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What the hell happened to us?
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Published: 9 years ago
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What the hell happened to us?

I have been here for a long time, and even on Curezone I have seen nearly all of the change directed at the top, people trying to tackle the ADA or AMA or pharmaceutical companies or government to stop doctors and dentists from, for example, poisoning people with mercury, waiting for the day when the laws will change.  Good luck trying to change things, where one person can't really make much of a difference.  I guess I would call that "trickle down change" which obviously has not been working very well.  2010 and they are still injecting babies with mercury and putting mercury lozenges into kids mouths.  I see parents with disabled children who were harmed by their doctor/dentist and they seem apathetic.  A mother bear will charge a predator but a modern American mother and father shrug cry and ask the government to do something.  We have truly handed our children over to the state.  This is what happens when people look to the government to solve all of their problems.    

Since when are doctors and dentists exempt from the responsibility to "first do no harm"?  What happened to personal accountability of that doctor or dentist?  Patients act as if the doctors/dentists are just innocent people just following orders - even when their own child has been turned into a disability case!  Yes I am comparing doctors and dentists to war criminals.  At what point during medical training did the doctors and dentists leave logic behind and just "do as they are told"?  A doctor with a needle is just as accountable as a soldier with a gun.  People used to get arrested for protesting their wages or working conditions.  Now people are afraid to do something about their own child getting disfigured. 

What I very rarely see is "trickle up change" - going to the actual person who poisoned you or your loved one, the doctor or dentist, and forcing him/her to change which would go all the way to the top.  Force the doctors and dentists personally to stop using mercury and the change is immediate and one person can make a change.  What happened to sending tons of letters and feedback and picket lines and marches and FEEDBACK and confronting doctors and dentists?  Hell even writing them a letter describing in full detail what they did to you or your child or neighbor.   Better yet confront them in person.  Use guilt, use attrition, use persistence, use social pressure.  And then send a monthly reminder so they never forget.         

I think most here would calculate the real damage of mercury as immeasurable and it goes on every day to others at the local doctor and dentist offices with practically nothing being done.  We are like cattle.  Passive, apathetic, mercury poisoned cattle.  What the hell happened to us, besides being poisoned?  Has anyone here ever contacted their doctor or dentist to let them know how much they harmed you?  I would think a rage would have set in among society by now, against the pushers of mercury poisoning. 


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