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Re: My Mom's Bladder / Bowel / Incontinence Issues
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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: My Mom's Bladder / Bowel / Incontinence Issues

 My mother will be 80 in June 2010.

For a very long time, at least 20 years now, she
has had to go to the bathroom (urinate) very frequently.
This has always been a big issue for the rest
of us, because the house has always had only
one bathroom/washroom/toilet.

Some of the symptoms are:

When she goes out for a walk, especially in cold weather,
she needs to immediately use the washroom when she comes
inside the house.

Cold causes the blood vessels near the surface to contract forcing more blood to the organs, including the kidneys. As more blood gets filtered through the kidneys the more water is removed leading to more frequent urination.

Some of these walks can be as short as one block,
about 200 meters/yards.

She needs to use the washroom frequently.
It has been as frequent as every half hour.

If she sits for a long time, say 1/2 hour,
or an hour, she immediately needs to use
the washroom when she gets up.

She drinks water a lot. I noticed that she is
drinking half to full glasses of water all day.
About every two hours. And then using the washroom.
She says that she drinks these, because she feels thirsty
at the time. How long can she go without a glass of
water? While In the house: 1 or 2 hours.
When she goes out: 2 hours.

Frequent thirst and urination are symptoms of diabetes. Has she been checked for this? As the body tries to get rid of the excess glucose through the kidneys the highly hygroscopic glucose pulls a lot of water with it. This is why diabetics urinate so frequently and feel thirsty so often. In fact diabetes literally means excessive urination, not excessive glucose as is commonly believed.

She says that she now uses a mini pad, smaller than
a diaper. Lined with plastic.

She does not wet the bed.
If she has to go while laying down, she can wait
until she gets up. Then she needs to go immediately.

One doctor has told her it is because there is fat
in the stomach, pressing on the bladder. So, when
she stands up, it triggers the urge to go.
Does this make sense?

Compression of the bladder can cause this, but this is most frequently from a fallen uterus.

Some people are also born with abnormally small bladders.

She says that she does not get diarrhea.
She would not describe her symptoms as: irritable bowel syndrome.
She understands the issue to be Incontinence.

IBS causes alternating diarrhea and constipation. The cause is a lack of intestinal flora, which can be increased with kefir and fibers such as rice bran.

Does anyone:
- Have any experience with these types of symptoms?

- Know the name or potential names for this kind of affliction?

But even better, know any ways to overcome these kinds
of issues?

Again there are several possibilities. Another possibility still for the frequent urination is a spastic bladder.

It is hard to make specific recommendations without more information. But I would definitely start by having her checked for diabetes. She could also try smooth muscle relaxants in case it is a spastic bladder, such as kudzu root or magnesium malate or citrate. She should avoid magnesium oxide/hydroxide completely.


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