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Pillars in Heaven?
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Published: 9 years ago
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Pillars in Heaven?

As I was walking with my Light companion toward 'The Light', my companion who was an orb of light spoke to me from the center of his being to the center of my being, warning me to keep my eyes down or I would die(implied: my body below). I may have said this before but I wanted to mention something more about the pillars I saw in the court-room like stadium- in my NDE. Embedded in the pillars were beautiful gems. Since I was looking down, I looked around and paid attention to those embedded gems.

First of all, the light in 'the cradle of God' was so intense that it bled out all but a tiny bit of color from the gems... and still they were incredibly beautiful... There were so many of them that it astounds me now. When I looked at them, they would begin to tell a story. They were stories of joy, kindnesses, awe... all shining examples of love that souls and spirits brought forward to add to who and what 'The Light' is. Here is what I want to add though... I now realize why 'The Light' loved me so much. In my body, I was pretty much a villain who plotted and schemed to kill people all day long as part of my job. After work, I spent my thousands of hours practicing scenarios of famous battles and traps for killing others. It was more than a fascination for killing as it was, in my on twisted world-view, my way to honor 'God.' I was very self centered. But in spite of my villainy, when I died and went to the light, 'The Light' loved my gems... those moments when I shined...those times when I gently loved, other moments when I admired a sunset or sunrise, other times when I shared kindnesses with others...

What I wanted to add was that each of us, no matter what... even if we are dastardly or evil in the eyes of men may still have within us gems we can offer 'The Light.' When and where time ends, no matter what, if we ever had the least little tiny light in a lifetime of dark deeds and an uncaring heart, we will still add those tiny little gems in our life to who and what 'The Light' is.

'The Light' has a super awesome way of knowing.... in a very personal way... every single gem that each and every one of us adds to 'The Light.' When we add our ems to the light, each gem is then available to be viewed and studied by every other gem... and each gem has its own consciousness(A spirit)... In timelessness each gem's consciousness flows into and out of the consciousness of other gems(respecting each others free-will).

What I really wanted to say though is that it doesn't really matter if you only have one gem to offer 'The Light' or a thousand... each gem from no matter who it comes from is loved by love itself with the full on power of love. Our gems may look different in composition, texture and color from one another but they are loved with the same amount of love. Love loves.

We should be trying to add more gems of our life to who and what 'The Light' is but we as a soul are not loved any differently than another soul who has more gems to add... It is worth repeating... In timelessness, Love loves us with a love that just sees the gems in us at the final end of time.

Another thing I wanted to add; what were not gems makes me want to love more, share more, give more of myself... Those times when I was cruel, those times when I plotted to murder people just because they were Muslims, Communists, Gay People, Liberals, Catholics or people who spoke languages different than mine or lived in countries other than mine... This other stuff was chaff... discarded... and forgotten. We should be making gems and ridding our life of chaff... but even if we are trying... that light I met will find buried beneath our chaff our little beautiful ruby attempt and that little ruby attempt at light is just as admired by 'The Light' as any other jewel... We can live in timelessness with that that one little ruby but just knowing how much my tiny little gems were loved by 'The Light,' I just want to find inside of me somewhere a way to create more. Chiseling away my chaff so in this life and the next, I can share my gems with the other gems... I know I didn't say this all right or properly but I had to share it because if I do not then maybe someone will feel they are less than somebody else in the eye's of 'The Light.'

Your every kind action is a gem. Your every comforting action is a gem. Every time you stop and smell the roses is a gem. So, take whatever time you have left in the life you have, no matter how dastardly some of your prior actions and motive were and act with kindness, comfort those who cross your path and now take the time to enjoy the natural beauty of this world... It is not too late to add gems to 'The Light.' It may not seem much to you but to 'The Light...' no matter how small your act of kindness is, you small kindnesses are loved just as much as some great deed of another... There are no A minuses of kindnesses. All kindnesses are flawless gems. All of them. The smallest little comfort you share is just as triumphant as any other comfort... Kindness is kindness and comfort is comfort...

Kindness, comfort, awe, mercy, affection and admiration are outward expressions of the intrinsic nature of 'The Light' I met in my NDE. When we fight through the hard life this world often gives us and find a way to express those characteristics of the light, even is small ways, we are literally adding gems in timelessness that will be there when all the chaff is forgotten... Be a gem today...


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