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little g God
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Published: 9 years ago

little g God

In my NDE, I met a being I called 'God' but that name really didn't fit. I use that word 'God' interchangeably with 'The Light' but it really is not 'God.' I see 'The Light' as sum of all spiritual light...
All that said, I understood in my NDE, when I lined back up with all of the other orbs of light then falling into time that there were many agreed upon ways of perceiving whatever it is on the other side...

Souls(orbs) choose their parents and they often choose parents who do not have a fleshly belief in a 'God' per sey. But it doesn't matter... one way or the other... When an Atheist dies.... the sum of all their love returns to love.... all of their darkness returns to darkness... Some Atheists have more love to offer the light than some believers....

The Light is like a good mother and father... when their child returns home... they celebrate her victories... they overlook her faults... they see what no one else would see in their child ... and make even the tiniest joy their joy... God is love for those who beleive in 'God' but love is love is love... and it would be hard for anyone to convince me that most atheists do not believe in love... I find that Atheists are just as likely to be joyful as one who is not... and the being of light I met in my NDE was the sum of all joy... Some Atheists are the most kind people I have ever known... The being of light I met in my NDE was the sum of all kindnessess.

An Atheist may choose to not believe in a deity called 'God' in its noun form but it doesn't matter to love, joys, and kindnessess... what they believe. All love, joys and kindnesses are forever.... Even if the Atheist does not believe in a God.....their joys, love and kindness will be the most cherished of all love, joys and kindnesses because the Atheist reflected love, joy and kindnesses.... and so each of us are the most cherished when we do these things...

Why do I need to convince an Atheist that there is a God? I would much rather try to convince 'God' believers that love, mercy, gentleness, kindness and joy are more important than believing in God.... I don't have faith in God.... I did when I was a kid but my faith was twisted by those who said they believed in 'God' to manipulate me into hating Atheists, Muslims, Liberals, Homosexuals... and anyone who did not believe in my version of God.... My NDE changed that about me.... My gods are joy, kindness, dignity, mercy, gentleness, comfort, laughter.... so if that makes me an Atheist because I do not believe in a big G God then so be it... This I also understood in my NDE... All that is not light is left behind and dies when we die... be it from an Atheist or a believer in a noun God.... All that is light moves on to the light... If we want to prove anything... I believe it should be to prove that the light within us leaves our body at death and goes somewhere... Why call its destination God?

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