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Hear Ye Hear Ye ... I need your help
Bigpete757 Views: 1,162
Published: 12 years ago

Hear Ye Hear Ye ... I need your help

I am asking for your help. For the past few years I have been seeing various doctors and still have not been able to make any progress. I have been fortunate enough to rule out a large number of things such as cancer, diseases, etc. What I am left with and what I am going through is something that many of you are familiar with. My story is not out of the ordinary and it makes sense why my health is so bad. The part that I need help with is figuring how I can get healthy again. What needs to comes first, what are the most important things to focus on, etc.

This is a forum dedicated to curing people and helping people get better again, and I am asking you from the bottom of my heart to please help me any way you can. If you know someone that knows alot about the body or health in general, please forward them this message by copy/paste/email, anything. I will try to give you some brief details about my situation. At the end, I will include a link that goes in detail about my story. It is on a natural health forum where people have been helping me. Some of the posts are very long so you can skim through whatever you like and focus on anything that you think is important.

My background is that I used prohormone (testosterone booster) supplements in highschool and used a minor amount of steroids around age 19. I used alot of drugs marijuane/cocaine and drank alot of alcohol from ages 14-23. Once off the drugs at age 23, I gained about 80 pounds. From 220-300. I took alot/excess of ant-acid medication and enormous amounts of zantac while I was putting on the weight. I am now 6'0 feet, 300 pounds.

Lab results/symptoms:
-Low cholesterol
-Low minerals (magensium, copper, chromium, vandidium, among many others)
-Anemia (iron and hemolytic)
-History of infections (ears all my life, staff around 18, pilonidal cyst, abcess with klebsiella pneumoniae bacteria, coughing every day for last 7 months)
-Ebv virus and little elevated HHV6 marker
-Dyboisis on CDSA test (no lacto or bifido)
-High liver recircualing toxins marker (beta-glucoridanse)
-Peptic ulcer
-Low hormone levels (testosterone, adrenal, mild hypothyroid)
-High levels of mercury on hair analysis and RBC element analysis from Genova, Quest urine tests did not detect high levels)
-High level of bismuth on hair test and a little elevated uranium
- food allergies , gluten/eggs/dairy
-Enormous/out of control appetite (always very hungry)
-Consistently low body temperature (always under 97.5)
-Urinating very frequently and alot throughout the day and night
-Low carbon dioxide in blood

What has been recommended for me do right now is drink ozone water to help heal my ulcer. And this will also help to detox/provide more oxygen to my body. And also to start doing Liver Flushes . I believe doings this right now will help me out alot, but just wanted to get your opinion of them and or anything else I could be doing. I am also thinking about doing ewot right now to provide my body with more oxygen and help detox.

A chiropractor I met with yesterday recommended that I take a supplement called opti cleanse ghi for my liver, glutagenics for my gut, and natural calm for magnesium.

I just ordered some bottles of the phos liquid that will be here this week, along with the ozone machine. I am not sure if I can take this phos liquid with my ulcer not healing yet, so if anyone knows about this, please let me know.

Overall, what I think is going on is that I have some issues with my GI tract, detoxification, hormones, possibly heavy metals, and this is causing widespread problems. I have looked into Functional medicine and I think alot of it could help me get healthy again. Also natural/alternative medicine, etc. I think changing my body from a cellular standpoint is one thing that will work for me, but I just don't know how to do that.

I made a list the other day of what I might need to treat first in order. Please let me know your opinion is and feel free to offer any advice that could help. Also, if you know the names of any good brands of supplements that I could use throughout this process, that would be great as well.

1. Heal the ulcer
2. Work on getting the liver to function better through flushes and possible supplements.
3. Taking betaine hcl and pepsin.
4. Take other supplements to aid in digestion such as enzymes, bile enhancer, etc.
5. Work on opening up organs of elimination and improving the ability to detoxify toxins.
6. Possibly detox heavy metals through chelation.
7. Address hormonal issues if they do not get better during this process.
8. Address other ways to optimize my health.

Here is the link about my story.

Thank you so much for reading. God bless.

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