used successfully for decades, and being able to heal ourselves is a joyous miracle in itself.

You can hit the single 'parasite herbs' pretty much as hard as you'd like. Do some searching on Wormwood and the other in MH's blend, and see how much 'hitting hard' you feel comfortable with using. Also, if you have MH's there, could you please post a list of ingredients - I can't seem to find it.

Your best "parasite hit" is the garlic & cayenne powder. The garlic kills 'em and the cayenne makes 'em VERY happy to die (and get OUT). I've helped now seven (or eight) people including myself, get rid of liver flukes with garlic...and you're certainly taking enough! (you put me to shame, I'm a 'garlic woosy' and haven't been able to force myself to take more than 10 cloves daily!).

Excerpt from Natural Healing Crusade manual:


“I won't go into all the details but all animal food is unhealthy. It is full of fat, cholesterol, toxins; drugs, steroids, growth hormones, antibiotics, bacteria and parasites.”






Dr. Schulzes Liver / Gall Bladder and Anti-Parasite Tonic



(Formulae ingredients are in bold type)



Liver Protecting Herbs






Milk Thistle              seed                        Silybum marianum                       Liver protector



Chaparral                   leaf                          Larrea californica                        Detox / Antioxidant






Hepatic / Liver-Gall Bladder Herbs



Barberry                  root bark             Berberis vulgaris                        Hepatic / bile stim / bitter



Oregon grape          root bark             Berberis aquifolium                   Hepatic / bile stim / bitter



Gentian                    root                      Gentiana Iutea                            Hepatic / bile stim / bitter



Dandelion                root/ leaf              Taraxacum officinale                 Hepatic / Tonic



Goldenseal               root                       Hydrastis canadensis                    Hepatic / bile stim / bitter



Agrimony                herb                       Agrimonia eupatoria                     Hepatic / bile stim / bitter



Burdock                   root / leaf               Arctium lappa                              Hepatic / bile stim



Yellow Dock           root                        Rumex crispus                              Hepatic / bile stim



Artichoke                 leaf (not flwr)      Cynara scolymus                           Hepatic / bile stim / bitter



Cascara Sagrada     aged bark               Rhamnus purshiana                       Decongests liver



Wormwood             flower / leaf          Artemisia absinthium                     Hepatic / bile stim / bitter



Mugwort                 whole plant           Artemisia vulgaris                         Hepatic / bile stim / bitter



Citrus peel               Peel                       Citrus limon / sp.                           Hepatic / bile stim



Chaparral                 leaf                        Larrea californica                          Hepatic / bile stim / bitter






Anthelmintic Herbs / herbs that destroy and expel parasites



Wormwood            leaf / flower          Artemisia absinthum        Parasites, Worms, pin & round



Black Walnut         hull of fruit           Juglans nigra                     Destroys Parasites



Garlic                     bulb                       Allium sativum                 Worms, all, liver purifier



Sage                         leaf / flower          Artemisia tridentata            Parasites, Worms, pin & round



Pomegranate            bark                      Punica granatum                 Worms, tape









Liver Stimulants and Carminatives



Ginger                   rhizome               Zingiber officinale                Hepatic stimulant



Fennel                    seed                     Foeniculum vulgare             Digestive / Carm / mild



Considerations/What can I expect?: Dieoff:



Tips: Take on empty stomach or before meals.









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