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Re: The Near Death Experience of a Failed Suicide Bomber: Chapter II
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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: The Near Death Experience of a Failed Suicide Bomber: Chapter II

Before I start the telling you all the story of my NDE, I want to say, I live very
close to where a successful suicide bomber recently flew a small airplane into an
IRS building because he was angry with the government. I drive by it
and think of how much worse it would have been, if I had succeeded in my
attempt to bomb the Kremlin, with a nuclear bomb attached to the bottom
of a huge glider. Does that sound crazy? When I was 13 or 14, it did not. When I was 14 years of age, I began
formulating a plan to end the world of Atheism and World Communism. I believed at the time that my sacrifice was going to be a heroic act of selflessness that would make me
worthy of God's great love that I knew when I came up out of the baptismal pool, when I was 11 years old.

My grandparents took me to church every Sunday, since I was a young boy.
From the pulpit,
I would hear stories about the Anti-Christ Pope and how the liberals
were turning God against our nation. We would pledge allegiance to the
flag, when a veteran from Vietnam would come all dressed up in uniform
to church. We would sing about being in the Lord's Army in Bible School
and how much God loved us. God and country were almost the same thing to me. When the preacher man would talk though, I
would usually fall asleep, when he would start saying thous and thees
but I heard enough to know I was on the team God loved.

Week after week, tear after year, the preacher man would tell the
horrific story of an eternal hell and how all of those evil homosexuals
and deviants, those fornicators and adulterers, and about how those
Communists and Atheists needed to repent and be born again. I really
didn't know what all of those things were at 11 years of age but then
the preacher man started talking about a heavenly father and how the
love of that heavenly father could save me from the pits of hell.

One fateful Sunday, I did not fall asleep through all of the evil Atheist stuff but when that preacher man
started talking about a loving God, I knew who that was because I prayed
to him when I was scared of the dark and he made the darkness go away.
My ears perked up. When the preacher man asked if there was anyone out there who was a
terrible sinner and wanted to come home to God, to enter into the love
of God, to come forward. I had never stolen even a stick of gum or a nickel in my
life but I used to pick on my brothers and one time I hid in my garage
for hours when I knocked the fence slats out of my neighbor's fence. I
had told some white lies to my mom but stood my ground when my dad tried
to make me confess to doing something I didn't do and whatever I didn't really know what I was but I
knew for sure I was not one of those evil homosexuals, deviants, fornicators,
adulterers, abortionist liberals, Communists and Atheists.

The next thing you know, I was walking up there to the front of the
church, confessing I was a sinner and needed that God the preacher man spoke about, even though I had
been talking to something out there I called God since before I was ever born. I
asked to be baptized the next week and when I came up out of the
water... I could hear angel's rejoicing and then I heard something that
changed me forever... I heard the audible voice of God say, 'He is set
aside.' I didn't know what to think of that but I felt really joyful for
months after that. We are all powerful creators but sometimes our creations are not at all what 'The Creator' would want. If it were not for an intervention, and I had manifested a nuclear attack on the Kremlin, this world might look
very different today.

But what was that special thing I was set aside to do? At 14 years of age, I knew I was to become a pilot, build a nuclear bomb, and fly a sail plane into the Kremlin. I have to pause for now.... My little one woke just up and came into the living room. I am sitting at her computer and typing this story. She knows my computer died last night and she told me; 'Daddy. you can have my computer.' and 'Daddy, your the best daddy I ever had.' I told her that she can keep her computer but I just needed to borrow it for a little bit. Then she asked me if I can sit with her. There is more to tell and I will get to my NDE very soon... but right now... I am off today and I am going to get ready to take my little one to the park. I will check back soon.

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