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Image Embedded TAPEWORM DRUG PROTOCOL: Niclosamide, Praziquantel, & Albendazole
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Published: 12 years ago

TAPEWORM DRUG PROTOCOL: Niclosamide, Praziquantel, & Albendazole

Tapeworms (Cestodes):    (Updated 11-12-10)
Beef Tapeworm (Taenia saginata)
Pork Tapeworm (Taenia solium)
Dog/Cat Tapeworm (Dipylidium caninum)
Dwarf Tapeworm (Hymenolepis nana)
Fish Tapeworm (Diphyllobothrium latum)
Spirometra mansoni, S. mansonoides, S. proliferum
Coenurus Dog Tapeworm (Taenia multiceps & Taenia serialis)
Note:  Echinococcus granulosus/multiocularis (Hydatid cysts) & Neurocysticercosis are not covered in this protocol.  These infections require high-dose parasite drugs & steroids administered under medical supervision.

For Roundworms (Nematodes), see Albendazole Drug Protocol:
For Strongyloides, Filariasis, & Morgellons, see Albendazole & Ivermectin Drug Protocol:
For Flukes (Trematodes), see Praziquantel & Albendazole Drug Protocol:
For Protozoa, see Metronidazole (Flagyl) & Salt & Vitamin C Protocols:

General Info:
Tapeworms (Cestodes) are the largest of human parasites.  In the adult stage, these segmented flat worms, containing 50,000 eggs within each of its 1,000+ segments, can release thousands of eggs (proglottids) per day. 
Like other parasites, they have survival skills which are beyond the capabilities of the immune system & can live undetected for many years within their host.
Adult tapeworms may live as long as 25 years & can reach upwards to 10 meters/33 feet in length within the gastrointestinal tract.
Their larva can scatter from the GI tract & encyst in any part of the body, soft tissue, muscles, mucous membranes, organs, genitourinary tract, CNS, spine, etc. 
In many cases, there are no external symptoms until a hyperinfection stage is reached or worms, larva, eggs, or segments are passed in the stool. 
For specific details on tapeworms, review the websites listed under Life Cycles & Symptoms & the References below.  

~ Passing pale segments, flat segmented or ribbon-like worms or casings, sesame seeds, cucumber seed-like shapes, tiny worms, or rice-like pieces in stool, toilet paper, or undergarments.  Yellow or white objects attached to perianal hairs. 

~ Abdominal pain, bloated abdomen, cramps, loss of appetite, irritability, nausea, diarrhea, allergic pruritus, rashes, weight loss, muscle weakness or inflammation, anemia, B-12 deficiency, or fatigue.

~ Larva & cysts in other areas of body:  Rashes in skin & tissue.  Perianal or genitourinary itching.  Tiny worms, larva, or cystic lumps/masses in skin, soft tissue, muscles, perianal or genitourinary area, or mucous membranes.  Bacterial infections or fever. 

~ Larva & cysts in eyes or brain:  Tiny worms or larva in eyes, facial tingling or numbness, blurred vision, hearing loss, headaches, dementia, mental confusion, intracranial pressure, or seizures.

~ For other symptoms, see references below.

Life Cycles & Symptoms:

Adult tapeworm of <EM>Dipylidium caninum</EM>. Im...
Diplylidium caninum - Dog Tapeworm
 Taenia serialis ~ Coenuris Cyst
Taenia multiceps ~ Coenurus Cyst
tapeworm larvae eye
Tapeworm Larva
T. Solium Tapeworm Larva ~
(Stained Red & Enlarged)
T. Saginata Tapeworm Larva
Spirometra mansoni
Beef Tapeworm (Taenia saginata) & Pork Tapeworm (Taenia solium):
Dog/Cat Tapeworm (Dipylidium caninum) ~ Dipylidiasis:
Dwarf Tapeworm (Hymenolepis nana) ~ Hymenolepiasis: 
Fish Fapeworm (Diphyllobothrium latum) ~ Diphyllobothriasis:
Sparganosis (Spirometra mansoni, S. mansonoides, S. proliferum):
Coenurus Dog Tapeworm (Taenia multiceps & Taenia serialis) ~ Coenurosis:
Tapeworm Drug Treatment:
Take Niclosamide first.  When finished, start taking Praziquantel & Albendazole together. 
Encysted tapeworms scattered throughout the body are very difficult to eradicate.  Several treatment cycles may be necessary. 
Before starting a new cycle, rest the liver for 7 days, then repeat treatment with Albendazole & Praziquantel only (not Niclosamide).
Niclosamide (Yomesan/Niclocide):
Niclosamide kills tapeworms in the GI tract.

Take 4 tablets, 500mg (2g), daily, for 7 days.  First day, take 4 tablets (2g) together, in AM.  Next 6 days, take 2 tablets (1g), twice daily, AM/PM, evenly spaced 12 hours apart.  Chew or crush tablets.  Take each dose with 8 oz water after a light meal.

Niclosamide is poorly absorbed in the gut, so you must chew tab very well.  Or use a pill splitter box, crush tablets into smithereens, & sprinkle over soft food.

