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Re: Lost "souls".. I still refuse to believe that
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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: Lost "souls".. I still refuse to believe that

In my NDE, I lined up with other souls to return to my body. I had the distinct understanding that I had done this many times before. I posted this in the NDE Support Forum but I also wanted to post it here to see if your 'loosh' idea and my concept are similar. I am willing to accept your argument that we are tricked into falling into this dimension. I feel betrayed. I do sense though that if I can embed in my soul a firm message to not return to this dimension of partial light that my soul can move on.

I have been a teacher for these last ten years or so. My teaching method is not the traditional reward and punishment type of teaching style. That style may work for brutes but I never treat even my worst student by holding a punishment over their head. I have never given a single A or F. I am teaching to their souls and not their bodies. I say that but this world is driven by a miserly old man who is stingy with his rewards and has made my own life a life with long episodes of severe pain. Most people know this mean spirited being as God, 'The Devil' or Mother Nature. It may be okay for those it is okay with but not for me. I have witnessed the other side in ways that my soul has etched into my muscle memory a better way... a higher path.... magnanimity... While I do not always operate within that higher path, I know that there are higher paths that are not attached to pain... There are dimensions where the differences are joy and towering joy. But why do souls not all choose that path?

The biggest issue to me on the other side is that on the other side we can not remember pain. It doesn't exist there. I don't want to experience pain there but I do not want to return to this dimension again. This dimension of pain and tears allows a soul to grow more than in other dimensions where the lessons are more subtle. If I go back again, and I were to remember the pain, they would have to scrape me off of the gates of heaven to force me back into this dimension. But we are like lemmings who breed then swim to their death.

To overcome this constant need to keep coming back to this dark dimension of time...we need only choose to enter other more subtle dimensions. But, if we do not embed into our soul loving and joyful memories our desires to end the roller coaster rides of terror and pain. If we do not send a clear and loving message to our soul that we are done with war and suffering then we will not remember that we want to move on to dimensions of higher love, dimensions where the light is much greater than 666.666% light, like this lesser dimension of partial light we currently fall into over and over. I hope when I return again to 'The Light,' I am finished with this dimension. I am attempting to embed those loving soul memories of my desire to not choose these lesser dimensions again.

Part of the problem is that we see those we love and want to help them. We do not see their pain but we do feel a need to tinker. We may not be able to help them directly but we believe that if we just return again, we could help the conditions of those below. It is a trick though. It just gets us to line back up again and fall over and over until we choose to not fall.

Eventually, we will all let go of the dimension of 2/3rds light. My own rehearsal for my soul is that I will only return to an earth where death and dying are vanquished and I will only return to an earth that is much more light than the shadow world where we now live. There are realms or dimensions beyond this dimension where there are only variations of light that would be the difference between an opaque pink and pure light. I may not be ready to become 'The Light' yet but I hope when this flesh ride is done that I am ready to move on to more subtle dimensions of higher love...even if those dimensions only allow more subtle learning. That is my teaching style today. I teach with rewards not punishments. I hope my mean soul will get the message and quit trying to teach me with pain.

Y-h(The sum of towering joy) bless you forever


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