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Re: Hv is an herbalist-not a dietician-and a very busy person
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Published: 12 years ago
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Re: Hv is an herbalist-not a dietician-and a very busy person

I join you too.
I can understand what you're asking perfectcircle, but there's no need to be rude.
You want proofs. Then use the search button and try to understand what is said in the posts.
I think the information here is quite clear and rich in studies to prove the claims.
Prilosec is getting rid of your symptom, heartburn. But the cause is not solved. Lack of stomach acid causes a fermentation, gaz (carbon dioxyde, belching!), that pushes on the cardia, carrying acid traces through the oesophagus.
I suffered from heartburn during 10 years. I know what it is, trust me.
Try the bitters, TMG, zinc and B vits. They will help you absorb the nutrients needed to produce sufficient amounts of gastric acid. They you're problem will be solved.
Bitters : a half dropper full on the tongue just before meals. The taste stimulates the vagus nerve, which stimulates the organs to release their juices (stomach, pancreas, liver and gallbladder, mild intestinal stimulation)
Avoid Swedish Bitters, as they contain some laxatives herbs (senna, aloe,...) Prefer grape bitters, for example.
TMG (Trimethylglycine) : 500-1000mg with meals. It increases methylation, with many other benefits. for more information.
B vitamins are acid dependant, and they are also required to form stomach acid. So, until you have sufficient levels, you won't be able to digest properly. They are also needed for methylation, especially B6, B12 (the intrinsic factor carry it to the ileum where it is absorbed. without acid, NO intrinsic factor, thus no B12), B9. A supplement under the tongue is a good idea. Only under the tongue, as they are acid dependant (and you lack of it).
Zinc is a catalyser of stomach acid. 50mg with the largest meal to prevent nausea. Do not go above, as it can act as an immunesuppressor in larger dosages.
Be sure to eat sufficient Sea Salt , as salt is also needed to produce sufficient stomach acid levels (if no high blood pressure problems).

If you have heartburn, try to drink a glass of water with a tbspoon of apple cider vinegar. Or a very acidic apple like granny smith. This will cut fermentation in the stomach. This helps me too when I have a bit heartburn. In the beginning you can also have some ACV before meals, or add some betaine HCL caps, because some time is needed for your body to start producing acid in sufficient amounts.

This is what I remember of the Hv's advices, and what I do everyday to help my digestion.
Make your own idea, but don't be so agressive with ppl here please.
Thank you and good luck.


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