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Re: Some god's are pretenders (parasites)
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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: Some god's are pretenders (parasites)

I had a clear understanding, after returning to my body, all of my beliefs and assumptions about there being an angry and jealous God who either sent us to hell or to heaven were just an oversimplication of what occured at death. We souls and spirits who enter a body are borrowing it much like a person borrows a bicycle. Like people and bicycles, some souls take good care of their bodies but not because the bicycle may be suffering but just because they know that if they take care of that bicycle then they can use it when they need it. There are some souls who just don't get that abusing a body to get what they want from it causes that body to suffer. When we are riding on a bicycle, we rarely even think about it until it gets a flat or starts having problems.

There is a lot of abuse of bodies going on from just plain ignorance. Souls do not fully comprehend pain but when souls and bodies begin to communicate with one another then they can help each other. Since my NDE, I have come to know that the language of the light is love, joy, kindness... the awe of nature and the natural beauty of this world. If our souls can convince our bodies to interact with the world with 'light' then there is a means to have heaven in this world. When we learn the language of soul and live within that language, all other languages tend to fade away... Some who see all as God have arrived there and see nothing else....but I am not quite there... and part of it is that I have empathy for those who would be left behind. It is kind of like bailing out of town and leaving your cats and dogs in the backyard with no food or water.

All that said, I know that when the body dies, all light will return to light.... so every bit of light in ever soul and spirit will be added to 'The Light' and if we want to make our lives in alignment with our soul, our physical bodies path will do those things made of light. In this world, 'we are not punished for our sins but by our sins.' If we operate from a place of joy, we will be in alignment with our soul. If we operate from place of loving kindness, we will be in alignment with our soul. If we operate within the context of awe for the natural beauty of the world, while we are also operating from joy and loving kindness, we will find that we are in the new earth. Others around us may be still in the process but there will not be one tiny light left in the whole dimension of time that will not be recovered in timelessness as God is ALL light from wherever it came.

I know what I said may seem to simplistic but it is as close as I can get and still call it my truth. It may be the same as another's 'truth' but it may also read the exact opposite of another's truth. We all see what we see through our unique perspectives.

Love, Light, Joy and Awe to All,


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