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Published: 9 years ago
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IP Testimony, 2.0

Sorry this is a bit late. I’m not totally over my health dragons yet. I spent a week writing this, blew my energy bank account catching up and giggling with folks and landed myself back in a major, virtually catatonic, stupor. I learned an important lesson about putting all my eggs in one basket while rebuilding adrenals. This IP testimony may seem long but I think it’s incredibly informative on how the journey to health looks while in it – not once you’ve read the snippet paragraph in someone’s book later. Enjoy!!

What I’ve been taking

B&B, BF&C, Black-Walnut Hull, Blood Detox, Brain Formula, Burdock Root, Cayenne, Deep Tissue Repair Oil (topical only), Echinacea, Eyebright, Hawthorn Berry, Herbal Calcium, Kidney, Liver/Gallbaldder, Lobelia, Pancreas Formula, parasite (UnyWorm), Passionflower, Solomon’s Seal, St. John’s Wort and Wild Lettuce Tinctures.

6 tbsp of Superfood/day, 3 tbsp of Ashwaganda/day, IF2 Powder with extra charcoal (for chemicals (buggy stuffs) and metals), 3 tbsp of Slippery Elm/day,

Liver/Digestive Tea and Kidney/Urinary Cleanse Teas alternating on those cleanse weeks, BF&C tea, Yellow Dock Tea (Herbal Iron for Anemia, etc)

1 gallon of raw juice a day, potassium broth, 6 cloves raw garlic/day, currently at 2 tsp of 250K h.u. cayenne/day, 3 tbsp. wheat germ oil per day, 6 tbsp of Superfood/day, a couple tbsp of Nutritional Yeast/day, apple cider vinegar, parasite herbs, black strap molasses

Daily: coffee enema, castor oil packs, dry brushing, hot/cold showers, rebounding, breathing, walking, EFT, emotional work (trashing, forgiving, gratitude, writing letters, having conversations, cleaning out the basement (as above, so ‘below’, eh?), affirmations and laughing.

Total plaque since the end of summer – well over 20 feet (and I’m a small person). EDIT: I'm still getting out lots of plaque. Anyone that thinks they can eat what they want for 30 years and do 1 month of bowel cleansing and be done with plaque - bite my right bunion, m'kay??

Total scary pockets: EASILY 2 dozen if not more. (diverticula, etc – when you poke ‘em & break em open – you KNOW what they are). The enema tube doesn’t get stuck or hurt anymore. There was something topographical (I figure an internal hemorrhoid) that I was having to be super gentle with the tube around and it’s not bothering me anymore at all. That shows me that the inflammation the tube was working around is substantially smaller or gone. My rectum isn’t protruding and feeling like it has so much pressure on it. It’s still bothering me a bit but it’s not protruding anymore and I think that’s HUGE…or not – as the case may be. :)

After many weeks ago, I pretty much haven’t seen much more candida. Just after I stopped seeing very much candida, I saw bowel pockets covered in a lattice-looking web of a light green color. I suspect that the layers coming out now are quite deep. The layers of plaque, now, have been a light taupe color and have a ‘shale rock’ texture to them like they’ve been there for a very long time. Now – when I eat a veggie meal it all comes out the next day and it’s a sizeable movement and I feel like I absorbed my food! Woohoo!!!!

I’ve gained around 6 or 7 lbs in the last many weeks – that’s a very good sign. I’m about 110lbs now. I’m putting on healthful weight while feeding my body with calories that are all of a super bio-available nature and not taking it out of my body’s energy to process. I can eat a whole bowl of good food now. I used to eat half of it and save the other half for another time. My digestion and food-energy is so much better that I’m not half-mast and drunk feeling when half way through a bowl.

I am convinced that each flush yields what it’s supposed to. Unyquity is right, you get out what’s closest to the door and what needs to come out – comes out. Each flush is drastically different and hardly any two are alike.

1st flush: The big mother of all flushes, and the ping pong ball stones
2nd flush: nuclear yellow bile and a God-awful smell, lots of teeny stones
3rd flush: LOADS and LOADS of sludge and frothy stuff.
4th flush: a half dozen stones and a lot of sludge, this time more slime and burning emission with it.

