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Re: QUESTIONNAIRE: Our stats, figures, medical histories - wanna compare em, see what's in common
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Published: 12 years ago
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Re: QUESTIONNAIRE: Our stats, figures, medical histories - wanna compare em, see what's in common

I think this is great idea, has a survey ever been done before for Candida sufferers? Maybe we can find some sort of pattern if enough people respond.

1. AGE, SEX, MARITAL/FAMILY: 52, divorcee now living in sin, no kids

2. HEIGHT, WEIGHT, BUILD (include changes): 5'9", 9 stone (uk stones) was 11.5 before I started the 'diet' last October. Althletic looking type, was always skinny until I banged on 2 stone a couple of years ago. Worst: I was a 40d a 34c...I need new clothes badly!

3. HEALTH PROBLEMS Always had dry falling thin hair..and nails, all my life, which I thought was genetic, bizzarely since all the supplements my hair has actually grown 2 inches and I have nails! No health probs except Bronchitis every winter since childhood, with Antibiotics everytime. Had bronchitis january last year, 3 lots of anti-biotics to clear both the bronchitis and clear out my gut flora!
Had a course of Stablon in 2008 as close to suicidal (but I always think of suicide methods...see 'childhood development' below Came off Stablon after 3 months, voluntarily.

4. HEALTH PROBLEMS Currently? watery diarrhea about twice a week, inbetween, constipation (but have just discovered slippery elm that does the job) Sweats, but could be peri-menopause at my age. Forgetfulness, 2 good days one bad with fatigue...which is an improvement on before. Becoming allergic to some 'healthy' allowable foods, or is it die off? I get very confused. Easily iritated, then very laid back, not much inbetween the 2.
Severe heart palpitaions/trembling/muscle weakness, but not as severe or frequent since tackling the candida.
4b) INTESTINAL: as above. Had a colonoscopy last Sept as was passing blood and had diarrhea for 6 months (gluten) but intestines still feel a bit 'sore', are noisy and constantly groaning and moving about, the lower small intestine not the colon.
4c) MENTAL: "brain fog (alternates from extreme to some)" Yes me too, including anxiety, insomnia.
"avoidant personality", I moved to rural France to get away from people! forgetfullness, depression, very negative thoughts about my effectiveness as a human being (from childhood development below) Have always felt disconnected from other human beings, but that too could of been my upbringing.
4d) SEXUAL: Active but no longer interested :o(
4e) ORAL, no problems, occasional dryness, probably from smoking.
NASAL: All my life been known for carrying around a pile of tissues with me. I speak nasally because nose is always blocked, have breathed through my mouth all my life as a result, which makes going to the dentist a total nightmare of near suffocation.
4f) HEPATIC: Raging furnace of a liver for years, virtually gone since the diet/detox.
4g) OVERALL WELLBEING: On off fatigue, used to sleep for 2 hours at 5pm everyday for years if I could, but now only about once a week. I also had no interest in going anywhere or doing anything, but much much improved now. I too become very exhausted in public places particularly crowded ones, and especially supermarkets for about last 10 years. Supermarkets I put down to the lighting used in them. Still alternate between being hot and cold, but I'm mainly always cold.

Kefir 3 times a day. Plies of ground linseed, ground Milk thistle seeds, Epsom Salts and olive oil on everything I eat. Pau d'arco tea with mint and red clover. Molydunom...or whatever its called. Iodine. Grapefruit seed extract rotated with olive leaf extract and oregano oil/ caprylic acid. Digestive enzymes. Niacin. Liquid B12. Slippery elm. Calcium. Zinc. Intestaid IBS. Humaworm just finished now doing the 'lung' cleanse. Tumeric, Cayenne pepper, ACV and potassium (new additions). Feels like more but I think thats it.
( Adieu...try caster oil or pure vaseline on your lips steriods kill bacteria)
6. DIET: no carbs except twice a week, mainly fish meat eggs and tons of veg. Have an occasional caffeine free coffee. Can tolerate milk.