Praziquantel (Biltricide) & Albendazole (Albenza):
Praziquantel is taken taken together with Albendazole to systemically kill any remaining diehard adults in the intestines & eggs, larva, & cysts scattered throughout the body. 
These drugs have synergistic action when taken together, versus taking each drug as a separate treatment, & result in higher cure rates.
Praziquantel (Biltricide):
Take 1 dose* (25mg/kg), tablets or gelcaps**, 3 times daily, evenly spaced 6 hrs apart. Take each dose with 8oz water.  Take AM/PM doses with Albendazole (see below).***  
Convert your body weight from pounds (lbs) to kilograms (kg), using the Curezone "Convert Weights Easily" Calculator (scroll to middle of page):
*To calculate dosage, see Dosage Examples below
**Instead of tablets, you can pour Praziquantel powder into empty gelcaps.  00-size gelcaps hold 600mg.  Use a Q-tip to firmly press down powder into both parts of gelcap.
***See Drug Schedule below for intestinal tapeworms.  See Alternate Drug Schedule below for encysted tapeworms. 
*Dosage Examples:
Each Dose = 25mg/kg
Your weight = 160lb = 72.57kg (rounded 73kg)
Tablet = 600mg
Tab Dosage  = 25mg x 73kg = 1,825mg (1,800mg rounded)
Tab Dosage  = 1,800mg divided by 600 = 3 tabs
Tabs 1 Day   = 3 tabs x 3 times = 9 tabs
Tabs 3 Days = 9 tabs x 3 days = 27 tabs
Tabs 6 Days = 9 tabs x 6 days = 54 tabs
Gelcap (00 size) = 600mg
Powder Dosage  = 25mg x 73kg = 1,825mg (1,800mg rounded)
Gelcap Dosage  = 1,800mg divided by 600 = 3 gelcaps
Gelcaps 1 Day   = 3 gelcaps x 3 times = 9 gelcaps  (5,400mg)
Gelcaps 3 Days = 9 gelcaps x 3 days = 27 gelcaps (16,200mg)
Gelcaps 6 Days = 9 gelcaps x 6 days = 54 gelcaps (32,400mg)
Albendazole (Albenza):
Take 1 dose,* 400mg tablet or 3.5ml suspension, twice daily, AM/PM, evenly spaced 12 hrs apart, for 14 days.   Take each dose with 8oz water & 40g fat.** Take with AM/PM doses of Praziquantel (see above).*** 
Note:  Taken for longer than 2 weeks without a 1-week rest break may result in temporary hair loss (Alopecia), liver impairment, or parasite drug-resistance.
Albendazole is poorly absorbed in the gut, so you must chew tablet very well!  Or use a pill splitter box, crush tablet into smithereens, & sprinkle on soft food. 
*Instead of tablets, you can take Valbazen (Albendazole) Oral Suspension for Cattle & Sheep.  It contains 11.36% or 113.6mg/ml of Albendazole.  Use an oral syringe to measure 3.5ml, which equals a 400mg tablet.  Mix into 8oz beverage or soft food to mask the yucky taste.  May add sugar or other sweetener.
**You must consume 40g fat with each dose of Albendazole (e.g, grilled cheese sandwich, ice cream, cheese pizza, cheesecake, buttered popcorn, peanut butter, cheese, cottage cheese, whipped cream, sour cream, melted real butter, or salad dressing over food, etc).  Check food labels for fat gram content.  Fat acts as a carrier & increases absorption & plasma concentration.  If you omit this step, you'll just flush $ & meds down the drain!
***See Drug Schedule below for intestinal tapeworms.  See Alternate Drug Schedule below for encysted tapeworms.
Albendazole dosing tips & other info:

Drug Monographs:
The following drug monographs are for US brands only.  To review monographs for brands manufactured in other countries:
Drug Schedule~Intestinal Tapeworms:
Day 1-3 of treatment:
6AM: Take 1 dose of Prazi & Alben w/8oz water & 40g fatty meal.  
12PM: Take 1 dose of Prazi w/8oz water & light meal.
6PM:  Take 1 dose of Prazi & Alben w/8oz water & 40g fatty meal.
Day 4-14 of treatment:
6AM & 6PM: Take 1 dose of Alben w/8oz water & 40g fatty meal.
Note:  If intestinal tapeworms persist after treatment, rest liver for 7 days, then repeat above schedule with Albendazole & Praziquantel only (not Niclosamide).
Alternate Drug Schedule~Tapeworm Cysts:
Day 1-3 of treatment:
6AM: Take 1 dose of Prazi & Alben w/8oz water & 40g fatty meal.  
12PM: Take 1 dose of Prazi w/8oz water & light meal.
6PM:  Take 1 dose of Prazi & Alben w/8oz water & 40g fatty meal.
Day 4-10 of treatment:
6AM & 6PM: Take 1 dose of Alben w/8oz water & 40g fatty meal.
Day 11-13 of treatment:
6AM: Take 1 dose of Prazi & Alben w/8oz water & 40g fatty meal.  
12PM: Take 1 dose of Prazi w/8oz water & light meal.
6PM:  Take 1 dose of Prazi & Alben w/8oz water & 40g fatty meal.
Day 14 of treatment:
6AM & 6PM: Take 1 dose of Alben w/8oz water & 40g fatty meal.
Note:  If encysted tapeworms persist after treatment, rest liver for 7 days, then repeat above schedule with Albendazole & Praziquantel only (not Niclosamide).

