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Re: Such a lame post
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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: Such a lame post

I guess you like rat poison. I gave it up for Lent(joke) about seven years ago, when I found CureZone. I never went back. Why come to CureZone if you want to use medication for parasites? No one in the parasite drug forum has been 'cured of parasites' with drugs. There are plenty of places to go on the internet to find support groups for people who want to use prescription drugs to kill parasites. Maybe there should be a support group for people who have poisoned themselves with parasite drugs and now have Chron's Diseases, Fibromyalgia, Brain Tumors, Aneurysms, Cancer, Neurological problems or whatever disease using parasite drugs may be giving you... Prescribed drugs changed my life forever. They changed my Autistic daughter's life in ways that are cruel beyond anything I could imagine.

You call me lame. That is because you do not agree with 'Educating Instead of Medicating.' I understand that.Those that come into herbal forums spreading their use of using FDA approved drugs are giving medical advice without a license. It is illegal. The Webmaster has made CureZone all things to all people. If you want to start a Chemo Support Forum, you can have one in CureZone. Chemo is nothing I would support and the polar opposite of 'educating instead of medicating' but if you believe in your heart of hearts in Chemo then CureZone will give you one and its moderators are supposed to ban those who would debate those who believe in Chemo in their support forum. A Parasite Drugs Forum is no different. I hope I get banned for defending Educating Instead of Medicating.'

It is lame, in my opinion, to have an army of drug pushers now in CureZone. It is lame, in my opinion, that they are now considered CureZone Experts . It is lame, in my opinion that drug pushers now go into all of the forums of CureZone spreading their strongly held beliefs that drugs are superior to alternatives to drugs. I believe it is lame saying medication is the only way to heal parasites or anything for that matter. What happens to all of the dead parasites that die in your brain and other locations in your body? I don't know the answer to that but I bet a drug can't rid of what comes next. Does another parasite come to consume the dead bodies? I don't know the answer but I bet your answer would be more drugs. When does it end? If you do kill all of the parasites with drugs, what happens next? Is one's health forever compromised by the drugs that you poisoned yourself with?

If you want to start a Ritalin Support Forum, you can now have one in CureZone. If you want a Rat Poison Cure Forum, it is reasonable now because CureZone now believes whatever drugs you want to use are just fine with CureZone. The banner in CureZone should be changed to ' Drugs For Better Living' and useless herbs and other remedies. That is what s promoted in the Parasite Drugs Forum.

My personal experience led me believe in 'Educating Instead of Medicating.' Your experience led you to Medicating Instead of Educating.' Why don't you start your own Website and ask all of those who have been tricked into using rat poison for their parasites into joining. Maybe you could get thousands of visitors each hour say that they have been cured of parasites with drugs. What really breaks my heart is that many of the people coming to look for alternatives to drugs for health issues and parasites in CureZone have been drawn into the trap of using drugs. I can't imagine that happening in any place claiming that 'Educating Instead of Medicating' is on the banner page of the Website. I hope the best for you in your search for a cure for your parasites but I imagine you will never find it using drugs. Drugs may kill some of your parasites but have they killed them all? Will they kill them all? When will you be cured? I may be lame but I do not use drugs. Seven years later, I do not get sick anymore from anything.

If your wife really left you for your worms then you may be better off but I don't believe you. I believe you are just being mean. Your mean spirit is all over your post. You might be able to find drugs to mask that meanness but I doubt if you can cure it with drugs.

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