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Re: The Near Death Experience of a Failed Suicide Bomber: Chapter IV,V,VI,VII

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Why Nano Silver Fails
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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: The Near Death Experience of a Failed Suicide Bomber: Chapter IV,V,VI,VII

The Near Death Experience of a Failed Suicide Bomber: Chapter IV

Mornings are good times for me to write you.
The world has not had a chance to remember her hurt. When I was young man, I lived under some kind of lucky star. My life was like some kind of storybook where everything I dreamed of became reality. I had a pretty girlfriend, rode motorcycles, hot rods and flew airplanes with money I made from part-time jobs. I paid my own way. Hard work opened up so many doors for me. While I was a poor student, for every failure I had in school, I had three victories outside of school.

School wasn’t all bad for me. I joined the para-military program in school and after I finally learned to read at 14, I would read every book on warfare. I was becoming a fine young warrior. Life found a way to give me whatever I wanted. I was fascinated with explosives. On the last day of every school year, there was this kid who would ride his motorcycle through the hallways and it was like a signal for me to light firecrackers and smoke bombs in the hallways. It was all in good fun but could you imagine how that might be received today?

My school counselor signed me up for a class about aviation and the teacher was a former U-2 Spyplane pilot. The U-2 looks like a giant sailplane that flies so up high in the sky that no one can detect it. This was my favorite class ever. He told us about how he flew U-2’s flew with special and how they were the way we could identify enemy military equipment and troop movements in Russia.

You want to talk about manifesting dreams. I was not officer material because of my grades but my teacher knew of a way to get into military aviation. I had a plan to join the army, continue my flying, become an officer up through the ranks, so I could fly helicopters and other aircraft that were used to spy on the enemies of our nation.

My mission in life, to destroy the Kremlin with a nuclear bomb attached to a giant glider became something almost attainable. I knew that the air-force was the only part of the military that had gliders but I figured, after I learned to fly helicopters and other aircraft, I would go to college and transfer to the air-force. It would take years to do but my secret mission for God would one day become a reality.

The Near Death Experience of a Failed Suicide Bomber: Chapter V

I joined the army, went to bootcamp then went on to become a specialist in identifying enemy installations and equipment. It was the perfect job for me. It was as if it had all been set up ahead of time, before I was ever born. I identified military equipment from pictures aircraft took and interpreted images from satellites. I scored the highest in the entire military for my military specialization. The one error on my test was not an error at all. The test makers had made a mistake.

I lived and breathed scenarios of famous battles and re-enacted them in my off-time. Tank battles, Air Combat Dogfights, Naval Battles… I had an awesome motorcycle and plenty of money to fly airplanes. I was the luckiest man alive. In my off time, I would fly small airplanes with friends or go to visit girlfriends in different states. Life could have been better I guess but I failed to see how.

I played hard and was becoming a highly tuned weapon myself. I studied my nation’s enemies and knew everything about them. One thing that disturbed me though was to learn that the grunt soldier in Russia were often close to starvation and would sometimes sell their weapons or boots to eat. Something was happening in Russia that was making me uncomfortable inside.

I loved weapons and everything about them.
I learned to fire automatic weapons and went to a special school where we learned to go behind enemy lines to set up friendly bands of fighters who would destabilize and destroy the infrastructure of our enemies. Our goal was to set up friendly native forces to destabilize the region.

It was during this time that the military began to downsize. Bases were closing and cutbacks were occurring. Trainings were being shortened or phased out. Sometimes, we would have nothing to do for months at a time but pick up cigarette butts or march. They were doing drug tests to eliminate drug use but in my opinion, they were using them as a means to downsize the military. Several men and women in my company were ejected from the military.

With Russia becoming a diminishing threat, it became obvious that the military needed a new mission. Was it just a coincidence that a band of ‘terrorists’ in Iran captured and kidnapped Americans and held them as hostages, right before an election? I didn’t know for sure what was going on but it sure benefited the military to have a new enemy. Who were the kidnappers? Did we set them up to change the election and provide a reason to support our military? From my training, I had a hunch but I kept it to myself. What was good for the military was good for my nation.

The Near Death Experience of a Failed Suicide Bomber: VI

During the Iran ‘Hostage Crisis’ the military switched its emphasis to Muslim Extremists. There was a meeting. Men from a ‘Think Tank’ came to brief us about the new threat. We signed papers and said we would not talk about it for 20 years. Those 20 years have long since passed but what those PhD’s said that day changed the world we live in forever.

These super smart men told us that Iran and the Middle East could not become another Vietnam. The militaries goal needed to change. The military had to change their image or cutbacks would make the military ineffective. The press could still report but it needed to be slanted in the favor of the military. It was important to find friends in the media and feed them information that would benefit the military and undermine our enemy’s media.

We were to prepare for a war that might last hundreds of years. The war would not end until every Muslim nation on earth was so undermined that they could not pose a threat. The military would always be needed to protect the sensitive oil and regional security.

One way to destabilize Muslim Nations was to disguise ourselves as Muslims from opposing tribes and attack other Muslims. By doing this, we would keep the Muslims fighting amongst themselves.

The other thing mentioned as critical was to plan was to help political and religious institutions at home that supported conservative values that were supportive of the military.

While I had some cognitive dissonance at the time, I was all for the new mission. Russia and Communism were still a threat but the broadened base of potential enemies would insure that the military always remained a priority in God’s favored nation.

The Near Death Experience of a Failed Suicide Bomber: VII

My life probably could not get much better but then something happened that shook me up. I was living in the barracks when a drunk soldier who was an Apache came woke me up and put a knife to my throat. He said; ‘You are from the forces of Chaos and I am from the Forces of Logic! You must die!’ Fortunately, a friend of mine caught his attention… he turned to my friend. I threw a blanket over his head and I ran out of the barracks into the night. I didn’t say anything but I did move out of the barracks.

Shortly after this incident, I signed up for flight school to learn to be a pilot for the military. I also was to travel across the country to a secret base, where I was to be introduced to the latest technology for my work.

I wanted to let you know who I was and what I was going through before I had my Near Death Experience. I apologize if this was a bit too much information before I started telling the story of my NDE but I wanted to establish what I was before my NDE to make it clear that who I am now is very different today. I hope that every young aspiring pilot or soldier reads my NDE and at least may see that something is out there beyond this world that cares about you. I am writing this book for my children but I am also writing the book about my NDE for you, soldiers, airmen, marines, navy men and women from every nation. I want you to know what I know and hope you don’t hate me for what I know.

I know too much and the world has thrown every obstacle it can in front of me to keep me from publishing this book. It may not be that I will live to tell this tale but I am okay with whatever may come of me. I know how it ends but time is not a fixed thing and maybe by your actions, you can extend the days of this world. My little one says she wants to be a mommy some day. For her sake and yours,
I hope that you read my story and you will look inside yourself and help. In the military, I learned Morse Code. I am sending out a … --- … to you. For you who do not know Morse Code. … --- … is S.O.S. is the International Distress Signal. It means that there is an emergency.

At no other time in the history of earth has there been a greater emergency than the one we have today. You have been waiting long enough to read what happens in my NDE. I will not delay too long.

I am going to church with my little one. She loves going and she talks to God now. But I will be back soon… but if I never return… know that you are loved…


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