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Re: QUESTIONNAIRE: Our stats, figures, medical histories - wanna compare em, see what's in common
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Published: 12 years ago
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Re: QUESTIONNAIRE: Our stats, figures, medical histories - wanna compare em, see what's in common

good idea :)

1. 25 yrs, female, married, no kids

2. 5'4, 140 lbs. small build (have gone up and down with having candida) now I have lost 30 pounds in 2 months while being on the diet. problems before candida: Anxiety (always since childhood, but got horrible at 14yrs old, put on every kind of depresion/anxiety med they had, all had horrible side effects, huge weight gain, hullucinations, etc...) Been off all anxiety meds for 4 months but occasionally need atavin! Effexor was the best anti-anxiety med I went on out of all them, no weight gain or bad side effects. 

 tonsillitis for years got it more frequently from 18-23 years old,(was given constant antibotics instead of getting them out,which led to candida).

3.b.Health problems now (fungal):good god over 50 symptoms at least. They change constantly and rotate. really bad painful diarrhea , vomiting, abdomonal pain,acid reflux, nausea, dizziness, ear pressure and fluctuations (could not pop ear for months), post nasal drip, jaw poping and neck wrenching from me trying to constantly pop my ears, extreme neck and shoulder pain, allergies, itchy ears, fluid, equlibrium problems, bump into things can not exercise, acne, hair loss (tons), nail fungus, gums receeding, one tooth is now loose!, brain fog, headaches (only when I would detox), blurred vision, eye floaters, urinary tract infection type symptoms for 7 months (f me!), no sex drive painful sex can no longer even have sex cause of the urinary symptoms, miscarried 8 months ago from this, alzheimer's type symptoms will walk around the house not knowing what I was doing, can't focus, can't figure out how to spell things I use to know, asthma, and now the latest sinus infection for 20 days (maybe die-off or candida spreading? who knows), mild to moderate aagoraphobia,

4.g.Over all well-being: want to live and die at the same time. in Apsolute hell all the time, extreme pain, extreme dizziness... worse when I eat.. no joy in life at all can't think about anything else but this, spend holidays at home by myself cause I can't travel.

5. Pharmas/supplements

Past:Every kind of Anti depression/ anti-anxiety med there is since I was 14, yasmin birthcontrol 4 years, antibiotics by the tons, every kind of allergy medicine, steroid nasal sprays, inhalers, albuteral and advair.

Now: no pharma except allergy pills now and then, and atavin occasionally. Supplements: not all at once, vitamins c, b-6, b-12, folate, zinc, biotin, milk thistle, molybdenum, antioxidants, essential enzymes, fiber, sometimes tea laxative, vitamin d, colosan caps. going to start MSM.  Antifungals: coconut oil, cinnamon, oregano oil, caprilic acid, vital cleanse by gaia herbs, kandidaplex, candidastat, candidol, candex, tricycline, formula sf722 undecenoic acid,I use a four day rotaional system and combine a few also.

6. diet. Only one meal per day (I know thats bad but can't tolerate anything more) either a salad, or I juice veggies, fish organic chicken sometimes non-organic steak. nuts.

7.a Infectious disease's:none except candida now!

7.b. Surgery's: wisdom teeth, Knee surgery, endoscopy (cause of candida), Ear holes put in ear drums and adenoids shaved down (cause of candida, a surgery I did not need but f***ing doctors didn't know what the hell to do with me!!) tonsils finally out to stop cycle of antibiotics. no implants of any kind.

7.c. allergies: yes bad as a child only at night mom would medicate me with dymatap every night, grew out of it and then only allergic to some pets, house dust and mites.

7.e. fungal/intestional issues:never had them before I went on all the rounds of antibiotics started 3 years ago.

7.f. mental health: chronic anxiety since I was little from crazy and verbally abusive father

7.g. breach baby, was breast feed, Normal childhood except abuse, did have OCD for a few years also but grew out of it, social anxiety but very healthy. college

10.Bad habits: previous:Ate a horrible diet, went up and down in weight for years due to anxiety meds, tons of candy, 1 year of smoking,  started drinking heavily at age 21-23,partied every night lowered my immune system so I constantly got sick and was put on antibiotics.

 None as of now, no drinking, no eating bad, no smoking, but do stress out constantly with anxiety attacks.

11. social: Was crazy social, life of the party candida has changed my whole personality, don't want to see friends or hang out, don't go anywhere, I'm barely a shell of my old self, I'm no fun at all anymore.

12. employment: Longshoreman in the port, my dream job loved it very physical but dangerous and fumes from trucks. Now can't work there at all anymore cause of candida, have to work from home off the computer and live of my parents, husband and credit cards, so depressing.

13. Living situation: husband , two dogs

14. Satisfaction with life: 0 never been worse in my life, this is no way to live.

15. Years of anxiety and having big tonsils diet and drinking and staying out late lowered immunity got tons of antibiotics (never did a tonsil culture to actually see if I really needed them, ass holes). With each round of antibiotics my stomach problems would get worse and I would tell them that and they would just send me home with imodium. to all

17. Heavy past antibiotic use: yes for chronic tonsilitis  



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