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My mother wants to die.
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Published: 18 years ago

My mother wants to die.

I don't know if I'm at the right forum or not but here goes. My mother is 85 years old, suffering from early stages of dimentia and she no longer wants to eat or drink anything. For many years she had been constipated and then bowel incontinence. She managed to hide it from us for quite a long time, but is now unable to get to the bathroom in time nor can she clean herself up. It is the typical "never-had-to-rely-on-anybody" problem. The dimentia makes it even more difficult to deal with these issues. I have been giving her different herbs for the bowel maintenance and Levothyroxin which the doctor put her on for low thyroid about 2 months ago. Last week we rushed her to Emergency because her belly was swollen up like a big balloon, and her feet were extremely swollen. (She had been diagnosed on a prior ER trip as having a little congestive heart failure.) She had what I would describe as a spontaneous liver flush. For 2 days she pooped out lots of green sludge. On the 2nd day it turned to stones. At first they were dark green, then they became light greenish yellow, then a pumice color. I did not witness the initial stools, but was told it looked like green straw. Then she passed some yellow, sticky stuff (this one grossed me out). I wish I could say that she bounced back after a couple of days, but she has not. The doctors in ER did diagnose a UTI but other than that were baffled as to what was causing the swollen belly. She is a rather small woman, but looks as if she could be pregnant. They took xrays and an ultrasound and ruled out any obstruction or rupture, and had us take her in the next day for a CT Scan - for which we have not heard the results. My sister and I put her on an herbal "penicillin" for the UTI which seems to have cleared it out. But, as I said, she is not eating or drinking. We manage to coax her into sipping a tiny bit of vegetable broth or a little bit of a smoothie, but she just is not wanting anything and she gets frustrated and angry with us for all the fuss. Today (5 days after the liver stones ) she had a rather messy bowel movement and it was green - again. What is up with this? It's scaring the assisted care person as well as my sister-in-law. The two of them see my mom on a daily basis but are not tuned into natural health therapies. I don't see my mother living like this for much longer. She and my dad have their living will in place which states they do not want artificial life support including nutrition and hydration, so we will be tending to her at home until her last breath. Can someone give me some insight on all the bile in her bowel movements? I thought those 3 days last week would be the fix!!!!

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