7a) INFECTIOUS DISEASES Measles aged 4, nearly died.
7b-2) FILLING, IMPLANTS: Got a complete mouthful of fillings and a small denture held in with titanium 'hooks'
7c) ALLERGIES, FORMER: House dust/feather pillows and quick temperature changes bring on sneezing and a nose like a tap...since childhood. But this died right off after I left home, so I think it was psychosomatic/psycological.
7d) ALLERGIES, CURRENT: Gluten, pumpkin seeds, now suspect strongly Courgettes, same family. Dust & Temperatures not too bad a problem now.
7e) FUNGAL/INTESTINAL ISSUES: In the past Absolutely none, cast iron guts! until 1997, particularly bad bout for 10 days of some kind of food poisoning.....mega diarrhea but no vomiting, diarrhea 10 mins after drinking even water, been downhill since then with occasional 'accidents' in my underwear.
7f) MENTAL HEALTH: Self esteem poor...lifelong. Prone to Depression and suicidal fantasies, but now just generally cynical.
7g) CHILDHOOD DEVELOPMENT: Last minute cesarian birth, birth almost killed me and my Mother. The hospital would not let my Mother see me for 3 days after birth, was breast fed after 3 days. Never ill until measles aged 4, too ill to be moved to hospital, 6 months of Bronchitis every year after that, until about aged 16 then just once a year for a week or 2 in the winter.
Mother: Very emotionally, particularly mentally abusive and physically abusive, (emotionally and mentally abusive right up until 2 years ago when I cut off relations with her, and even at 50, I am scared of her, so best I avoid her for my mental health) Up to about age 30 I used to shake and tremble from shot nerves. My solution to dealing with my mother was to daydream/fantasize about commiting suicide, or someone murdering me because I was apparently, such a waste of space. I could not see any other solution, there was none, and in anycase the world would be better off withiout me right? Had these thoughts since aged 2 or 3, and these thoughts actually kept me 'sane'. Looking back I now know I probably had some sort of breakdown as a child, and suffered from depression. But I am a bit rebellious by nature, learnt by realising no-one can get into my mind, the only 'safe' place, or ever be able to hurt me as much as she did/does. Father: Lovely kind man but a Daydreamer, not connected with reality whatsoever, weak minded.
Conversely, my younger brother was bought up normally by my Mother.

8. IQ (if tested): No idea...I mean never tested lol

9. EDUCATION: Normal, but due to abusive home life school work suffered as I was trapped in a world of my mothers making. I could hardly write because I had permanent nervous shakes and eyes twiching.(In the 80's my mother was struck off as a nurse for not abuse, but cruelty to the patients) I read the report, it chilled me because I understood exactly their descriptions of what she did. I now seriously beleive there is something very wrong wired in her brain, she can't help herself, its quite natural to her to have a 'victim' to be cruel too.

10. BAD HABITS, ADDICTIONS Smoking, Sugar IN ANY FORM and lots of it, hence the mouthful of fillings. I guess my nerves needed the quick Sugar hit.
10a) RESOLVED/ADDRESSED: Sugar resolved :o)

11. SOCIAL, PERSONAL: I love being on my own, I love my personal space and privacy. Loads of mates but really, I don't need anyone to live life to the full or to lean on. I have never felt lonely since leaving home, before that, with my 'Mum' I felt terribly alone and invisible, and absolutely terrified of being left alone/dumped or of having to be in the same room as my mum alone.

12. EMPLOYMENT: Knitwear factories for years. Driving. Mig and tig Welder, My own gardeninig business. Carer for elderly. Care assistant (live in, 2 weeks at a time) for spinal injuries and MS sufferers in their own homes.
Now unemployed due to being not well enough to attend work full time....Candida, lost me my job in a local French residential retirement home.

13. LIVING SITUATION: With my partner whom I met in France 2004 who lets me hide behind him if we ever see my 'Mum' out and about. My bestist friend, and the longest relationship I have ever had is with my 14 year old Cat, Mr Milo.
14. SATISFACTION w/LIFE, average about 5-6, an improvement on 2 years ago by a factor of 10 or more!!

15. CANDIDA STARTED WITH: Could of been the start with the food poisoning in 1997, hastened by the 3 lots of anti-biotics last January and renewed stress from things my Mother has tried to do recently to my life up to 2 years ago.


17. HEAVY PAST Antibiotics USE: yup, last year 3 lots, and just about every winter prior due to Bronchitis.

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