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Re: You know what you believe when...
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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: You know what you believe when...

Thank you for asking but first I love it to have it from your own as it is your journey of your soul to the source of infinate life and love. Nerver defend on other's to tell or force you what is love because this is in you already - you have just simply to because aware of it. All I can do is refer and exite to it. One needs his true love, the source, not indication and direction to it: there are too many result of that source of life and one cannot love from this results alone wanting them so much. You must have it as well and help others indeed to have it.
To be free is to be born again to the love to life like a baby smiling without need to know why. What harm is there in it? Now, compare adults' grown usual smile - it is a laughter. It is a victory on others losing. it is our damn system of a growth that in reality it does not tolerate the truth of being aware of the very life - the baby smile on you. we tolerate the meanless present life for the sake of the future but this is the projection and extension of our hate into it to come back incarnate into values of things and possesions. Hah...the devil in prison, in hell because no God.
what is vital? what comes before the mind does not come after the knowing mind unless you are born again - that is the truth to God's creation, true love, the baby's smile, adult's joy. But after the knowing mind it is men's inventions for defense, controls and tricks for the future - that is done out of destruction and hate. Men's mind's construction is a compensation for their natural distruction, called bloodly revolusion or evolusion,(and your Laughter), great; thus, it happens to your energy and spirit that does not know of the present existance. You are afraid of it so you look inside what you have done, gain. You are wise man...hah..hah, a laughter. Men choose to be aware of what is their doing or of the possibilities to such possesion for unhappy, unshareble, and lonely spirit so that the ememy, their hate would be held, and not jumb at each other, in its source harmlessly to the outside world. they have introduced evil tragedy then the bussle about for the evil gain and hopeless justice; they want econimy. Do any one possess to accomedate all of us so we can live as well? They do the opposite to live. What we have in common to share? We need to be born again to smile, rejoice the flow of the water that satisfy the thirst eternally as Jesus mentioned to the woman. We don't want the future.
Every one's soul is forced to depend on these men in order to have and live; yet, they have nothing, not even the baby smile (Jesus said you have to be like this to go to heaven: a child again) but the future - the failed history, hate and the unsustainable reality - to be corrected by ever more gain and possesion and to survive in it. Do you know what is going to happen? God, the present being does not exist so it is also detestable - that is you and hate to be aware of it... well think of the future and you are brighter more then the sun. But not not for he who stays outside! What love is that for all as truly meant before God, the mind, the one?
Jesus said "this is not my world because the self is robbed from love to life (before the evil judgement of hypocrites or famous actors on him); repressed from being born to each one of us. To be born again is like a baby that smiles - in us innecently. All this is not God not even men's loving. To be born again is to be creative to God, to feel love to life and all that comes before the knowing mind and the laughter. Now, watch out, not to know and feel the truth is a defense against harm to more harm. It is like fear, that one would die hungry, murdered, lonely, Godless but fear brings these around, incornated as he tries to defend against them - the evil spirit forces and invents the evil into the things of one's lie of a protection. you must be in front by being born again then you will understand this darkness, by the love from God to live; you must not be afraid because that is darkness of what you have to see at present. Men identify to this spirit, fear, defense and the effects comes: who we are we don't know and don't want to know... too coward and confused to know. Where is true love that protects you and lives joyfully and harmless?
Let's us be born again and smile! we don't need bigger defense without true love and God. In each one of us! we don't want gods. we are one!

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