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Re: Desperate - Assistance Needed (Please!)

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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: Desperate - Assistance Needed (Please!)

to clearblue:

hver has some good ideas like bitters to stimulate bile flow. this is safer than the Liver Flush IF it works and IF you don't have any blockages of bile flow. from your symptoms it is probable that you do though. people talk about colon cleansing, but the small intestine has more surface area and can be a larger source of toxicity than the colon. i am guessing that your small intestine is fairly toxic. this could be off base, but always better to be careful.

that Acne has nothing to do with intestinal toxicity is absurd and i won't even go there. i can speak from experience as someone who did have acne, and who doesn't anymore.

with your liver out and intestinal toxicity... which virtually everyone in the modern world has, guess which organ will try to pick up the slack? your adrenals. i didn't mention this problem because it is also highly probable that you will need adrenal support as well. in hypothyroidism 101 you will always address the adrenal glands first. i didn't want to get too deep into your issue until i had more of a complete picture as to what was going on.

i can't be henpecked by this contentious person, who is
also trying to help you and who means well, so i would suggest that we either start a new thread or within this thread i will do my best. but i won't respond to this person or engage them. i read a few posts of his and although he has SOME knowledge, and likes to throw around some advanced sounding biochemical terminology, it is still off base. in TCM for example, the skin is reflective of the liver. this is not a light statement to make, and you would do well to at least give some credence to cultures and systems that have lasted thousands of years... even if you wind up dismissing the knowledge ultimately it is still good to listen to your forebears.

another note... i am not sure if you are new to alternative medicine or how much experience you have, but this much is true: western medicine, which has been around for not too long compared with something like Ayurveda, and which was completely coopted by the rockefeller cartel at the turn of the 20th century, claims to be a 'scientific' approach to health. the word Science is bandied about in part as a way to discredit laypeople or people who otherwise would question the validity of said science. truth be told, there really is no such thing a completely scientific approach to health simply because we have so little information as to how the body works. healing is an art form, and anyone who would try to sway you otherwise would need some reflective time to evolve. the mere fact that two different approaches can work to help someone heal proves this, let alone that there are myriad paths for a person to heal.

one of my friends, now deceased, an MD who wrote one of the main psychology for college students, and who used to hang with Linus Pauling would pose this question to people like hver when their mouths would overstep their means: 'can you build a human being from scratch?' obviously the answer has to be an unequivocal no.

one element of science, and perhaps the most important?, is empirical knowledge, or observation. great scientists possess a profound respect for observational knowledge and also have extremely open minds. for example you noticed that your Acne was linked with sexual activity. a lot of the people on CZ operate mainly from an empirical point of view. this does not make them wrong or even unscientific. an incorrect diagnosis whether self-derived or derived from a triple ph.d. with a giant cranium is still a wrong diagnosis and will obviously lead to more problems. be that as it may, it does not detract from empirical knowledge.

from my perspective empirical information is the best. for example you do such and such and you feel great. or you do such and such and you feel horrible. or you do such and such and your Acne is cured. you don't need to prove to the chemistry dilletante bureaucrats what the exact formula for the cure was. and you don't need to worship the tools. the ultimate goal here is to feel better, cure or alleviate the disease or symptoms and move on with the business of life. be careful not to get bogged down into dogmatic thought processes like worshipping hammers, screwdrivers, or particular herbs or dietary systems. the earliest healers and herbalists were observers first. Science came later to EXPLAIN natural processes that were and are already happening. the human knowledge base changes every single day. paradigms come and go. be careful of anyone who claims to have it all figured out.

as far as the Liver Flush goes, it is a highly contentious topic. Andreas Moritz clearly and logically debunks the skeptics in his book 'the amazing liver cleanse'. there are different types of gall bladder stones and also liver stones .

interestingly, the anti- Liver Flush brigade often use Science to try to debunk the flush, but then use terms like 'some sort of reaction in the intestine'. i find this humorous because in a previous paragraph they will wax scientific and then all of a sudden use extremely vague phrases will emerge like 'some sort of reaction'

the most common refutation is that the flush produces 'soap stones'

soap cannot be created inside the human body by drinking oil.

although is is true that gall bladder 'attacks' can happen following fatty meals, it is also true that they can happen at any time of the day, sometimes triggered by fats or other stimuli, emotions, and sometimes they just happen.

why don't the legions of people eating salad dressing ( oil and lemon juice) produce soapstone bowel movements?

i was a healthy skeptic of Liver Flushes before i started doing them. i was shocked at what came out of me after completing a number of flushes, and also rewarded with much better health afterward.

ok so chime in and provide some more info and i will try to help out. i would prefer to get into the meat of your problems asap and not get bogged down with debate, which is for the debate forum. so let's see if we can just stay focused on getting down to helping you feel better.


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