I’ll happily say that the kidney cleanse is so wonderful and the calcium-flush so robust that 1 day into taking it – I feel like I’ve got a bit of a UTI. Great! That means I’m a flushin’ stuff through my ureter. On those days, I drink more asparagus and cabbage in my juice and add a splash of dark cherry concentrate to my juices. I do castor oil packs on my kidneys and alternate with my liver. I did do hot/cold therapy on my kidneys consistently this time and felt a huge difference. Afterward, my energy was different. My fear level is very different. I don’t have but perhaps 30% of the chronic anxiety and fear that I had. I don’t get the fear-stimulation over issues like I have. I’m notorious for having the ringer off on my phone. If it’s up and it goes off my adrenals rock right off. I’m pleased to say I’ve had my ringer on ‘medium’ for a week now. (!!) :)

We talk a lot about visible bugs but remember a lot of latent infections, viruses & other ickies cannot be seen. It wasn’t but, what, a hundred years ago that the doctor was laughed out of the AMA (or whatever it was called at that time) for saying there was such a thing as a ‘germ’ that could not be seen with the naked eye. I’m drastically better. I’ll talk about the bugs but I really, REALLY want ya’ll to ruminate over the idea that we obsess (cause we’re all analytical & smart & stuff – ha!) over that which we can SEE. It’s the very cornerstone of arguments in vaccinations, fluoride, etc. Remember what which you cannot see on a cellular level - is where buggies reside on the outside of your cellular wall grabbing your nutrients just as they do with that prime real estate in the goop in your lower regions. Not one bit is more contributory to your imbalance than another. Now – onto the visibility portion: I’ve seen LOTS of 1” flattish guys with a slight bend in them. I was told a year ago that they were dwarf tapeworm, one of the most common form of tapeworm. I’ve had lots of flukes (I suspect more now that I’ve gotten out even more taupe-colored plaque, candida and stones!!!), and these hemp-twine twisted, deflated looking gray/taupe worms. Most have been 4”-7” but I got one out last week that was 12”!! Now, I’m tellin’ ya people, a lot of people that say they haven’t seen plaque or parasites did not poke at squat with a stick. The parasites come out in lots of the mucoid plaque. Why would they not? That’s their prime real estate. When the plaque comes out – they come out with it. I found that 12” bugger wrapped on both ends – TO the plaque. Almost every time I’ve gotten out a bunch of the smaller ones – it’s been a few hours or a day after getting out many stretches of plaque and accumulation.

My head doesn’t throb when I bend over (sometimes it was slight and sometimes it was scary) – the constant battle/issue with the throbbing headache, sluggishness on the left side of my head (yes near my artery and extending around my neck and up into my head) is now a pulsing issue. I’ve had it since I was a teenager and it’s not constant anymore. Yay!! The veins on my hands aren’t huge and bulging now. For the last, easily, 6 years, a couple times a day, I put my hands in the air and let my veins drain. Ya know, for a 34 year old woman – that just really should not be. And now…I can FEEL my blood running much more smoothly, much more fluidly. I cannot really explain just what that feels like. It feels like your life force is running more fluidly, more smoothly. I haven’t had that ‘heart stopping’, squeezing, gonna pass out thing since the 1st IP. As of just before I started the IP, I had easily a 100 bumps under my skin. Some were the size of a currant and some the size of a pea. A few were bigger than that, like perhaps marble-scary size. Most of them are gone. Interestingly enough, though, a week after I was off the IP, many of them came back. I also had a horrible adrenal week where hardly anything could quell the bio-chemical freak out my body (but not my ‘mind’) had and my body went back into stagnation. Yes, stress and anxiety are intricately connected to stagnation and accumulation in our bodies. The fact that many of them (perhaps a tenth of the total original 100) were slightly noticeable under my skin, showing me that I’m not out of the weeds yet – but I’ll tell ya, I’ll be cuter than Rambo was with a machete hackin’ through these weeds on this next round of IP! Rarrrrr!!!!!

I’ve ovulated on the money, 3 months in a row. I’ve bled, on the money, for 3 months in a row for perhaps 4 days and the clotting has been extremely minimal (means anemia is going down!). Cramps aren’t hardly noticeable in comparison to 3 months ago. I’d started to experience Endometriosis needle pain on my period, shooting right down my vagina. It was so painful. After having chronic vaginal pain (the opening, what’s called ‘Vulvodynia’) for almost 11 years now – I really was so disheartened when these horrible cramps began almost a year ago. I knew it was an advancing accumulation – now Endometriosis or some such. I am so grateful that it’s subsiding. The cramps I’ve had for the last few months and ESPECIALLY this last cycle have been minimal and pretty normal-feeling.

