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Published: 9 years ago

'The Sky is Falling' or What is 2012

‘The Sky is Falling’ or Just What is 2012?

In my NDE, on my way back to my body, I watched the whole history, present and future of the earth. I watched while an age and then age after age passed. The earth began as a place full of light but then again, toward the end of the earth’s existence as a physical place, earth changed back into a light filled planet. The refreshed earth was then much as it was in the beginning, when the earth just popped up where it is out of nothing. As I watched the earth become light filled, I did not receive any special knowledge about an exact date for the change. Time was a fluid thing in my Near Death Experience, more closely related to sequences of events, over dates and times of their happening. Time in my NDE was much like a very complicated Rubik’s Cube. To complete its course the changes of the earth do not have to happen in exactly one way; to get where it needs to be to finish the puzzle of its life and death there are certain sequences that must occur before the puzzle that is the earth. 2012 may be a beginning of the change back to a light filled planet. When I say ‘light’ in context with my NDE, I am usually referring to ‘The Light’ I met on the other side. That loving and joyful whatever it was I met on the other side is the same energy I saw changing the world into the likeness of itself… Could this be 2012? I am not certain at all about that date but it sure makes for looking into.

In my NDE, there were many ages of the earth. The earth started off as light filled place then began to grow dim and then brighter from age to age to age. Mostly, when it became about 2/3rds light the light of the earth would begin to dim again. When the earth grew very dim for the last time, in its place the world became a planet of intense brightness until the end of its days. In the last ages of the earth, the earth had once again regained its former full light. There were minor amounts of temporary dimness even after the earth lightened but they are more like corrections than dimness.

Before the veil is lifted from off of the earth, I watched from just outside earth’s atmosphere, the earth was growing dimmer than it ever had before. The earth then marvelously changed. I watched the light move across the waters and over land to find every spirit and soul… The light searched until that light went into every hidden place and even into the bowels of the earth itself. The earth was then transformed from the inside out into a much lighter version of itself. There were ages after that even but when there was an imbalance in those last ages the balance was restored more quickly than in ages prior.

To come back to my body, I had to agree to many conditions. I do not remember physically signing a contract but after I searched 3D books and made agreements, I had to agree to an infinite less one clauses in them that depended on every other spirit and soul doing their part as well. I understood, we all have our part to play in influencing those around us toward the light and or the absence of it. I also understood, the age I was returning to was an age of relative dimness, less than 66.666% light. I agreed to do my part to help lift the veil that was covering the earth. What I agreed to do was important. Each of us is important and when we do not do as we agreed, our level of discomfort can become considerable. We may become ill or depressed. Our life experiences themselves may be asking us to move toward our favored path. How we answer those requests can be wonderful for all who we influence.

When the veil of dimness is finally lifted from off of the earth again, there are wonderful ages, for the whole organism that is the earth. But there is also an end to the ages of light. In a linear way, in my NDE, I saw the earth had a last hour when it exploded into millions of pieces and nothing ever took its place... What this revelation tells me is that we should not put all of our energy into what we build in this world. This world and it systems are a fading dream but the joy we give and receive are timeless. Our soul is the canvas where we paint our lives. We can spend our days painting our story into a story of suffering but our suffering is never added to who we are on the other side. We can spend our days building our Ark, to escape the calamities of this world, but if we do this with fearfulness then we are making the world more dim and holding back the great healing that I saw occur. Allowing joy inside, we increase the light inside of us and help with every other joyful light and spirit, usher in the healing of our planet.

2012 may be a part of the sequence of change to a light filled planet I watched happen in front of me in my Near Death Experience. 2012 could also come and go and what is penciled in on a million calendars will be just a beginning and not the final removal of the veil. If we are living close to what we know inside is our true path then we may be more intuitive about what to do to help the earth along on its journey. Depending on how we respond to our intuitions, life may go easier or harder for us than those we influence. If we are living in an expectation of joy, we may be in a better position than others who are caught up in fear, during the birth pains of an earth becoming a lighter version of itself.

Should we spend our energy storing food for our family or guns and ammunition to stave off the hordes of starving people or should we be preparing our souls and ignore the safety of our bodies and those we love? The answer to this may be as unique to each individual as there are individuals but to survive in a physical body at all costs defies what I learned in my NDE. There is no soul death. Our bodies are only vehicles for our souls. We may use that vehicle to cause a lot of harm to others and ourselves or we can use our bodies to help. I would much rather use my body to help. Causing as little harm as possible and surviving may not be possible. We each may have to look inside ourselves as 2012 approaches and see what we would be willing to do to survive in what many believe will be great calamities.

"Before you leave this world, make peace with everyone.
Only then, you will have a happy death."
- Anonymous

I had a vision once of people who radiated joy and laughter as the world was crashing around them. While knowing, 'We are only in this world for a little while/ We might as well do what makes us smile,' we should be busy doing what makes us smile. Smiles are contagious even during frightening days. Using the ‘Butterfly Effect’ principle, your smile may be a catalyst that makes the whole world smile. Living a joyful life is an outlook that is the best insurance policy when our world falls apart. Living joyfully insures, no matter what happens, your life will be a life lived well. Smile when the world is crying because you know deep down 'there is no sting in death. ' I am not saying we should not try to stay alive if we can but to make ourselves miserable to save our own life and those we love is the opposite kind of energy we should be using to make this world into a light filled earth.

