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Re: Do I have to stop nightshade foods forever?
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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: Do I have to stop nightshade foods forever?

Well Iím glad my post [a question, still waiting for an answer people, hehe] could possibly help your son, please let me know and post on this thread again in a few weeks/months so I can be notified of your post. I would definitely like to know! :-)

Well I donít know a lot about specifically curing Psoriasis but I would definitely cleanse the colon and liver for any type of health problems or just to be healthful! For the colon, like maybe a salt water flush to start with and then P&B shakes (psyllium husk and Bentonite clay) 3 times a day, but build up to that or the bloating gas pain will be real bad, but not if you build up to it. For the liver maybe Dr. Clarkís liver cleanse with olive oil and grapefruit juice and/or maybe some milk thistle as well. Also you may want to check into Miracle-Mineral-Supplement (Miracle Mineral Solution) to like kill all the bad stuff. But MAKE SURE TO ADD PROBIOTICS TO ANY PROTOCOLS you do! Also I would suggest all the cleanses on this site for everyone, but the colon and liver are the most important in my opinion.

Also pretty much all disease and healing starts and ends in the stomach, so PROBIOTICS ARE CRUCIAL. And if there is stomach healing needed which most people on a SAD diet (Standard American Diet) need. So maybe a slippery elm powder (one part) and DGL licorice root powder (one part) paste by mixing in a little purified water (a little stevia can be added to make it more palatable) to make the paste. And chew a tablespoon for a bit to get the digestive juices in your mouth started and swallow. It should be done every waking hour for two weeks. Thatís why you need DGL (deglycyrrhizinated) licorice because the glycyrrhizine had been removed, because high doses of glycyrrhizine can raise blood pressure, but it's gone from DGL. Or you can try just the slippery elm powder by itself and make a paste or a gruel. But lots of probiotics during healing then a regular maintenance dose would be good when healthful.

Also most people are deficient in Iodine and magnesium. Plus a good mutlti vitamin/mineral, omegas, and antioxidants (Acai, grape seed extract, turmeric, etc.) are always good. Of course stop the SAD eating and eat a lot of raw foods (vegetables, fruits, nuts, etc.) and other healthy foods. Green smoothies are the easiest way for me to get lots of greens. My typical smoothie is to moderately pack my VitaMix (a regular blender wonít last long) with mostly leafy greens about 6 cups of such things as spinach, carrot tops (really high in vitamins! I usually get these free at the farmers markets as a lot of people donít want them and the sellers are just going to throw them away anyway. They think itís for my bunny, that I donít have and I donít correct them, teehee), parsley, chard, collard greens, healthy lettuce (not iceberg), kale, etc. and about a cup of broccoli, celery, zucchini, etc. and a about half a cup fruit like fresh or frozen blue berries, apples, grapes, peaches, pomegranate seeds, etc. then I add stevia to taste maybe 1/8 to 1/4 of tsp and clean water (I like mine watery itís more to drink but easier for me), plus usually a half a cup of apple juice, and blend it until smooth. I make sure I like the taste and then split it up into 3 glass jars and drink one a little bit before each meal.

Also anyone with pain, fatigue, cancer, etc. please check out hot and cold shower therapy, BUT PLEASE PLEASE get a shower filter (maybe a vitashower with vitamin C) if you do it (a really really good idea anyway since we absorb more chlorine/chloramine through a shower than we do by drinking tap water!). I have modified mine to suit my needs and usually go back and forth about 3 times, but end on cold as suggested. I have been able to really control my fibromyalgia pain and itís almost gone now due to them and the rest of the protocols here.

Please donít be overwhelmed by all this information, if you are, just pick the most sensible thing or things to you own self (or your sonís) and research them to decide if they would be good for your son or not and the specifics of how to do them. Most or all of the information regarding these things you should be able to find on this site. I really didnít mean to go on and on but I hope this helps your son and other people and maybe even you too! We can all use good health! ;-)

But yeah stopping all nightshades for would definitely be a good start! It could take up to three months to feel the results. I was lucky and it only took me a couple of weeks.

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