Ballet/jazz/modern/tap/et al dancer: age 2.5-18, in pointe shoes from 12-17 years old. Wore heels at a professional job from 17-27. Had a shoe fetish my whole life and NO – not uncomfortable shoes. People tried to sell me that excuse too. When I started having foot issues people said, ‘oh, well you were a dancer’. I’ve never put stock in that. My grandmother said, ‘well, it runs in the family’ – yeah and so does anger, liver issues, thyroid issues, depression, bipolarity – how much time have you got? The list could go on until cz ran dry…did I mention I remembered recently I was born jaundiced? Then when I was 28 and went downhill I find that eastern medicine says that your feet are your liver. Then I learn from links from Andreas Moritz & from SavageGrace that your feet/bunions are also your pancreas. Sing it with me: The pancreas bone is related to the liver bone – neither of which have to be related to your…dancing bone….

The rather LARGE bunion on my right big toe is down to about half it’s size. It’s half the size on the ‘bad’ days and I notice it when I’m really killin and flushin; and it’s under half the original size on good days. The bone, whereas the whole right toe had turned inward toward the 2nd toe for the last few years, is beginning to STRAIGHTEN out. It’s straightening ITSELF. The pressure and swelling around (especially UNDER IT) is gone, I can rub my foot during reflexology (the primary, ‘hi! To my feet’ rub ‘em quick all over that I do to start off) and I don’t recoil. In fact, the delicate-feeling of my feet is subsiding very quickly. The delicate pads/accumulations that were starting under many of my toe knuckles are gone too! The outer pad on my left foot had began to grow about a year after the bunion on my right foot. Nature has a brilliant way of leveling itself out for balance. It is quickly subsiding too! Now, on the days they hurt, I go do a coffee enema, castor oil pack and check my cleanse/healing/nutrition levels – and my feet feel right where they were in that better space before taking a quick turn. Fascinating, right?


**The green marker is 12 days into Round 1 of IP.
The red marker is at the end of Round 2 of IP.

One of the most amazing things I can say is that my toe nails are strong, growing and thick on the sides. I’ve had such thin nails for so long I couldn’t run a scraper under them very easily without tearing the nail for at least 4 years. A few years ago my toe nails started to like – lift off my toes. I thought it was the strangest thing. I built a shoe cabinet, 18” wide and 6’ tall to house all my pretty shoes for the IP. Why? Because from my bed, when I’m feeling unsexy, like I’ll never put my toe shoes on again or any of my peep-toe high heels (oohhh, it just makes my blood pressure rise just saying it! Spring is almost here! Yay for shoes!!) I can look over at them and remember that my feet are healing rapidly. It’s like a carrot in front of the horse. Whatevah works for ya, right? So, as my toe nails started to lift off my stinking toes I thought – alright – we’ve got a serious problem here. I’ve seen this on older people walking around that have knarly toes and I cannot let this keep going. Sure enough – reading showed me that that’s a major sign of liver congestion…sometimes cirrhosis. Did I mention my mother had cirrhosis by the time she was 40? Yeahhhh….onward….my toe nails are no longer lifting off the beds. They’re curving around my toes, ever so slightly, they’re growing and they’re stronger – MUCH, MUCH stronger. (now if I can just figure out a whole-food nail polish...beet concentrate didn't work - YES - I tried it. ;)

The ridges on my fingernails had started to rival the images on the net I’ve seen of folks that are 60+ years old and in serious trouble. My thumbs had the heart ridges, my ring fingers have had the ‘tent’ thing going on for a year now. The ridges/lines started many years ago but they’ve started deepening and getting higher. Then, about a year ago, many of the nails ridges started to break up and do a ‘stalactite thing’ whereby they looked now, like they were dripping into formation throughout the line. That was the week I wrote Unyquity right before she opened the forum and told her I just knew I was going into some serious trouble. Can I just mention again that I may well name my first born after her? I’m absolutely serious. How does ‘Unyquity’ sound for a middle name? I likes it. :)

Now the Arthritis in my hands is seriously subsiding. It’s noticeable now – because the days have become more sparce. The skin on the backs of my hands is looking thicker, for sure. They’re still pretty wrinkly and trough’y, meaning, they still look kinda emaciated – but I’m working on that. In fact – I have a lot to say about how your whole body is indicative of your elimination system. I can PROVE it with the feet and hands. That’ll be my next entry on the forum.

