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Re: Do I have to stop nightshade foods forever?

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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: Do I have to stop nightshade foods forever?

Well I truly love a lot of the nightshade foods that I have given up too! They have been in my daily life all my life. AND my knees also have some loss of cartilage (shown in x-rays) and currently I have no knee pain! In fact Iím going to take my son to the trampoline arena tomorrow and I might buy a big one soon. I probably would have bought one by now, but the jumping was aggravating my arthritic knee pain, but now with the nightshades leaving my body, my knees are great! I will probably buy one within the next month or two. I just want to be sure the pain doesnít come back when I jump on the big ones, but I donít believe it will, cuz I have a little 3-foot rebounder and experience no pain when I use it. I just have to be careful and pay attention to the way I jump as not to aggravate my remaining arthritic foot pain, but Iím confident that it will be completely gone soon as well as the rest of the arthritic pain in my hands.

You may wonder why the heck I go to trampoline arenas and want a big one for my backyard. Well not only is it super fun, it bonds me and my son closer anytime we find we have something strong we truly have in common (like ya know when I go to Chuck E. Cheeseís to play the games, not eat (yuck), itís only something I do to make him happy and well to make him happy makes me happy of course, but when itís something I would do anyway that I truly like then itís so much more fun! And yes I go there without my son sometimes, with friends, hehe), and itís not only great exercise as well, but it helps me to reduce my fatigue a lot!!!

I have fibromyalgia and sleep apnea and I just had a bad fibro flare of pain and fatigue from getting so far from good eating and healthy things (consequently havenít been able to go to the trampoline arenas in a while and although looking forward to it, have some apprehension, but I will be careful). Well I almost have the pain under control again (unrelated to my Arthritis pain that was also recently made worse by my poor habits), though I have never been fully able to get rid of all my fatigue, but only lessen it. However, I notice a marked obvious huge improvement when I use the big trampolines. I donít get huge improvements from my little rebounders/trampolines or any other exercise. And I have tried tons and tons and TONS of different kinds of exercises. I have a home gym with about 8 different machines, dozens of little stuff, weight resistance/training equipment, outside things too like a bicycle, rollerblades, tennis equipment, a pool, etc. (I also tried gyms in the past) and I even trained and did a mini triathlon, although they all do help more than no exercise, of course! But none of it ever completely got rid of the daily fatigue that I have always experienced since shortly after my health went bad years and years ago. But I feel like if I can get rid of the rest my pains (almost gone now) and keep them away as I have done in the past with good eating and healthy habits then maybe this time I can get rid of ALL my fatigue and have TRUE ENERGY once again as I did before my health problems started.

Your statement ďIt's just that I love tomatoes and tomato and marinara sauces so much that I might not be willing to give them up. They are a staple in my diet, and I can manage my knee pain right now even eating tomatoes.Ē makes me sad. Why would want to live a mediocre life with pain and continue to damage your body with the regular consumption of nightshades and get worse and worse when you Ďnowí know better and will undoubtedly get worse in time?

Though Iím glad you said, ďI am going to try eliminating nightshade vegetables for now, though, to see if it makes a difference.Ē So please give it at least 3 months. Chances are you might feel the difference before then, but you may need to give it a full three months with no nightshades of any kind to feel the results so please think before you put anything in your mouth and check the label or ask for an ingredients list because they are really in a lot of stuff you may not realize. I myself like to try samples at Whole Foods and last week without thinking I started sampling potatoes, which was so obvious and therefore made me feel dumb, but itís hard to think about everything that I put in my mouth because Iím not used to it. Unfortunately, I realized it after I swallowed the first bite but before I started on the next one. So it set me back a bit, but it made me think that I have to THINK about everything I put in my mouth because the pain is NOT worth it to me!

Well of course whatever you do is up to you itís your life and your body. I doubt you would want to jump up and down on a big trampoline for an hour or two like me, but Iím sure there are things that you would like to experience without pain so please give this a real chance! I truly wish the best for you!

Please post on this thread in the future to give me an update so I will be notified of your post, thanks.

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