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Re: So.........
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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: So.........

yeah..i read that "systemic candidiasis" is "rare".
"only immune damaged folks/drug abusers/cancerous
people can have that.
..oh reall?

probably written by
some "doctor" who is regurgitating what they told
him in med 1967. He posts old/obsolete/incomplete "knowledge" gets picked
voila!..hundreds of parrots repeating what they read..

.meanwhile I ponder all the classic candida symptoms
I've been enduring for several years..
and all the "fungus" sprouting from everywhere.
...eating carbohydrate anythings is hazardous..
gas blasting for the tendency..
blasting tiny balls of yeast..that launch tiny hairs..
that grow..very quickly.

see the same hairs..all over skin...hairs in urine..stools..semen..scalp...blood samples have tiny
filaments..[that can't be..too] candidiasis it can't be...
immune system not.."compromised" enough.
said so in some post in the interweb..somewhere.

...really do not see why people find it hard to believe
that candida yeast DOES GO FERAL in the gut..morph to
fungal mode and drills thru the gut into the nearest blood wherever the heck it wants. Sounds pretty systemic to me..

*must stop now and put more nanosilver in a desperate attempt to slow the fungals down that have moved into eyes. not "bits of vitreous" doc..not classic "floaters"..curly filaments that i see everywhere else these days. how fast will they grow and complete the destruction of my eyesight?..that IS the question..

.[[then when i have to fit all the colored fibers into the equation, and the odd bits of..stuff..appearing on the gets really confusing. Myosis..."morgellons"..
and candida?..

what happens when Genetically-Modified-Organisms dna traverses the gut..cross links/breeds/lateral dna transfers itself to the good bacteria..or the yeasts..for that matter..and starts turning on genes that were never intended to be used/activated?..

super candida fungus? fungus that is immune from all antifungals? [i've quite a laundry list of chemical antifungals that have utterly FAILED..nothing phases the skin fungus...lab biopsy indicates that the "fungus" is not a fungus. now what?

**I have no patience with the "canned" medical "wisdom" that is cut and pasted from textbooks written before
the days of gene manipulation/release into the environment.
crossing species?..childs about fungus and bacteria dna injected into your food seeds? it's ok..
all done by experts..nothing to worry about. Most of the seed "gmo" devilment done by MONSANTO..the same charming
folks that sold PCB's around the globe for over 50 years.
[despite having their own lab folks warning of serious health problems with PCB' early as 1937.] PCBs are
now utterly global...despite being banned decades ago.
..and we are to trust that their judgement on the safety
of Genetically-Modified-Organisms tech is ..worth anything?

so far as I can see..anything is possible now.

welcome to hell.



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