Mormons store enough food to feed their families for seven years. This is wise. There are others who are preparing their souls to enter through a door that is being prepared for them. This to me is even wiser. Can we do both? I believe we can. Each of us is on our own path to the same light.

There are some today with great financial resources, who believe the earth is going to go through major calamities and they are planning to escape to the stars or hide deep in the earth. If you have not been invited, you could begin to prepare with those who are planning for that possibility. As for me, I have been watching 2012 with keen interest, as it seems it could match what I witnessed in my NDE. But, in my Near Death Experience, I was given no date for when the earth will be overtaken by light, so I can only suggest we should do what our own intuition tells us. Since no one has given me a ticket to outer space or the keys to an underground city, I have chosen another path. Living joyfully, according to what I learned from dying and returning to this world is for me the best path for me and the best medicine for anything that happens in this world. If I die and I lived joyfully then I have gained more than if I survive calamities with no joy in my heart. If we walk in fear of others then our walk will not be added to what survives this life. Laugh dozens of times each day. Joyful laughter puts us on 'The Light's' radar' and allows light to surround us and heal others and ourselves.

What would you do if you were faced with starvation? Would you kill or steal? Even though I have never had to steal anything in my life to date, I could see myself taking something from a Wal-Mart, if my little one was starving to death but would I steal from or kill my neighbor, take what they have and let them starve so I could live? I met someone whose fear of boogiemen and natural disasters was so great that that they are planning on killing hungry people and are seriously considering cannibalism as a last option. They are filled themselves fear and fill those around them with so much fear that they may influence others into a willingness to injure or kill others to stay alive. How we act in our best moments is how we are measured, after our darkness has been cleansed from our soul, but when we act at our best during our worst moments then we have truly overcome the world. There are millions of people who starve to the point of death and still have the dignity to never resort to cannibalism. I hope, I will forage for roots and nuts or eat grass, before I would resort to hurting others or worse to feed myself.

What do we want in home in our portable medicine cabinet? If a natural or manmade disaster occurs, pharmacies and doctors may not be available. I do not use them anyway. I have been doctor free for many years now but If a doctor tells someone they should quit smoking or they will surely die, those words will often make a smoker stop, while others will not stop smoking to save their lives. Some of those who do not stop smoking will go on to live long full lives but many who refuse to quit smoking will shorten their lives considerably. There are those also who quit smoking and die anyway. What if there were no doctors to tell you what to do to save your life? What would you keep in your pantry and medicine chest? The advice I am giving you below is in no way from my NDE but rather gained from information my intuition tells me would help in times of natural or manmade emergencies. The following are things I would consider keeping available now and take with me if the world becomes inhospitable:

Clean water is the first thing that should be on one's list to consider during any crisis. Water is essential for life. Natural or man-made earth changes may cause our clean water supply to either stop completely or become contaminated. If you have a way to distill water, that is not dependent on electricity, then you will be head and shoulders above anyone else who does not. If you do not do this first step then filling up as many containers as you can and filling the bathtub up as soon as you know a major disaster is about to or has just happened should be our next step. Next, finding and then storing clean water would be my next choice. Water filtration and a few drops of Iodine in water could help clean contaminated water. Knowing where water sources are, with containers to carry the water back to where you live, then boiling your water would be my last resort but it may be the only option if other measures are not available. If you can make clean water then this can be a resource that can be used to barter for other things one might need in a survival situation.

Iodine is an element found in seaweed or kelp. Iodine is an element that keeps the thyroid healthy. When saturated with iodine, the thyroid stops radiation from causing cancer or hyperthyroidism. It is an amazing healer and is very important to have in case of an injury. In the summer, our bodies may get too much sun. Painting Iodine on a soft part of our skin will allow the iodine to be absorbed into our body and will counteract the radiation we get from the sun.

Iodine is a means to give the body what it needs to heal wounds but is also a means to get iodine into a body that needs it. To test if your body needs iodine, put several drops of iodine on the back of your hand or foot. If the iodine is absorbed quickly then your body is likely deficient of iodine. During a manmade or natural radiation event, iodine painting could prevent you and those you love from having radiation poisoning.

When any type of radiation event or solar flare up occurs, Iodine is our best friend. If we have taken precautions before the event occurs, by having enough iodine in our thyroid, we can remain healthy and capable of helping others. Overdoing it though could lead to an allergic reaction. Only use as much iodine as you need. Iodine also comes in pill form. Potassium Iodide is recommended for a radiation event. I keep several bottles of this in my herbal medicine cabinet, just in case.

During the summer or when solar flares are causing excessive radiation, the body will absorb Iodine painted on the soft areas of our skin and block the radiation the sun emits that could poison our thyroid. It just takes a few drops. I did this for my 5-year-old daughter and myself last Summer when there were over 100 days of 100 º F temperature. Iodine will help prevent cancers and other radiation related conditions, in case of radiation exposure, from solar or man-made radiation poisoning.