Dosing Tips:  
Recommend taking these antiparasitic vitamins & supplements, especially Zinc & Sulfur (MSM), during treatment:
Eat high-fiber foods & drink 8 glasses of fluids daily to flush out toxins & parasitic die-off.
During drug treatment, stop using herbal remedies, flushes, cleanses, DE, laxatives, colonics, MMS, nutrasilver, RIFE, zappers, & other OTC parasite products. 
None of these methods cure parasite infections.  They can be very toxic, destroy beneficial gut flora, & impair organs of the digestive system. 
They cause parasites to scatter everywhere, carrying enteric pathogens with them.  And they counteract & remove parasite drugs from your system. 
Disseminated parasites & toxins create a hyperinfection state & severely impact the immune system.  Then it's an uphill battle to eradicate them & repair damage done to the body.
For constipation or if worms or larva migrate to lower colon/anal area out of reach of meds in upper intestines:

~ At bedtime, take 1-2 tsp mineral oil to soften stool & loosen grip of worms & larva.  Wear underwear protection, because if you pass gas, you might "burn oil". (lol) 

~ Or use a Fleet saline enema to flush out stool, worms, larva, die-off, & toxins from the colon.

Topical treatments, creams, & ointments for parasites & larva in skin, scalp, soft tissue, mucous membranes, & perianal/genitourinary areas:

Tips to relieve Herxheimer reaction to parasitic die-off:

Ordering Niclosamide (Yomesan/Niclocide), Albendazole (Albenza) & Praziquantel (Biltricide) Tablets:  Online drug pharmacies:,,,,, &  No Rx required. 

For other online pharmacies:

~ Ask Parasite Drug Forum members for other sites they recommend:  
~ At, enter in separate searches:  albendazole+online, albenza+online, praziquantel+online, biltricide+online, niclosamide+online, niclocide+online, yomesan+online.  
~ To check pharmacy ratings:

Ordering Valbazen (Albendazole) Oral Suspension for Cattle & Sheep:  E-Bay, on-line veterinarian suppliers, & on-line or local livestock feed & supply stores.  For brands available in other countries, search at   
For other online suppliers, enter in search at valbazen+online.  Or ask forum members for other sites they recommend.

Ordering Praziquantel Powder:   Buy pure Prazi powder (no fillers or other meds).  Depending on your weight, you'll need 4-6g for each 1-day treatment.  So calculate how much you'll need before you order.  
Various brands are available at local & online aquarium/koi fish pond suppliers & E-Bay.
Canada:  Jeff's Aquatic Life ships Praz-Tastic in plain packaging with no Customs problems.  Also ships to US.  The listing says "20oz" but that's a typo.  It's only 10g, so you may need to order several:
For other online suppliers, see above instructions on how to search at or ask forum members for other sites they recommend.

Ordering Empty Gelcaps:  Size 00 gelcaps hold 600mg of Prazi powder.  Use a Q-tip to firmly press down powder into both parts of gelcap.  Available at health food stores, E-Bay, & online vitamin shops.
Carefully research all pros & cons of drug treatment based on your overall health condition, medical history, & other meds you're taking (see above drug monographs & references).   

Before starting any drug treatment, recommend medical diagnosis & lab testing to confirm the type of parasitic infection you have so that appropriate meds are used for treatment. 

But brace yourself for bad news.  Even when you take in whole worms or specimens for lab tests, results are usually negative!#? (lol)  This occurs when specific parasite tests (there are many to choose from) aren't ordered by your doctor.  This also applies to blood tests.

Stool tests are also unreliable.  The sample you collect may not contain any worms, eggs, or larva because they're not shed everyday.  Or the lab takes a small smear that doesn't contain anything to test although other areas of the sample contain parasites.  Or specific parasite tests aren't ordered.

Brace yourself for more bad news.  The mantra of most doctors is that all parasite infections only occur in 3rd world countries or poor, dirty, uneducated, lower-class folks!#?  They usually diagnose patients with "Delusional Parasitosis" & prescribe anti-psychotic drugs as a cure, which, of course, is a big dose of "BS". (lol) 

So be sure to take tranquilizers or blood pressure meds before your office visit so you don't go BESERK when you're told you're CRAZY!?#.  Or try my tips for doctor appointments (hee hee)

Good luck in your parasite battles!  Keep us posted on your progress ~ feedback helps everyone on the forum.

My Motto:  Aim high, shoot low, & use big guns!  
And as the African warrior Shaka Zulu said:  Never leave an enemy behind. (lol)
Cheers ~~ ICU
P.S.  If you have any questions, take 2 aspirin & call me in the morning.  My number is 1-800-WHO-CARES?  Just kidding! ~ Meow Meow   
Parasite Drug Protocols: Roundworms, Tapeworms, Flukes, Strongyloides, Morgellons, & Protozoa:



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