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Order questions, Update and Humour:)
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Published: 9 years ago

Order questions, Update and Humour:)

Hi Uny and All,

Ok, Humour first:

Are any of you noticing that as you start to clean out your body and heal your 'triunity' (mental/physical/spiritual being)..that the more you do so, the more you look around and go:

HOLY COW! Almost EVERYONE I know is full of crap!

(physically and mentally, of course;)

No? Am I the ONLY one realizing how CONSTIPATED most people are??? I need some new friends! I can't talk to anyone in real life without triggering 'something' about 'something' lately! WOW. LOL!

(ok I digress)

To the Order:

Uny, my apologies, I am going to be as brief and concise as possible! I have been meaning to post my progress, as the last two months I have been really giving this Natural Healing thing a conscious effort:) Truth is, the moments when I feel somewhat coherent and have the energy to post are very few...and this topic seems to be so hard to confront (my health), so i'm just going to give it a go.

Emotions first:

I have not been perfect! Stress has been continuous (a work in progress;) Family stuff, living stuff, money stuff (It's all there, in full force) but my emotional state (altho very fragile most of the time) is steadfast. I WANT to live. I haven't always been able to say that, but I DO. It feels like the more I get rid of, the more I have to confront- People, places, things, emotions. I feel like my Memoir is going to be called 'Reflections from my Bed';P ~

But seriously..I really am VERY Up and Down. I assume it's Candida, I definitely know my digestive tract has to do with it, but also- dammit, my life is really hard. I'm not saying that to get sympathy, it just Is. Considering that I spend my whole day asking myself "What's going on' and asking my body 'What do you need NOW?'- I think I'm doing pretty well. I'm still alive. I'm working through every minute, constantly bringing myself out of pain and fear- some days are easier than others. I am loving more tho. I am conscious of my words. I am letting go of people and relationships that are not good for me. (thats most of them!) I am more authentic. I am more ME. It's a process:)

I really, REALLY have been on board with the CE's (1 or 2 a day) almost everyday, Liver Flushing (every week for the last two months, YAY!) The herbs I've been taking are from a local herb shop -they get fresh shipments every week, so everything has been organic for sure. (and expensive!)

Cayenne (worked my way up to maybe a tsp on most days, more when I can handle it) Milk Thistle (2-3 tbsp a day most days except maybe 4-5) Nutritional Yeast (same as Milk thistle) GARLIC( Holy Cow! Been doing at least 3 a day for MONTHS, 6 on a regular day the last 2 months, and many days, a whole clove a day!) Kelp (1-2 tbsp a day most days, except a week maybe) ACV (1-2 tsbp a day) Ashwaghanda (1-2 tbsp a day except maybe a week) Dried Seaweed (dulse, wakame, arame, a package or two every week) Olive oil (2-3 tbsp a day) and msc herbs like Oregano oil, Echinacea, Goldenseal (taken a few days each and then in rotation, amount varying on what I feel I need per day). Flax seed and cinnamon everyday too at least a couple of teaspoons each. Herbal teas also. Coffee way down, maybe 1/2 cup every 2 or 3 days. Working on it- I know it's not good for AF! I've also done oil pulling almost everyday with olive oil and a few drops oregano oil. My teeth were hurting a lot a while ago so I started this- I think it has helped. (it's not helping get rid of any stains tho!;)

My diet has been mostly vegan and mostly raw. The first 2 weeks I did like 98% raw and juicing everyday, at least a quart, some days 2-3. I did a lot of fruit and blended salads too. Vegan diet was the addition of beans (lentils, fava beans) a bit of brown rice, frozen peas and spinach. Most days are 95% raw for a while now. Some nuts on most days -like 1/2 cup brazils, walnuts, almonds etc. Some raw chocolate here and there- honestly I don't think anything other than oil and some nuts is 'good' fat for me:)

I'm not going to lie- every week or two weeks (especially with PMS or emotional upset) I would go into a cycle- carbs, dairy, sugar. It didn't last for more than 48 hours- but the evidence and result- pain, candida flare, temporary 'band aid' of emotional symptoms or 'detox', heart racing, jittery feeling, exhaustion, etc- was a CLEAR indication that I was hurting my body. Normally the day or two after a 'binge' or 'mishap' I'd be doing bentonite, enemas, fasting, praying(!) and swearing I would never eat again:( Yeah it gets that bad. I know I'm fragile, so I know I can't go there, but I still do. The lapses got shorter with every subsequent liver flush- but I do see a correlation between my emotional state a few days after a flush (absolute RAINBOW of emotions, most not positive) so these are the days I have to be EVEN MORE vigilant with my diet and real life interactions. No stress or drama, or I go to the food. It's just my pattern. I am working on it.

