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Hv is an herbalist-not a dietician-and a very busy person

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Published: 12 years ago
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Hv is an herbalist-not a dietician-and a very busy person

Did you spend time researching??? Here's more of his posts. I don't think he's going to say "1. eat 1/2 cup of oatmeal at 7am,  2. drink 2 cups kefir at 7:30am". From what I've read, he eats whatever he wants and doesn't subscribe to specific diet plans. 


"I feel a diet around 80% vegetables, fruits, and grains, and about 20% meat proteins, including eggs is best. Meat proteins do have the advantage of having B12, which is virtually impossible to get from plants. The fats you need will be provided in the foods I mentioned.

As for the long life span thing we must keep in mind the majority of people with very long life spans do not get there from diet, but rather lack of stress.

Chewing food throughly does have various benefits. First of all of course is greater surface area for increased absorption of nutrients. Along the same line is the breaking down of plant cell walls to release their constituents. Then there is better digestion of carbohydrates as the amylase in the saliva has more time to mix with and break down the starches. This also slows eating down, which actually decreases total caloric intake. It takes time for our stomach to tell our brain we are full. The reason we tend to over eat when we eat fast is that we are shoveling the food down so fast that the stomach does not get the chance to say stop until it is too late. When the stomach finally tells the brain we are overstuffed and really uncomfortable. When we eat slowly by chewing thoroughly the stomach fills up slower and the stomach tells the brain that it full before we overeat. This can also help to control blood sugar for the same reason. Studies have shown that overeating can lower life expectancy due to elevated blood sugar. Slower eating also helps us to not overeat as it gives the brain more time to convert tryptophan, released from the ingestion of carbohydrates, in to serotonin, which kills the appetite. And of course it allows us to enjoy our food more if the food tastes good.

As for water or not with meals I am a firm believer of water with meals. There are several reasons for this. First of all is it allows the food to mix better with the acids and enzymes. Consider putting a bunch of dry in ingredients in to a blender. If you turn the blender on the ingredients do not mix very well. Now add some liquid and do the same thing. The ingredients are now blended properly. Water is also essential for the extraction process. Remember from chemistry that water is the universal solvent. It helps to extract the vitamins, minerals, alkaloids, etc. from our foods. And the water helps to expand the food we ingest, which again helps to prevent us form overeating.

As for the claim it dilutes stomach acid, this is kind of misleading. If you give the body what it needs to produce its stomach acid properly then the stomach will just increase its output of stomach acid if diluted to restore the proper pH. If age, or some other issue, is reducing the stomach's ability to generate enough stomach acid then bitters can be used to stimulate the secretion."





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