On my last CST, I doubled all the spices. I meant to just do a smidge more of each than I’d done the time before but I did twice the amount of all of them and I’ll admit – it was a bit too hot. :) I had 2 wonderful women helping me and I did cry this time, got a lot of emotional healing out of it. I made the cold sheet tea taste a whole lot better than it had before. I brewed it with quite a bit of ginger and honey and the ginger certainly contributed to sweating more in the tub. I did 2oz. each of cayenne, fresh ground mustard and fresh ground ginger. Wowzers!! The thermometer seemed to not want to work so I didn’t get a read on it. But I lived and at no time did I think – I’m gonna die – I cannot do this anymore! When I got out this time, I was incredibly grateful for the cold, wet sheet! I got down the hallway to the bed, laid on it, looked up at the ceiling for a few minutes and my vision got a little wacky for just a teeny bit. I decided I was way too hot indoors and the sheet was so not doin’ it for me. I said, “I wanna go outside.” I got up and the man was going over to get my robe. I said, “I don’t want it!” – but when he handed it to me I did take it. I wrapped myself up long enough to get onto the dark porch outside (late enough that all my neighbors were asleep) put on my snow boots and went outside. I took off the robe and slung it over the gas grill and stood there – stark naked in my snow boots and was SO GRATEFUL!!! My girlfriends were right behind me. They came to the backdoor, with their winter coats on and boots and were giggling at me. I extended my arms outward and exclaimed how good the cold air felt (it was easily 30 degrees if not colder outside) and right then The Universe said, ‘hello dahling, try a bit of this nipply-ness’ and a burst of cold wind blew right over me and blew loads of snow on the deck lattice all over me. My girlfriends gasped and covered their mouths – saucer-eyed they were totally shocked! Lol- I exclaimed, ‘Oh Gawd that felt good!’ lololol p.s….I most likely won’t be posting those photos. ;)

The icky nickname my whole life: Bubble Girl. I’ve not gone anywhere without an inhaler & nose spray in my purse, unbeknownst to anyone else for years. I used to get constant allergy shots, knew all the nurses names in my Ear, Nose & Throat Doctor’s office. They felt so sorry for me. I quit singing and went to art school. I had to cancel too many concerts and was embarrassed. I got nebulizer treatments once a month, easily, and at one point, at age 16, passed out and hit my head on the kitchen floor. I was taken to the Doc immediately and he said I was getting 13% oxygen to my brain. Damn! – I mighta coulda been a genius! I was on a steroidal inhaler (age 12-20), albuterol (age 11-34), and tablets for a long time too. When my parents got divorced, my Mom moved me back to New Mexico so I could breathe better – which apparently is not that unusual a story. I shoulda taken out stock in Benadryl years ago but I don’t know that that woulda been very good for my karma and ascension process. I never put on a coat from a previous season that there’s not 4 tissues in the pocket, 2 used and 2 not. Generally there’s a bit of an inhaler in em. I never find that 20 bucks that other folks do – just remnants of Bubble Girl.

Since being on Unyquity’s constant, therapeutic amounts of bowel cleansing (which no other stinkin’ brand ever worked like this one does) and constant castor oil packs, et al – I have used my inhaler only during really high mold levels and only a few times. Most of the time – Lobelia did the trick. Now – all this was before the IP. I could never go to anyone’s house with a cat – unheard of – I’d roll over and suffocate. Dogs began to be the same way after a while. I have a friend who have 2 doggies that make me pretty miserable. After my 2nd cycle of IP ended, I went over to fulfill a 6 month promise to redecorate her living area (with all her stuff, of course). I spent 2 days, cleaning, moving things around with the doggies wrestling each other and being super cute. I did sneeze, I think, 3 times each day. Got like 2% itchy, NEVER EVER reached for my inhaler and was pretty awesome. My friend apologized all over herself and I told her this was amazing news. I went home and told the man and he was blown over – thrilled beyond belief!! More over, I went over yesterday to a friend’s house with 2 CATS and no sneeze, no achoo, no itchy, no inhaler – no nuthin! Ha!!!!!

