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Re: well vernon, it ain't candida thats eating you
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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: well vernon, it ain't candida thats eating you

study. lots of study. 8 months of study.
everything i can pull down on this snail dial up line
regarding morgellons/ nanotechnology.

what you DON'T want to do is google up a wiki entry
for "morgellons" and swallow the outdated/and or
deliberate misinformation to be found there.
Or read and heed that same misinformation posted by

anyone that resorts to that
1] has no personal experience
with the phenomena
2] has not spent FIVE MINUTES time researching
the subject.

it is unfortunate that the name "morgellons" has "stuck"
in the "popular press". It was never designed to be
a description of the current "fiber disease". So be it..
kinda stuck with it now. Whatever the unfortunates were
experiencing in the 17th century has NOTHING to do with
the "morg" experience today.

.."morgellons" is not a disease in the classic sense of
"omg, i'm over run with bacteria/virus/fungi."
It is
a toxin induced illness. Industrial toxins.
Tiny toxins. Nanotechnology
in your body. Nanotech is everywhere. Everyone is exposed. Whether by accident or some evil plot..really matters not.. it's done.
Oh, genetically modified plants
are safe?..why?..because Monsanto said so? The same Monsanto that said that Agent Orange was harmless? The same Monsanto that declared that rBGH [recombinant bovine
health hormone] is harmless? The same Monsanto {Searle was
a Monsanto subsidiary] that said Aspartame is harmless?
...and Monsanto has been busy teaching plants to manufacture plastics...via their favorite tool.."gene splattering"...also..quite worries.

plants making their own insecticide..fungicides..plastics..
people come in contact with this nano it..
modified plant dna cross links with bacteria in the gut..
which becomes the "nano factory".
now the nano machinery goes to work generating all sorts of
strange things...tiny things..that are operating "below the
radar" of the immune immune system that can't
possibly identify any of the nanoscale constructs
just continue to grow.

...and now people are excreting silicone/plastic crap on their skin and various types of plastic fibers? fibers growing
but are not really.."life"..merely "assembled things".
things that often present as "fibers"..hence the "fiber disease". tiny fibers..everywhere..networks of fibers..
fibers in all body organs. good times.
NON of it is
"natural". Man made nanotech. it's not a "disease"'s
a toxin that is screwing with the body at a molecular level. time for ranting...wrong forum anyway..
Morgellons forum down the hall..

Just quit that place anyway..nothing but lurkers...essentially. 75 days on the same page? and I filled half of that..
fo'get it. gotta hang with folks that are dealing with this nano poisoning..not just being amused by it.
I have url link to 25 pics on first post of this thread.
{21+4 in subfolder]. just a tiny sample of the
bizarre stuff I am coping with.

end time time..

if i had to pick ONE topic to on
dr hildegarde staninger .. find some of her papers..
read them.
lots of current info to be found at

..such as the hilde staninger thread.

keep digging into nanotechnology.

[..because nanotechnology is digging into you..guaranteed..
it's in your feed.
bon apetite.



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