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Spring fever? Bah!
Miss Helfinger Views: 2,502
Published: 9 years ago
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Spring fever? Bah!

Right. So, Used-To-Be-Bubble-Girl here...

I've never had a Spring that I didn't sneeze at least 30 times in an afternoon. Seriously? Yes, seriously.

When I say I've been Bubble Girl, I mean my adrenals used to be SO trashed from allergies (chickens & eggs that they are, adrenals and allergies) that I'd wake up and start sneezing. What a horrible way to wake up, yes? Yes. For about 4 or 5 years, I sneezed a half dozen times the second my eyes opened. No lie.

The man brought to my attention today, because I've not noticed it for myself, that we're apparently having a record-breaking pollen and allergy problem, here, in NE Ohio. to me. Know why? Because over the last week, I've sneezed maybe a dozen times. Have I reached for my inhaler? No. Have I reached for nasal spray? No.

I went for a hike yesterday with a friend. Went up a 50 degree incline. It was HUGE. Took a good 5 minutes to pace up the darned thing. When she said, 'you ready for your cardio IP walk today?' I didn't know she meant 50 degree inclines!!! Well, there was, thankfully, only one. At the top, I paused. Super breathy, wheezy...I took a half a dropperfull of Lobelia. Paused for a few minutes, breathed. Took another dropperfull of Lobelia...and voila! I was FINE.

Unparalleled people. Would you like the name of EVERY Ear, Nose & Throat Doc I've ever had? How about every allergist I've ever seen? Nasalcort? Bu-bye. Steroidal inhaler? Yeah, right! Albuterol? Bah! aaahahahahahahahahaaa!!!!

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