I’m super mold sensitive. Well, let’s be MUCH more accurate about that – my body is still ‘currently’ working toward balance enough but it’s triggered easily by mold ‘right now’. :) I did a bunch of research last year for a few days and could point to when the toxic black mold Aspergillus goes up (from building materials), so do a lot of my body symptoms INCLUDING vaginal pain. Aspergillus and a few other toxic molds are totally linked to cancer and their 'let-off' or excrement is oxalic acid. Oxalate over-production is shown to be what causes a lot of Vulvodynia (or remember this is the term for ‘we don’t know why your druthers hurt but you’re right and they do). Now, Oxalate and Oxalic crystals are buggers – they encapsulate metals like oh, say…mercury and lead making it, perhaps – VERY HARD FOR A GIRL WITH A SIGNIFICANT heavy metals panel and vaginal pain to get that stuff out! Bah – toxic building materials. I can give loads of examples on how I know my levels went up but those are all contained in lots of previous posts. Onward….So if many people have toxic levels of mold and fungus and the buggies, too, have to potty (much like flukes let off ammonia and nitrous oxide) and their potty encapsulates metals – do ya’ll see the recycle/heavy breathing and chronic health issues screaming at ALL OF US? Yes, yes, yes. Oxalic crystals are said to either collect throughout the body (look up research on how they’ve broken open breast and other cancerous tumors all over the body and found oxalic crystals in ‘em), collect in your kidneys causing kidney stones AND/or, they wash through your urinary system causing pretty chronic distress. Fullness/heaviness in your bladder (I’m betting distended bladder issues too!!!), crystallization of your bladder & urethra and poof – teeny little oxalic crystals moving through your urethra and over your delicate girly parts would what? Yeah…contribute to vulvar pain. I want every woman with chronic vulvar pain to read this post. We can fix this. There are a million women in this country not talking about the fact that their druthers hurt because they’re embarrassed and mortified. I actually know a man, my age, who’s druthers hurt and is looking to do the IP. :) Now – the good news is that mold is coming up and I’m hardly sneezing. I’m not plummeting into Depression but looking forward and feeling assertive! In fact, I had a horrible adrenal spike with some stress that came along, about two weeks ago, and adrenal fatigue kicked in. But guess what else spiked right around the time of that trigger?

Mold, Mold, Mold.

Check your local mold levels for your zip code - do a google search for the allergy and immunology center near you. Don’t do it via some silly – that’s corporate funded. You wanna know the specifics. If you see that mold and fungus go up around the time that your adrenals go off, you feel apathetic, get angry or depressed – think to the correlations. It’s widely believed now that mold & fungus (most of which are toxic by-products of chemicals and newer building materials) cause, or greatly contribute, to cancer. It’s a huge part of the equation we’re undoing by cleaning our bodies. Regular mold and fungus have been here since this Earth was just a ball of sludge and we were mono-cellular buggies rubbing up against each other for warmth in the mud – but toxic by-products of building materials is the stuff that really screws people up. End result? Clean your body and think seriously about living in older or greener homes. A lot of the building materials that are found to be the absolute worst are the cookie-cutter, quickie-made homes that tend to get water leaks and damage and just smell toxic. Remember – when mold and fungus wake up and proliferate outside – so do they inside. You are not a shut case – you are NOT airtight. They proliferate in your walls, in your ceiling wherever water damage has occurred, in sheet rock and in your body – and poof – I’m convinced we call this bi-polar. “Yeah, I just get like this twice a year”…um…that wouldn’t happen to be the few times a year when things that tip your scales happen to proliferate would it? I’ll betcha monies…..


My problem solving skills are dramatically improved. My ability to focus is ridiculously improved. I got back out some sewing projects again (just like I did in the first IP break) and items that I’d not been able to easily figure out how to fix seemed so effortless to finish. My problem solving skills did go into the toilet right after mold went up and I had some stress to deal with around here but I got on Uny’s Echinacea, Super Tonic, amped up the Adrenal Support Tincture and Nerve Sedative and things leveled right back out. In fact, a few days into sneezing my butt off, I pulled the drawer out of the nightstand table (one of those that ya have to be careful how far you pull it out) and it fell on my foot. My adrenals didn’t really spike. Yes, I felt the surge of adrenaline but it was palatable and I was able to deal with it with little effort. Yay!!

UPDATE: I’ve now begun round 3 of The Incurables Program. I am so grateful to have found this and have seen more benefit come from it than perhaps anything I’ve ever read or heard about. I feel my health turning a major corner and I don’t have to wonder how many years till I get a ‘few month’ diagnosis and Western Medicine would actually wanna TRY to fix me. They never tried. I asked and asked, prodded and researched, to no avail. I would fall all over myself to feed and spoil Dr. Christopher and Dr. Schulze . Unyquity? Well, I already got plans for her. Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart, for all your love and support over the last many months. Here’s to all of our radiant health!!


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