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QUESTIONNAIRE: Our stats, figures, medical histories - wanna compare em, see what's in common
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Published: 12 years ago

QUESTIONNAIRE: Our stats, figures, medical histories - wanna compare em, see what's in common

I want to collect some stats, compare and contrast what problems we've got.

In short, if you would be so kind, could you please fill in the following, as I have:

1. AGE, SEX, MARITAL/FAMILY: 24, male, single, no kids

2. HEIGHT, WEIGHT, BUILD (include changes): 189cm, 79kg (72-110 kg @ adult height, fluctuated wildly), fairly muscular

3. HEALTH PROBLEMS (probably non-fungal, current): bad posture/neck&back aches, some mild allergies, borderline hypoglycemia (low blood Sugar - possibly diet-related), some hair loss & crappy thin hair (might just be genetic and normal androgenic)

4. HEALTH PROBLEMS (suspected fungal):
4a) SKIN: jock itch, body itch, sweatiness, extreme dandruff, mild genital yeast infection - all mostly gone with antifungal use; red rash and occasional white fungal infection coating around lips - pretty harsh, still there; bad, easily chapped skin - hands, face - still there
4b) INTESTINAL: alternating constipation/diarrhea (still there), bloating (mostly gone), crazy reactions to carbs esp. Sugar and wheat (still VERY much there); "carbonated-looking" yeasty stools, strange white crap in crap
4c) MENTAL: brain fog (alternates from extreme to some), anxiety, insomnia, non-24h circadian rhythm (extreme @ ~28h), avoidant personality, mild agoraphobia, forgetfullness, headaches/migraines (debilitating)
4d) SEXUAL: none
4e) ORAL, NASAL: some tongue thrush, vicious post-nasal drip
4f) HEPATIC: some liver soreness from die-off when using meds, otherwise none
4g) OVERALL WELLBEING: fatigue, daytime sleepiness, no interest in going anywhere or doing anything, become very exhausted in public transport instantly for some reason (mild agoraphobia? mild claustrophobia? anxiety? - who knows), constant extreme thirst (like 10+ liters per day of liquids consumed, every day)

4x natamycin 100mg, daily
4x probiotics, 1x10^9 CFU, daily
2x itraconazole 100mg, daily (sporanox generic)
1x terbinafine 250mg daily
zinc supplement, sporadic
fluconazole 150mg, for flare ups, sporadic use
baby oil on irritation around lips - daily, as needed (a lot)
terbinafine cream, around lips - sporadic use
Flucinar (topical steroid gel) around lips - damage control when going out a must, sporadic use

6. DIET: low-to-no carb, low calorie, mainly fish and meat, don't tolerate carbs at all (instant oral flare-up)

7a) INFECTIOUS DISEASES (presumed cured): mononucleosis @ age 17, erroneous tuberculosis diagnosis @ age 10 (8 months of Antibiotics - ouch)
7b) SURGICAL PROCEDURES DONE: tonsils out @ age 7; hernia @ age ~12; reconstructed eye-socket w/ titanium implant @ age 17; fixed broken nose @ 22 (supposedly - kinda botched); ingrown toenails - like a dozen, in my teens, then it stopped occurring
7b-2) FILLING, IMPLANTS: no fillings, 1 titanium implant
7c) ALLERGIES, FORMER: asthma or something that mimicked it, ages 7-14 (resolved itself nearly 100% sometime after puberty)
7d) ALLERGIES, CURRENT: extreme amounts of dust; some animals; some pollen; all molds
7e) FUNGAL/INTESTINAL ISSUES: history of constipation, all my life; diagnosed with "disbacteriosis" (no gut flora whatsoever) @ age 4, had candida-type symptoms and lots of them, got resolved, no one remembers quite how; returned noticeably around age 19, suspect it actually started after titanium implant (probably Antibiotic treatment and stress, not the implant itself) & having mononucleosis right after it
7f) MENTAL HEALTH: chronic Depression (untreated), social anxiety (untreated), bit of a recluse and slob
7g) CHILDHOOD DEVELOPMENT: product of a difficult pregnancy (rhesus-incompatible w/ my already sickly mother), born 1 month premature, never breast-fed, extremely sickly as a kid, often treated w/ Antibiotics , used to have horrid hand-eye coordination & agility, used to be rather overweight and with no muscle to speak of

8. IQ (if tested): 142-168 on a clear head

9. EDUCATION: some college, very much "on the ten-year plan", chronic drop-in-drop-out

10. BAD HABITS, ADDICTIONS (drugs, pharmaceuticals, smokes, alcohol, caffeine, sugar, junk-food, etc.):
10a) RESOLVED/ADDRESSED: alcohol (rarely drink anymore, used to have several drinks per day for a few years), pain pills (mostly weaned myself off them, still sometimes take some for migraines but trying to stop that too), energy drinks=caffeine+sugar (cut out the Sugar and the energy drinks, am still very much caffeine-dependent - tea)
10c) ONGOING: tobacco (menthol lights, 2 packs per day, nervous chainsmoker), caffeine (tea only), muscle relaxants (tizanidine - for pain, anxiety, insomnia)

11. SOCIAL, PERSONAL: somewhat antisocial (fatigue+face rash make me avoid people a lot of the time), some friends but not exactly many or very close, some (OK - actually way too many) girlfriends but not at all serious

12. EMPLOYMENT: used to work as a chief translator, high pay, 60 hour weeks and irregular schedules and all, then "burned out" or the candida got to me (who knows what's cause and what's effect); occasional freelancer, not much work at all; broke & freeloading off parents (who thankfully live on another continent)

13. LIVING SITUATION: alone w/ 2 cats. even manage to avoid them these days.

14. SATISFACTION w/LIFE, 1 low to 10 high: 2-3, at best

15. CANDIDA STARTED WITH: Antibiotics @ age 4; then antibiotics+mononucleosis+ Depression @ age 17, sorta went away for a while around 21, came back w/ antibiotics+depression+alcohol abuse @ 22-23.


17. HEAVY PAST ANTIBIOTICS USE: yes. idiot doctors :(

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