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Re: Forum troll needs to be banned
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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: Forum troll needs to be banned

Sorry for breaking TOS by double or triple posting...

I was a young man with three young children. I was so much in love. I believed the lies of those who push drugs. People who promote or encourage others to use drugs should not be allowed to come within 50 feet of youing children but if you want to visit this forum, enter with extreme caution. I did what PubMed would recommend for my children. My first two children got their vaccinations and appeared to be no worse for the wear. I was so proud of myself. I did what mainstream doctors told me was good for me and my family.

Those on this forum who promote drugs for parasites are pushing rat poison. If I had parasites and read about the suggestions, on this forum, way back before my third daughter inexplicably came down with Autism immediately after receiving multiple vaccinations, I might have even followed the advice. I read in CureZone that the FDA will not call anything a drug unless it consistently kills rats at a certain dose. Every drug promoted in this forum is rat poison.

My 18 month old daughter walked out of the pediatrician's office and began banging her head on the ground in the parking lot. She screamed a blood curdling scream... It haunts me to this day. She quit walking and went back to crawling. She quit talking until she was four. She quit making eye contact. She no longer was affectionate. By God, I swear by everything I am that they stole her soul that day... but the drug pusher told me and my wife it had nothing to do with the poison they just injected into her. I should be glad that she is alive and I am but every day she reminds me to be wary of drug pushers.

Pharmaceutical drugs ruined my life that day. My daughter screamed for a year. The Pediatrician said it had nothing to do with the laced drugs he gave my daughter... but I knew. In my mind, he is vampire... and so are all drug pushers who lie about drugs and say they do no harm to hundreds of thousands of children and even millions of adults each year. That drug pusher stole my daughter's empathy and compassion. She has no friends after 20 years. She doesn't care about people. I still love her but my love is never returned... and why would I blame her? I let people like DariushSweden tell me drugs are good for me. My ex-wife will not listen to me when I tell her the doctors poisoned my Autistic daughter. She calls the people on CureZone quacks. Some people will use drugs in spite of seeing it kill those they love right in front of them. I hope no one takes the advice of a drug pusher in this forum. and uses it on their children.

DariushSweden believes in the drugs he is pushing on us, on a Website called CureZone: Educating Instead of Medicating. He gets offended when people like me see his efforts as criminal. He tells us to go to PubMed to discover what we need and just order them online. Drugs may seem easier than alternative treatments and education. I you hope if you stumbled upon this rat poison forum that you will use more critical thinking skills than I did before making the possibly life threatening medical advice that DariushSweden is providing the readers in CureZone. DariushSweden is giving you advice from an industry that does not care one bit about little infants.

A year after my daughter came down with Autism, I found a suicide letter from my wife. Dealing with an Autistic daughter was killing her inside. She blamed herself for my daughter's Autism and not the doctor. She did not kill herself but she stopped loving me. She began running up credit cards, writing hot checks and still believed in mainstream medicine. She told me she didn't love me... She left me and took my three daughters from me. It was the very worst day of my life. I quit my job of 8 years, became clinically depressed, re-injured an old injury and then became homeless... I never turned to drugs for fixing my problems... because I had lost all faith in mainstream medicine.

Several years went by... and I got back on my feet...went back to college and I never got hooked on any kind of drugs they would try to give me. Something had changed in me. I would never trust a drug pusher again. When I found CureZone, I discovered that drugs were not the answer. The more I learned about drugs, the less I believed in them. Perhaps DariushSweden will not poison you and orphan your children or widow your spouse. Maybe, you will not die from the poison he peddles on this support forum for poisonous toxic rat poison. I hope you find your way to the hundreds of other ways of educating yourself about alternatives to mainstream drug cartel medicine and find your way to health. There are those who say they have lived a life with no regrets. I can tell you, I do have regrets. I regret the day I ever fell for the lies of the doctors who supposedly swear an oath of doing no harm. I would take that day back and never have listened to the drug pushers.


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