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Published: 16 years ago
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Hi Everyone:

I flushed 72 times to get to the end of liver/gall bladder stones. Since then, last August, I have been working weekly, with 2 exceptions, to clear my fatty liver of backed up pale, yellow, gewy, sticky cholesterol. I clear about 1/2 - 1 cup of the gew with each flush. This last flush the colour was a dark brown, rather than the pale yellow which tells me that the darkest is the oldest; that's how it is with the stones. Also with this last flush I had a very uncomfortable night whereas I usually just sail through my flushing nights.

I know that I started out with a fatty liver because of the many hours of researching this matter on the net. I needed to know what was coming through with my flushes.

I can tell that my liver is recuperating because of the amount of dark green healthy bile that the liver produces with the latest flushes. This is different from the stagnent chaff and bile of previous flushes. Andreas Moritz , of 'The Amazing Liver Cleanse' fame says that the liver must be completely clean before it can function optimally. I still have more flushes to come, I can still feel the scratching in my upper back, eventhough it has decreased considerably since the last flush. I suspect that that sticky gew is harder to move than the stones in a way.

IMPORTANT NOTICE LIVER FLUSHERS: I have learned the hard way that the kidneys need attention, just as Andreas Moritz says in 'The Amazing Liver Cleanse'. He strongly recommends to clean the kidneys after every 3 or 4 flushes. For the most part I have been very careful about that, when I forgot about it, my kidneys reminded me.

Hulda Clark said that the debries from Liver Flushing is the most toxic substance imageneable. Some of this debries ends up in the blood circlation and consequently gets processed through the kidneys on the way out. This may cause the kidneys to become overwhelmed with so much highly toxic waste.

I have been using 3 different kinds of kidney cleanses throughout the 3 years of liver flusing. I was daily on Gold Coin Grass tea which I purchased here in Chinatown for 3 months at a time. I also alternated with freshly ground Celery seed tea, 2 cups a day made from 1 Tablesp of seeds watered down and sprinkled with stevia for about 2 or 3 days. Andreas Moritz also has a kidney cleansing recipe in his book. The herbal concoction is 2 heaping Tablesp of dried herbs soaked overnight and simmered in 2 cups of water the next day.

Last August I also started daily intestinal/colon cleansing with P&S shakes. It took 2 1/2 months to get past the soft old matter and another 2 - 3 months of old ropes and now I am shoveling the candida out which finds a comfortable home hiding out between the old ropes and the intestinal walls. Thanks to the P&B shakes, candida I am coming for you. There is so much candida coming through that I very strongly suspect that I still have candida in the liver and what is now coming through the lymph dumpings looks like it has loads of candida in it too.

For intestinal/colon cleansing no formula is necessary except the P&B shakes. I started with 1 level teasp each of clay, spyllium seeds (fine) and psyllium husks (coarse) 3 times daily an hour away from food before and after and of course lots of extra water.
For the last 2 months I doubled the amounts for the shakes.

By this summer I expect to be cleaned out from head to tow like new, then I'll be able to say 'life begins at 68' :-) :-) How is that?

For some people antifungals work, but for those of us who have a systemic load, nothing but cleaning out the liver and intestinal tract will do. That is my take. Good luck everyone, I'll be glad to answer questions. Do I have experience or what? :-)

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