The whole world around you may be frightened but if you iodine paint before radiation exposure then your body will repel radiation poisoning. After exposure to radiation from larger radiation events, Iodine application three times a day and taking Potassium Iodide will slow the progress of thyroid poisoning, helping your body prevent cancers from overwhelming the body. Food Grade Iodine can even be taken orally. It may be hard to convince those you love into taking Iodine orally before radiation exposure so Iodine painting is my way of insuring that radiation events will not make me or my little one ill. If I were going to stock up on anything, it would be Food Grade Iodine and Potassium Iodide.

Non Iodized Sea Salt is the next item on my list of items to stock up on. Sea Salt helps our bodies remain healthy by mineralizing our bodies when they are not healthy. Why wait until a calamity to begin using Sea Salt ? Unprocessed sea salt is similar in its mineral and trace element content to our own human blood. It is different than table salt in that unprocessed sea salt still contains about 4% potassium chloride and over 50 other minerals and trace elements. Those tiny amounts of trace elements in sea salt may be just what one’s body needs to help the body heal itself. More is not better.

Large amounts of salt intake increases blood pressure. A tiny pinch of non-iodized sea salt though, in several glasses of distilled water, each day is like having a blood transfusion. A person that does this will have all the minerals and trace elements they need to stay healthy. When a health crisis does occur, a body with a proper balance of minerals will help the body heal itself.

Iodine added to salt in the iodizing process is the way most people get iodine in their diet but iodizing salt destroys the qualities in salt that make it good for one's body. If we are getting our Iodine from foods like kelp, seaweed, or Iodine painting, then we do not need iodized salt. Throw out your salt-shaker and get the good stuff…

The added benefit of drinking several glasses of distilled water with a tiny pinch of unrefined sea salt each day is that it will also help one's bowels flush toxins more readily. It is best to have one healthy bowel movement for each meal. Without drinking the salt and water solution, I never have more than one bowel movement per day. Less than one bowel movement each day is an indicator that our gut is clogged up and toxins are being created when the gut is backed up.

If one is drinking several glasses of distilled water with sea salt each day and they are still are not having daily bowel movements then an enema or a natural suppository should be used.

Eat and drink as little Sugar as possible. Sugar weakens the immune system and causes one’s body to go into emergency overload, causing our body and mind to operate in the flight or flight mode. Backing slowly off of anything with Sugar in it can help a body return to a more relaxed state of being. Chocolate may be an exception. Ha!

Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide is an invaluable addition to your emergency medicine cabinet.

The ear is the most common vector for bacterial and viral infection. When one first starts having a sore throat, frogginess, ear infections or feeling anything coming on, diluting Hydrogen Peroxide with warm water and pouring it into our ears can eliminate an infection before it can take hold of the body.

Bathing in a warm bath with 1 cup of Hydrogen Peroxide can open the pores and oxygenate the body through the skin. Hydrogen peroxide absorbed into the skin and can help the body remove toxins stored in the skin.

Apple Cider Vinegar is the best dietary supplement in the world. It helps our bodies digest food, adds vitamins, minerals and enzymes that make it the perfect food. I have a blog that has had over 1 million visits called the Apple Cider Research Blog at CureZone here: //
It is under my screen name Risingsun. Taking a teaspoon or two of ACV in water or juice each day could eliminate sickness from your life forever.

Colloidal Silver is a last ditch kind of supplement that helps when illness sets in. It is rather expensive to buy but costs pennies to make.

Use only 99% + Silver Rods and always use distilled water.

If there ever is anarchy and you know how to use your knowledge to heal those around you, you can barter your knowledge for food and shelter.

I have had the intuition to move to elevations above 1,500 feet. I live and work at sea level. I could follow my intuition and perhaps survive what my intuition is telling me. But I am okay with being where I have meaningful work and a beautiful view of the beach most every day. I don’t always follow my own advice so if you only see one thing from the ways I have kept perfect health for the last several years then it might have been worth you wading through my long post.

I know fear may cause us to hurt others and ourselves and make us forget we are loved by the light. Since my NDE, I am not afraid to die at all but I am still afraid to be shamed. I hope I would not behave in some type of villainous way to save my own life or even those I love. When we go to the other side, we only take the light inside of our soul to add to who and what ‘The Light’ is. Protecting ourselves and those we love should be a priority but not ‘The” priority of our lives. Most of our energy should be used for giving those we can influence joy, loving kindness and for honoring the beauty of nature with our awe. These are gifts to ourselves that are timeless treasures that will stand as our gemstones in what will be the story of our life. Fear keeps us from walking in front of trains and keeps us from doing dastardly deeds at times but fear has failed us if it steals our joy. Breathing deeply the world and holding it in the lower parts of our lungs is a physical way to dispel fear when it is not serving us. Holding on to the knowledge that we are loved beyond any comprehension can also help as well. I hope each of you who read in part or all the way to the end of my long-winded pontification will honor the life you have been given enough to live joyfully. Forgive quickly and forget harm. Learn the lessons but do not let your lessons steal your bliss.

Y-h(The sum of all joy) bless you


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