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Once in spirit, can you choose?
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Published: 9 years ago

Once in spirit, can you choose?

C- 1. I've heard of some people who while in spirit have some kind of spiritual body, either like their own while on earth, or an energy type of body. Still others say they had no body, and were pure consciousness. Please tell me what your take is on why someone would take on a form, or just manifest as pure spirit. Is there a reason why some people have a spiritual body, and yet others are only consciousness? Once in spirit, can you choose the form you manifest as?

r- In my own NDE, I first observed my physical body in a life review, from outside my body. I assume that I was seeing from my soul but there was no physical form. It was more like a 3D camera seeing every moment of my life.

When I was in the tunnel, going to the light, I did not recognize my own physical body but did appear to be seeing through my eyes.

When I arrived in heaven, an orb of light met me there. My companion orb of light showed me around heaven and took me to a library where the edited stories of light, coming from every soul and spirit were stored. While I did not see my whatever I was as an orb of light, I did notice that I no longer saw what was outside of me from the place my head would have been and I did not hear the sounds in heaven from where my ears would have been. I saw and heard what was going on in heaven from the center of my being. I assume, I was an orb of light but I still had a sense of walking, kneeling, laying down on my face, opening the door to the chamber room, opening 3D books in the library and touching items as if I had a body but I could not see limbs, hands, feet etc….

On my return to my body on earth from heaven, I started off with a bunch of orbs of light that were heading to earth and other destinations, so I assume I was an orb of light myself. I was in total darkness but for my companion orbs… until…. as I started to fall past planets surrounding our sun, I began to see my own arms in front of my body… they were not solid but rather translucent. I could see through my arms but not really what was on the other side.

I made a stop outside the atmosphere of earth to see the history and future of the earth but I did not see my physical or even my translucent body there. I did seem to be looking from where eyes would have been if I did have my earthly physical body.

As I left the place outside the earth, I began falling again toward my body. I was translucent again. I could see my arms again. As I passed through rain clouds and toward my body, I saw rain hitting my translucent arms and bouncing off. I thought that was interesting. My translucent body displaced water.

I saw my little MGB and went back into my physical body.

As you can see from my own experience, it seemed that I went through many forms from an omnipresent observer to something different in the tunnel; I was an orb in heaven and an orb coming back to my body but somewhere along the way back I became semi-physical… a much lighter version of myself.

c - 2. After your final time coming into the spirit world, what would you spend your time doing, and what would be the purpose of what you do? (I know there is only timelessness in spirit, but lack of a better way to ask)

r- I spent a goodly amount of moments in a library reflecting on what light I had to offer from my life to ‘The Light’ whom I called ‘God.’

I spent other moments in the place where ‘The Light’ is cradled.

I also walked around heaven where I saw beautiful landscapes and gardens.

Outside the atmosphere, I opened many books, to help me understand the world below and my place in it.

c- 3. I know NDE's share many common elements, but there are some differences, for example some meet Jesus, while others meet Buddha. Why do people have these different experiences in their NDE? Is the light God, or spirit; what is the true nature of the light?

r- I met an orb of light in heaven who, although he never said his name was Jesus(whom I call Yahshua), interacted in ways that made me believe he was Jesus.

I understand that others see other deities or the absence of them because ‘The Light’ gives each soul what it needs to see in their NDE. The ‘true nature of ‘The Light’ is the sum of all light coming from every soul and spirit in every dimension.

c- 4. Once you have learned the lessons you need to learn in this life, and can remain in spirit, what are the steps toward becoming enlightened all the way? How would you describe a soul who has attained true enlightenment?

r= I had a [post nde] vision of being in or returning to a new earth that is free of death and dis-ease. I hope, when I die again, I am done learning lessons in this world of tears and pain.
I believe there are dimensions of higher love that are not complete enlightenment but much better than this dimension. I would call this dimension of time a dimension
Where souls and spirits enter bodies that wa[r] against one another.

When we achieve ‘true enlightenment,’ I understand we have become ‘one’ with ‘The Light.’ ‘The Light’ in this context is the sum of light that comes from every soul and spirit in every dimension.

c-5. Why are there so many different religions on this earth?

r-Just as each of us who has a NDE experiences what is beyond life somewhat different [for each soul].

c- 6. Are there certain absolute universal truths that are eternal? If so, please describe.

r- ‘The Light’ is the sum of all love...

c- 7. What is the right way to live in alignment with God/Spirit, and to live at your highest potential? For example, through expressing love, in your friendships, through being creative, listening to inspiring music? Or All?

r- Joy, Loving Kindness, Delight, Awe of Nature…. Every bit of Light from every soul and spirit make a life well lived in this life but in the next remains the greatest love song ever sung…

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