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Re: Tingling/runny nose-nothing really good happening here
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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: Tingling/runny nose-nothing really good happening here

Everything that you mention has been experienced by forum members. The runny nose is referenced in old literature(jarvis) as being a sign of sufficiency, I beg to differ, had I quit when my nose was running, I'd still have FBD.
Fatigue is common, one thing that always helped me was the coffee enema(liver detox). The tingling you mention is suggestive of peripheral neuropathy..

peripheral neuropathy


Ford L
from "The basic program for feeling young and in love", 2006, pp 15-26.

“Iodine is the element that most human diets are most deficient in. Salts of the element Iodine are called “Iodides”. The vast majority of the dietary Iodine we eat is in the form of Iodides. Over 99% of Americans are presently consuming sub-optimal amounts of Iodide. This is because we are presently living in environments very different from the environments our hominid, and early human, ancestors lived in, and adjusted to, for millions of years, and we are eating foods very different from the kinds of foods our ancestors evolved to need. They evolved in semi-marine environments where Iodide was about 100 times more plentiful in their food chain, than it is in the foods we usually eat in America today. In the second volume of this book I will go into more detail about where on Earth our more distant ancestors evolved. The bottom line, however, is that the right amount of dietary Iodide for optimum human health and happiness is about 6- 14 mg, per adult, per day. The best final dosage of Iodide for most men is 8-12 mg. The best final dosage of Iodide for most women is 12 mg per day. About 90-95% of American adults can start right at those high final doses with no health problems.

“Even 1 mg per day, however, is still too high a dosage for about 5-10% of American adults to begin with. It may take months, or even years, for the millions of Americans suffering from more severe thyroid problems and/or “diabetic neuropathy” to get used to eating that much Iodide. This is because as dying peripheral nerves start being revived with more optimal Iodide levels and metabolism, for months or even years, they usually still do not function normally. Instead, they tend to signal to the brain sensations of intense itching and/or phantom pains. To help reduce these very distracting and painful problems, it is more comfortable to start with just ½ mg of Iodide per day. That is about 3 or 4 times as much Iodine as most Americans are currently getting, but it is still a low enough dosage not to overly aggravate the peripheral itching and pain problems.

“Taking ½ mg per day is just enough to noticeably speed up metabolism. In many adults with slower metabolism, it also may temporarily (for a few weeks) increase the pulse rate. As I just mentioned, people with long standing hypothyroidism, and/or poorly controlled Type II diabetes, are likely to experience an intensification of any itching they may already be suffering from in their feet, legs, hands, arms, etc. This itching is commonly called “diabetic neuropathy”, but it is usually caused more by hypothyroidism, than by diabetes. Taking Iodide tends to intensify the symptoms (itching and numbness) because in counteracting the hypothyroidism, it also restores more normal nerve metabolism. As more normal metabolism is restored, peripheral nerve cells that had been damaged, or nearly killed, from slow metabolism, start reviving. As they revive, they usually keep functioning abnormally for months or even years, and therefore send increasing amounts of abnormal signals to the brain. Those renewed and intensified signals are often experienced as intense itching and/or pains. The only good thing about this is that it occurs because the nerves are still alive, and are starting to get better. As they recover, the nerves eventually start acting more normally, and the pains and itching gradually go away. Unfortunately, the greater the damage going in, the longer and more painful the recovery.

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