Yeast infections have been down mostly (but flare real bad if diet is too high sugar/starch (even fruit) and when I go off the diet, it flares COMPLETELY. Yeah no fun:( My ears are hurting a lot too- and I seem to still have a lot of lymphnodes/lumps/god knows what around my neck and ears that hurt a lot too. I am going to try and get regular massage in the coming weeks to see if it helps.

I still am working on a Bowel Cleanse (I know, I know what am I waiting for?) My gut still hurts like hell. Everything that passes through my digestive system, I can feel. My brain hurts when I do two CE's in a day- and I can only deduce that it's because it causes so much bowel activity. I HAVE been taking a lot of clay (a few tsp a day) and have on/off taken my homemade version of IF #2 (without charcoal tho) but not consistently- and I KNOW you MUST be consistent to see results!!! I sometimes get too 'tired' to take it, I think its just freakin'toxicity or stubbornness on my part, 'cause I know it helps me. Oh, and I've been doing 2-3 tbsp of Slippery Elm a day, when I can get it. Maybe 60% of the last few months I have taken in everyday- it's like $160/kg locally!- and I know it helps soothe my gut. I need to be taking it EVERYDAY!:D

I have gotten out A WHOLE LOT of parasites with the CE's and liver flushing. I only saw stones the first couple of flushes. I haven't mastered the collander thing yet. I pick through stuff with chopticks mostly. (omg, one day I will post about how I do CE's in my room, from my BED (I'm staying with my folks, and I don't always have access/privacy in the bathroom like I need it- All I have to say about that is, 'Have you ever pooped in a plastic container before?'- don't EVEN get me started, people who don't wanna do a CE!!! If I can do it, YOU CAN TOO:)

I've also seen A LOT of candida and mucus, seen lots of stringy things that are not kosher. The last Liver Flush I did a lot of apple juice beforehand and apples and noticed some bright green stones- just a few, but that was a clue. Gonna do a lot of apple next week and see what happens:) The skin on my body is really dry and with the cleansing and Liver Flushing I've been itching a lot. I think it's parasites, as it centers around my core and especially my hips. For months, I had 'welts' on my hips that I knew were 'bug' related- they went down a lot in the last 2 months, but still 'flare'. I use coconut oil as my moisturizer, but it's not doing the trick anymore. My face has also been up and down- breaking out severely, getting better, then lately going nuts again! The prime areas are the jawline, cheeks and forehead- and my shoulders too for a while now- must be related to certain organs maybe.

So here is my tentative list Uny- I am thinking of making the order tonight or tomorrow to make sure I can get it in New York by the weekend. This is for the next month:

Ready? Here Goes:

Echinacea (two bottles)
Female Formula
Nerve Sedative
BFC Tinture (oh ya, the ankle is better! Not completely healed, but the CE's/liver flushing, made a big difference:)
Herbal Calcium
Solomon's Seal (after reading Willowley's testimony, I think it may help)

Liver/Detox Tea
Cayenne Powder
Slippery Elm Powder

30 day Colon Cleanse (Ultra w/200 IF#1)
2 Baggies Superfood
Bentonite Clay (1 lbs)
Unyworm, 30 day (Combo dry and liquid)
Herbal Bolus
Yellow Dock tea (I really want to try the 'vaginal routine' to see if it can help me) Sorry dudes who aren't familiar with this, lol. I just coined the term;)

Tooth and Gum Formula (liquid, cause I need it!)

...and I think that's it. I am planning that all of this will be good for a month experiment. A good colon cleanse, a good parasite cleanse, a good superfood fill, a good immune boost and the rest to fill in the gaps of emotions and pain.

Oh ya, the pain is still pretty bad:( And inflammation- from anything- reaction, detox, too much activity, you name it. Uny maybe you can recommend a tincture for that? I haven't had luck with lobelia (it makes me feel really weird and scratchy throat). Maybe White Willow bark? I've tried the tea, but not long enough to see lasting results.

I want to do a juice fast but (forgive me for buts!) I just can't while my gut is like this. I literally go nuts! Detox is too intense for me at this point, even just doing all raw. I'm cold and frankly, immobile most of the time.

I am hoping that I can start the full IP in June. That's my goal. (My angels get working now, you hear me!!??) ;)

Thank you!


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